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  1. Kang Ta (An Chil Hyun) - H.O.T, SReal Name: An Chil Hyun Stage Name: Kang Ta Birth Date: October 10, 1979 (Lunar year) Birth Time: 3 am Birth Place: Yae-Chun Ave, KyungBuk, South Korea Family: An Geun Ja (Father), Yang Young Ja (Mother), An So Young (Older Sister), An Hee Joong (Older Brother) Zodiac Sign: Libra Chinese Zodiac Sign: Ram (Sheep) Height: 5'10 (178cm) Weight: 65kg Blood Type: B Waist Size: 74 cm Shoe Size: 8.5 (28 cm) Nick Name: Kang Ta (strong hit), Kamsang (cos of dark skin) Pets: white dog (yamu), hamsters Religion: agnostic Instrument: piano, guitar Education: Gil Dong Geum Gang Preschool Oh Lyon Elementary Oh Geum Junior High Seoul Oh Geum High School Dong Guk University Hobbies: listening to music, singing, dancing, collecting CDs Habit: creasing his face Fav. Body Part: Eyes Least Fav. Body Part: Nose Fav Food: Chung hollywood jang, Gae Lan hollywood Fav Fruit: Apple Fav Color: Black Fav Music: R & B, rock, hip-hop Fav Singer: Yoo Young Jin, Babyface Fav CD: Soul Food, Yoo Young Jin Fav Song: "Gi uhk eh sup jahk" "chun il dong an" Fav Word: Dream Fav Clothing: Sleek and Clean Fav Book: The Little Prince Fav Comic: Slam Dunk Fav Cologne: DUNE Fav Flower: moo gung hwa (korean rose) Fav Exercise: Running Fav Actor: Christopher Ranforth Fav Movie: sad movie w/ happy ending Most Valuable thing: H.O.T Cds Favourite Subject: History and Geography Least Fav Subject: Math Most Touching Movie: The Green Mile Favourite Season: Winter Fav fan letter: a big box with only a small letter inside Least fav fan letter: someone wrote his name in blood Stress Relieving Method: sit still, sleep and eat Saddest Moment: when his mother was sick Childhood Dream: to become a computer programmer IF he's not a singer: he'll be a student Goal: Korea's Best Singer Ideal Girl: small, cute, has puppy dog eyes, semi long hair, makes him feel needed Least Ideal Girl: unfaithful and a liar Discography: H.O.T Vol 1- We Hate All Kinds of Violence H.O.T Vol 2- Wolf and Sheep H.O.T Vol 3- Ressurrection H.O.T Vol 4- Iyah H.O.T Vol 5- They Aren't Different From Us Age of Peace OST Matchstick Girl OST Atlantis OST Group S (Project Group w/ Shin hyesung, Lee JiHoon)- Fr.In.Cl Kangta Vol 1- Polaris Kangta Vol 2- Pinetree Kangta Vol 3- Persona April Snow OST Movies/Dramas: Age of Peace KBS MiniDrama- "Happy Birthday" / "Man and Woman" Chinese Drama- The Magician / The Magic Touch of Fate KBS Drama- Loveholic creditz dedicated to kangta ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ AAAAAHAHAH!! we all u LUVV kangta if u happen 2 step into this thread hope latest news/photos will be posted on HERE ^^
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