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    Now the past relationship between HI and SH (what she was saying with Sean Richard in Hawaii)

    Sean Richard was picking up HI to bring back to SH and she hesitated. Sean asked if he could ask a personal question which was "what is your past relationship with SH?" (I'm assuming that it's pretty obvious to him that SH is very protective on HI. So apparently, HI's parents also died in the LA riots. And she is trapped in the burning building. During that scene you see someone walking up to the young crying HI, which is SH. So she thinks of him as his hero































































































































    Thanks for the clarifications. Based on the spoilers and this post, this is what I think about the HI and SH relationship:
































































    SH maybe in love with HI for a long time, because they've been together since they were young. However, he doesn't show her his feelings, and maybe these feelings changed from love to maybe brotherly or just a friend, someone who has been there for her. It's like having a relationship with a best male friend that you have never really loved romantically. I don't quite see the romance from SH to HI, because his love for her has transcended romantic love. I think it's kind of like the love that you have with your younger sister. I'm not saying incest love though, because I don't want you to imagine that. It's like a combination of platonic, romantic and unconditional love. That because he saved her from the fire, he took care of her, he grew to love her. A love that developed for a long time, one that he believes that they will be together in the end (I hope that made sense).
































































    As for HI to SH, I don't think she loves him in a way that she's starting to warm up to JW. JW is beginning to teach her what romantic love is, one that she never received from SH. I think she only sees SH as her father/ brother/ daddy long legs, if you want to call it, because he has always been there for her when she needs him. So when she started feeling these new emotions with JW, she's also starting to lose herself and her admiration on SH. She only sees SH as her hero, but she has never imagined herself to fall in love with him. Or maybe she has considered it, but because of JW's arrival in her life, her perspectives are changing.































































































































    I hope I made sense on their relationship, and I just thought of putting it in spoiler tags just cause.
















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Thanks for the download link and spoilers! I appreciate it a lot! Just a quick post, I'm feeling bad for the cast and crew if the ratings are going down. It is the writer's fault anyway, and they have to do something to get their audience back. 
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I would feel bad especially for Jung Woo Sung, because this is his first drama after 10 years, I think (the number slipped my mind, and I'm too lazy to google). Cha Seung Won (Son Hyuk) is a really good actor, and I think he's just like Kim Sun Ah who exudes chemistry with any actor you can partner him with. Heck, who am I kidding. The cast are perfect. 
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    However, being a Jung Woo Sung and Soo Ae fan, I ship their ship more than JH and SH. I love Cha Seung Won, but his partner, Lee Ji ah, I'm still learning to like her. I don't have much to say on their relationship but yeah, SH and JH are hot together. 
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I still haven't started on this series yet, I'm just following this thread with the spoilers and links, and once I have my free time I'll start on this show and fully understand what's really happening and which ship I'm rooting for. 

































































































































































































































































    Don't worry, I'm just as confused myself. I haven't seen episode 8 raw yet (in fact, I haven't even started on this series yet, I only watch some parts of the raw eps and hang out at soompi and read recaps at dramabeans), but from what I understand with my very limited Korean knowledge, her real identity or who she works for is not known yet. I think that if the viewers are still wondering about her identity, then the actor must be doing a really good job portraying Hye In's character. Good for Su Ae. :)
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Ack, I'm caught. I really have no idea about this; good thing bittersweet answered the question. So thanks to this person. Well, I did say that I haven't started on this series yet, only through kaedejun's and aberdeen_angus's recaps. :)
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    What's up with the spoiler, kayana20? I'm sorry, but your post just spoiled some of it for me, and I wanted to put Athena on hold while I'm busy with life.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    As for the english mistakes, I don't really care about it anymore; I've seen enough Asian dramas in my life to not be peeved about this because it will only make my viewing more sour, instead of enjoying it for what it is-- a drama.

















































































































































    I have a really stupid guestion regarding Hae-in. I'm about 5 episodes in and I'm still a bit confused as to where her loyalties lie. Is she undercover in NTS? or in Athena?
































































    Don't worry, I'm just as confused myself. I haven't seen episode 8 raw yet (in fact, I haven't even started on this series yet, I only watch some parts of the raw eps and hang out at soompi and read recaps at dramabeans), but from what I understand with my very limited Korean knowledge, her real identity or who she works for is not known yet. I think that if the viewers are still wondering about her identity, then the actor must be doing a really good job portraying Hye In's character. Good for Su Ae. :)
















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Saw episode 7 this morning. I don't understand Korean, so here's my take on Monday's episode:
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    + The editing team still needs to improve. At least there wasn't much flashbacks done in this episode. One was by Hye In from a conversation she had with Son Hyuk the previous scene ago. Wow. The viewers must be that forgetful. 
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    + I think Son Hyuk found out that it was Jung Woo who took the doctor from a hidden camera (from episode 6, where the Choi Si Won's character and Jae Hee saw that the house was destroyed and they thought the doctor was inside). 
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    + There was this nice moment between Hye In and the other NTS agents that we are able to get a glimpse from Hye In's emotions. Hye In was called by Jung Woo and interrogated her for a few minutes, and then called the rest of the agents to the office. She cried when Choi Si Won's character (so sorry, I forget his name) placed the cake in front of her as they greeted her a "Happy Birthday". What surprised me is that this simple gesture made her cry, and thanked them sincerely. This scene shows Hye In's weakness and a glimpse into her emotions, because later on she starts thinking about all the people that she kills in every case she receives from Son Hyuk. I'll say it again: Soo Ae plays Hye In so well and I'm glad that she was chosen for this role. 
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    + And oh, Jung Woo woos her more with a cross necklace while they were having a drink. Only to be interrupted by Son Hyuk. 
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    + Jae Hee and Son Hyuk had a few drinks in a bar. 
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    + At the middle of the episode Boa appears when Jung Woo visits her in Japan. 
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    + Kim Min Jong appears again, where he is tortured by someone. The NK agent from Iris Kim Seong Woo makes a cameo. It seems that Kim Seong Woo is Ki Soo's sunbaenim. 
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    + There was an exchange done between Son Hyuk's right hand Sean Richard and someone but this someone was stabbed by Hye In. Hye In reflects on her actions while washing the blood from her hands. Her character is definitely more interesting than Jae Hee, in my opinion. However, I find it funny how the man didn't see Hye In coming on the side when he should have seen her because of the headlights. Oh well. Kdrama and their flaws. Nevertheless, the deal went well on Son Hyuk's side.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    + Son Hyuk finds the doctor.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    + Jae Hee and Jung Woo were sent to Japan for Boa. 
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    + The ending was BOA kidnapped by three guys.































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Sean Richard is still hot. 
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Jung Woo Sung is still hot. 
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Cha Seung Won is still hot. 
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Okay. Who am I kidding? They're all hot. 
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    And Jung Woo is so in love with Hye In, that I think she's starting to warm up to him. Jae Hee is so yesterday for Jung Woo. As for Hye In? She's starting to become more 'human', unlike the Hye In in the first few episodes who was this 'iron agent that does not fear anything'.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    And yes, Jae Hee and Son Hyuk are hot together. 

































































































































































































































































    I definitely agree that was a dream that he kissed Soo Ae during a mission. Didn't you guys seen how he woke up after Soo Ae went up to him and you can see him wake up. I definitely think Soo Ae likes Son Hyuk right now. All those birthday presents he gets her she always treasure it.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Yeah, no doubt about it,
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    the kissing scene after the mission was definitely a dream. But the mission being a dream... Okay. I guess the kiss after that can compensate for it. Or the drama is showing us how Jung Woo and Hye In would work as a team. That, or they just want to show the audience how good-looking and compatible these two characters are. 
































































































































































































































































































































































































    smile.gif Seriously though. After the shock has died down for me (about the mission being a dream), I don't think it affected the entire episode in a negative way. And besides, it would be a bit confusing if it did happen when Jung Woo is still working his charms on her. 
































































































































































































































































































































































































    And yes, keeping a man's gifts in a cabinet are signs of an unproven one-sided love. I say one-sided love, because I am not sure if Son Hyuk also likes Hye In in the way that she likes him. I still need more episodes to solidify this theory.































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Regarding Lee Ji ah: 
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Like I said, I like Jung Woo Sung, Su Ae, and Cha Seung Won. I have never seen Lee Ji ah and Kim Min Jong in any drama before, but the latter I'm beginning to grow fond of because of his character and from the trailers that I have seen. Kim Min Jong's character (don't know his name yet) seems to be more comical as it shows on the trailer, as well as the scenes he was in episode 2 with Jung Woo (Jung Woo Sung) and the other partner (dk his name yet). So I don't worry about him here. 
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    For Lee Ji ah, I really, really, want to like her. I want to keep an open mind with her character and her acting. I have no problems with her acting yet, I have only seen her in a few scenes, so I still have nothing against her. However, the fact that she was (forgot her character's name again) Jung Woo's ex (with the MV of their past in episode 2), has made me a little bit angry at her character. Although it does say in the character description that they used to be together, I have already seen the episode when I read them. She came off to me as this type of character who will get jealous with Jung Woo and Hae In's building relationship. But again, I really want to be open-minded and not a hater because I'm biased. 
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    And nope, never seen Iris. I intend to, but it's not really an important show for me to watch on my watch list. And I don't mind reading the comparisons btw, if you're wondering. 
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I always throw my mind off the gutter when I watch dramas, and this one is no different. Actually, it depends on the genre of the show (unless it's a slice-of-life one, that I would use logic). So I didn't really care too much if some of the scenes didn't make sense to me. The developing romance is good I think, I'm actually more interested in that than the missions. lol
















































































































































































































    It is just his dream.  It didn't happen as when he requested for transfer with the new director, he cited the reason being he was never send on any mission.  So that didn't actually happen.  I was kind of "dah" when I realized this whole shot was just a fraction of his imagination































































































































































    What?! Are you serious? 

    The entire mission in the first part of episode 2 never happened? It would have been okay for me if the kissing scene was only imaginary, but all of those didn't happen? Tsss. That part was shot amazingly though, I have to admit, but plot-wise, it didn't do anything. Oh well. That's how it goes then.
















































































































    Have already seen episodes 1 and 2, thanks to semi-fly. I didn't really watch everything, I forwarded the parts that I don't understand, so I still can't give my opinion on its entire plot and story. The locations are very beautiful, I admit, and the actors are doing really well with their roles. I still don't understand Su Ae's character because of the time lapse, but someone did clarify about it a page back. 
































































    I'm starting to fall in love with Jung Woo Sung's character. If I first fell in love with the actor himself when he took this role, now I'm falling more for his character. He seems like a dorky agent but when he does missions he's really suave. Dayum. Now Jung Woo Sung is giving me another reason to fall in love with him more. 
































































    Cha Seung Won is pretty badass, and I still don't quite understand the deal with him, but he's playing his part well. Actually, all of them are. I have no doubts in the acting of the cast because I have seen their dramas except for Lee Ji ah and Kim Min Jong. Both of them have appeared in episode 2, including Choi Si Won as you can see from the screen caps above (which I didn't notice because I was fast forwarding the scenes). 
































































    The chemistry, well, since they're playing their roles well, from what I saw on the imaginary kissing scene between Su Ae and Jung Woo Sung, I think they look good together. Biasedness aside, I think both of these actors can exude chemistry with the different actors they're with. I really want to keep an open mind with this show, because I would tell here that I am very, very biased with Jung Woo Sung, Su Ae, and Cha Seung Won (but more on JWS and SA). So when I saw at the ending of episode 2 that Lee Ji ah and JWS's character used to date, I hated the writers for a second. I'm sure this backstory would play a part in the future eps, which is typical Kdrama style that I don't mind seeing. As much as I'm interested in the development of JWS and SA's romance, I'm also interested in SA as a character because I think she's had a one-sided love with CSW for a long time, and now JWS has appeared in her life. 
































































    I think it's a good thing for me that I haven't seen Iris yet so at least I don't have to compare the two shows on which one is better. Because even though I haven't seen Iris yet, cast-wise, I prefer this one than the other. And I can't believe that Athena has made me active in soompi again. sweatingbullets.gif After my last exam on Friday I have a two-week vacation too so I can hang out here more often to talk about the drama. smile.gif

































    stilling waiting for english sub..

    patiently waiting for episode 1 to be subbed. Not really.....!!

    Can we all please be patient for english subs ? It is a lot of work and time to translate and we do not want anyone reporting so links get taken down. :wub::wub:  I am excited and patiently waiting it's always worth it.
































































    Exactly. Some people don't seem to realize how hard it is to watch a one-hour episode, take down notes, and maybe rewatch it again for clarity of the dialogues, and sync the subs. Plus another quality review for the entire episode. I am not part of any subbing group myself, but I understand how hard it is for subbers especially when they do it for free. 

    I watched without subs and it was so good.The action was really good too ad Su Ae scared me a little she is 2 different people at times.
































































    Yes, I saw it raw and forwarded some of the scenes that didn't make sense to a non-Korean like me. With Su Ae's character, I think her scenes with Jung Woo Sung were in a flashback, because if you watch it again it says on the bottom "3....something in Seoul, Korea". That's just a hunch though. But right now, I'm happy with what I've seen, and honest to God, I was so giddy at the part when Jung Woo Sung's character saw Su Ae's character for the first time. Heck, who am I kidding. I was first interested in this show because of Jung Woo Sung. wub.gif
































































    ㅋㅋㅋ I  already have the fist episode...... WAITING impatiently for s2 to sub it for us!! 
































































    please PM me if you have subs!































































































































    If you're itching to watch this show with subs, I suggest you visit streaming sites like viikii because I think they have their own subbing group for fast subs. For the rest who are too impatient and want to watch the show with subs as soon as the episode hits the air, you can visit this site too. Or, you can also visit dramabeans where they recap the drama (and please don't request for lightning fast recaps too, because it requires a lot of hours too). 
































































    But seriously? If people are able to wait for the show for months to air, why can't they wait for the subs that take less than a month to be released? I don't get it. 
















































































































    ATHENA!!!! OMG. 
































































    I have patiently waited for this show to start, and it's also a good thing that I haven't been thinking about it every single day, and has been distracted by life and other dramas (like Secret Garden). However, now that this show has begun, I'm ready to enjoy it and ogle at the screen for the actors, because I'm shallow like that. And besides, it has Jung Woo Sung, Su Ae, and Cha Seung Won. Okay, Si Won is another eye candy but I prefer my ahjusshis than him. But, Si Won doesn't hurt to the cast too. 
































































    Haven't seen the first episode yet, I think I'll wait for the subs first (courtesy of the awesome withs2) and get a few glimpse of the men in the show. 
































































    And semi-fly, you are the best. 

















  12. It annoys the heck out of me when someone comments that SYJ doesn't know how to act in Personal Taste. I was in a blog and saw some hate comments about her, saying that she acts cheap and annoying. At first I got angry, and thought of commenting back. But then again, I thought, why would I waste my time explaining that she's Son Ye Jin, one of the best actors in Korea, when the actress herself can prove it? I hope people who first watched the show because of Min Ho will realize how amazing this woman is as the series continues. I personally saw this because of her and Min Ho, and I've been watching it without subs, and I have to say, I wasn't disappointed with the excellent acting.

    And besides, the netizens aren't complaining about Son Ye Jin's acting, nor Min Ho's, nor all of the supporting casts. Which means they know that SYJ is perfect for the role. Which she really is. That's why I don't defend her back with words, because the woman herself can prove it. She did it with her movies, she can do it with this new drama.

    Btw, I'm glad SYJ visited the Philippines. I wish I can see her too. And she looks better now than before, now that she gained a bit of weight.

  13. My ahjusshi has grown one year older. I wish Athena all the success (or should I say, even more successful than Iris), and I hope to see him in more movies. Despite my fangirl crush on him, I hope he finds someone he can truly love and be happily married with, like Jang Dong Gun. He's getting older and I want him to have a family of his own so he'll be happy just like the rest of us non-showbiz people.

    valley girl, pm one of the mods. They'll make the changes for you. He deserves it.

  14. I personally wouldn't mind if she would focus more on her directing than acting during this time. I just feel that, with her past dramas, NN5, King and I, Pure 19, Strongest Chil Woo and BoF, she has already proven herself as an actress. I guess we just wanted to see her again in another project this year because we miss seeing her beauty and talent (add everything you want :P) either in the small screen or big screen. Having directing as major and pursuing it at this time, is perfectly fine, because I'm sure that she loves doing it and I would love to see more of her works because she has a different idealism than most actors. I do hope that her Cheerful Caretaker would be subbed *prays for someone with a kind soul* because I like watching those kinds of movies, wherein your mind would work and ponder about it after watching.

    Again, this is her happiness that I'm talking about, and I'm pretty sure she's happy right now, with the achievements that she has(and will be making), and I cannot stop saying this, but she's really a role model to all women (and men too).

    I also think that she's really not the type to make appearances in some shows, and I agree to what bellaangel012 said. This is also what I like about GHS. And also, aside from her being a private person, it makes her mysterious as well to some people, which makes them want to know more about her. And when they do get to know her, they'll be even more mesmerized and amazed (both men and women).

    Thanks VERY much to all the infos, and also to susAmerica for the translations. And I'm grateful as well to BoF, that despite my bitterness to the writer (off-topic, don't mind), I'm VERY thankful that I met F4, but most especially, Goo Hye Sun. She's truly one of a kind, and not another pretty face.

  15. Ok, I can't help but reply on the pics Azura posted when he was at the airport coming from Thailand. But firstly, THANK YOU to everyone who shares those pics. The mickey mouse shirt kinda looks girly to me (but still cute) and I've got three words to say to the pics when he was at the airport back from Thailand: tall, dark and handsome. What more could a girl ask for?

    *edit* after reading my post, I felt like it didn't really make sense. I keep repeating the same idea over and over again. Tsk. This is what we call the Minho effect. lol.

    *edit2* more fangirling. He's tanned! He was hot before, and now he's hotter!!! lol.

  16. Kinda late, but my friend went to the BASFF '09 (his film is 21:00, congratulations to him, yey for Filipinos! lol) and he took some pics during the ceremony. I asked him if I could 'borrow' these two pictures, because I just wanted to share to you guys about the festival. GHS is not in the pics though. He wasn't able to take a pic of her receiving the award.



    Please, please, do not take these out of this thread (although I doubt anyone would do that). I really just want to share this to you guys. Thanks again.

  17. There, there, dramalovers. I maybe a silent reader, but I'm a MinSun shipper too. In fact, I simply cannot wait for their Taiwan trip. *goes off to wonderland*

    And oh, flowerpot is a MinSun shipper too, and the fics that she writes... you know what I mean. But then again, it feels really good to think about all these things because we are only thinking the best for Hye Sun. But as for myself, I support any guy she chooses. I just hope that guy would be one of these men: (hmmm. pardon me for doing this) Jo In Sung, Eric, LMH, SJS... and probably KHJ. Oh, I'm a strong HyeSung supporter, and I always hope and pray that when JIS comes back, they would make a drama/movie together. That would a dream come true for me. :)

  18. Ok, I'm a silent lurker in this thread (or in most of the soompi threads), but I just keep hanging out here because everyone is so nice and we all seem to love Hye Sun. Thanks again to susAmerica for the translations.

    I just have a suggestion, if you don't mind me sharing. Betchay, if its ok, on GHS thread, it says pretty and talented as a sub-title. Instead of that, why not make it 'more than just an ullzang' (don't know the spelling) or 'more than just a pretty face' because she IS more than that. I mean, we all know that she can do a lot more than just pose in front of the camera. Because if, let's say, I'm new to soompi, and I would see her name, then a subtitle below her name and it says 'more than just an ullzang', I would think, hmm. this is quite interesting. And so if I open her thread I would see all the things that she does, which makes her more than that. eh... I hope I didn't offend anyone. It's just I think 'pretty and talented' is just too common for our lady and I was just looking around soompi at the other actresses' threads.

    So.. what do you think? If you don't like it, its ok, I'm just voicing out what's on my mind.

  19. robbo4, I know what you mean. But like what you said before, we really shouldn't mind them anymore, if Hye Sun can't really please them with her beauty, charisma, and talent. For not appreciating Hye Sun, they have no idea what they have been missing. And like what one poster mentioned before (and I'll repeat it again), Goo Hye Sun IS Geum JanDi. She embodies the character entirely, she was able to pull it off and without the 'overacting' that they're saying, then Jandi won't be Jandi without it.

    Honestly, Goo Hye Sun is the kind of person that you'll idolize and look up to. And if the BoF fans can't see it, then, their loss. I've got nothing much to say on that. For me, her idealism and perspective in life is what makes her so different from all the other actresses. Thank you again for all the people who contribute a lot on this thread.

  20. SP or MV, JanDi and Ga Eul better be there. I wouldn't mind seeing Jae Kyung either, as long as she already has someone else and be happy. It's weird though, that Ji Hoo has very few scenes in it (I mean, that were newly filmed that are not in the drama). Does it mean that Kim Joon's company is making their revenge on the scriptwriter and PD for putting a lot of Woo Bin(and a storyline) scenes and very few Ji Hoo(newly filmed) scenes? Me likey. :D

    from Nina67, 01:28 PM at Goo Hye Sun thread

    a two-second preview of SMAPXSMAP with F4. and unfortunately, in the preview, GHS is not there. http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XODYwNDEyNzY=.html (could it be that she's a surprise guest? argh! I really hope she guests in the show) It's not the same without her.

  21. whats the cellphone model they are using in BOF i want that one??? is it available in the philippines???

    It's Samsung Haptic and I think that it's already available there, considering how updated the country is with regards to cellphone technology. But you can check out the stores just to make sure.

    With regards to their conferences in Japan, I was really disappointed with the MinSun/JunDi interactions. Oh well. I guess I've learned my lesson now. But, I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for the Taiwan promotional visit LMH and GHS will do. I pray that it will only be them who attends it. :lol:

  22. It pays to hang out in some threads. lol. I read on Min Ho's thread posted by mytor that LMH and GHS will go to Taiwan to promote BoF. JunDi (and MinSun)shippers, we are happy once again.

    Here's the link where you could read it. (It's from MH's LJ group)

    I hope to see more GHS and F4 interaction when they visit SMAPXSMAP. And yeah, I think webby mentioned in GHS thread that she gets a kiss from Kimura Takuya. That is, if their team wins the competition. Oooh. I hope Kimura will do his best so HS would pick their cooking.

    Thanks for all the reports on their visit to Japan.

  23. can anyone tell me wha'ts the song played in episode 25 when jandi falls into the pool and thingy jumps in to save her?

    'thingy'? :lol: Are you talking about Jun Pyo (who jumped into the pool to save her), or the necklace that Jandi threw in the pool? I just had to reply at this post because its really funny. Sorry. Anyway, its sang by Ji Sun, former Loveholic vocals, and the title is 'What do I do' or 'What should I do'.

    This is the song that you're asking, right? credits to Luumih.

    *edit* Oh. juhee already answered it. sorry about that.

    I guess I just need to post something relevant to our beloved F4 and Jandi. I personally wouldn't mind a movie, but a second season? Definitely not. I don't think there would be any possible plot for a second season, because everything was pretty much covered already. If there would be a movie, however, I think this would be the plot: The beginning of the movie is the proposal part, where F4 and Jandi are looking at the ocean, and then Jun Pyo would ask her again about the proposal. Then, the movie would cover the scenes that happened 4 years ago, before and after Jun Pyo left for America. We would see Mama Kang accepting Jandi, Papa Goo waking up, the Ji Hoo and grandpa relationship, and of course, more Woo Bin love. And then they would also cover the wedding (if there would be any), and probably another time jump for our little JunDi's running around the Gu mansion.

    What do you guys think? You can add more, like, what happens before they get married. The possibilities are endless for our beloved couple and the people around them. It's just the scriptwriter's fault for not organizing it. :)

  24. I have this really funny idea. We all know that he's a bad boy in this cf, because in the end he dropped her. Now, I was just wondering if anyone here knows how long his contract is with Cass? Because the cf obviously has a story, and I was thinking, maybe, if his contract with Cass is long enough, that the story continues. I mean, the character, being a bad boy, would go out and flirt with lots of girls.

    (and here comes the part where we can all fantasize him being paired with our fave actresses) As a MinSun fan, I could think, that GHS would 'change' our bad boy to become a nicer guy because of her, but still in the end, enjoy Cass. lol. Now I just hope that Hye Sun would sign up for a beer cf. But hey, I can get my hopes up. Do you guys get what I'm saying? So, we might see a lot of Cass cfs with our bad boy Min Ho until he meets a girl who would change him. Ha. I watch too many dramas. Me and my crazy imagination. I'm just happy seeing Min Ho being bad.


    V stalkingfraud, I completely agree. As an actor (or should I say, a rising actor), he should be more versatile, expanding his horizons and to gain more experience because Lee Min Ho CAN'T be Goo Jun Pyo forever. Sure, we all love him in BoF, but as an actor, he obviously doesn't want to be known only as Jun Pyo. I really hope some fans would understand this, especially in Korea. And him singing in this cf? Not a problem for me. That's what most actors do (especially if they have the talent), right?

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