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    The Story



    By: Brandi Carlile


    All of these lines across my face


    Tell you the story of who I am


    So many stories of where I've been


    And how I got to where I am


    But these stories don't mean anything


    When you've got no one to tell them to


    It's true...I was made for you


    I climbed across the mountain tops


    Swam all across the ocean blue


    I crossed all the lines and I broke all the rules


    But baby I broke them all for you


    Oh, because even when I was flat broke


    You made me feel like a million bucks


    You do and I was made for you


    You see the smile that's on my mouth


    It's hiding the words that don't come out


    And all of my friends who think that I'm blessed


    They don't know my head is a mess


    No, they don't know who I really am


    And they don't know what I've been through like you do


    And I was made for you


    All of these lines across my face


    Tell you the story of who I am


    So many stories of where I've been


    And how I got to where I am


    But these stories don't mean anything


    When you've got no one to tell them to


    It's true...I was made for you


    It's true...I was made for you





    most people like nadal more because federer keeps winning wimbledon and it's kind of getting annoying...no offense to federer fans out there...


    but nadal pwns federer on clay!!!!!


    sorry but i'm a total nadal fan!





    yea seriously it was probably a mistake...


    she thuoght it might be funny to say that because the girl is a gagwoman so she said that thinking the gagwoman would say something funny about it but i guess she took it seriously...


    that's my view of the incident...


    and she couldn't be like i'm so sorry because it was live and she had to do her duty as MC...


    guys give her a break...it was an accident and people make accidents...we're human...


  4. lol..nicceee

    but i love their new cd!

    famous last words, i'm not okay(i promise), helena, ghost of you, and welcome to the black parade are my favorite so far..

    i love gerard! he's so freakin awesome

    idk why but the blonde/white hair seems good for the black parade cd..and three cheers for sweet revenge matches with his black hair...weird but thats what i think
































































































































































































































































































































































































    i havent been on this forum in while...
































































































































    i was wondering about the trip to BALI shin and cg took....
































































































































    i read the article there managers made but.. i mean come on...
































































































































    so was it planned or did they somehow end up on the same plane and same place? it would be awsome if u got some pics or articles on it thank you~~
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    can someone put the urls of like the top 5-10 songs in goong.
































































































































































































































































    perhaps love & stay & etc....
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    okay so ive downloaded 3 types of GOONG 1.5
































































































































    but all of them seem to stop in the middle...
































































































































    does anyone have the FULL ONE????
































































































































    please and thank yous~~
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    굿바이! '궁'..시즌2 벌써부터 궁금
































































































































    [스타뉴스 2006.03.31 11:38:47]
































































































































































































































































    [머니투데이 스타뉴스 유순호 기자]
































































































































































































































































    갖가지 새로운 시도로 화제를 모았던 MBC 수목미니시리즈 '궁'(극본 인은아, 연출 황인뢰)이 지난 30일 막을 내렸다.
































































































































    '궁'은 같은 시간대 드라마는 물론 방송 3사 미니시리즈 중 최고의 시청률이라는 결과가 말해주듯 시청자들의 눈길 잡기에서도 성공을 거뒀다. 비록 30% 돌파에는 실패했지만 지난 30일 마지막회에서 기록한 28.3%(TNS미디어코리아 전국기준)는 지난해 7월 종영한 '내 이름은 김삼순 ' 이후 미니시리즈 최고 시청률로 '궁'은 MBC 드라마의 부활에도 큰 역할을 담당했다.
































































































































    시작단계에서 주지훈 윤은혜 김정훈 송지효 등 드라마에 첫발을 내딛는 연기자들을 주인공으로 대거 기용해 인기만화 '궁'의 팬들로부터 원성을 듣기도 했다. 그러나 '궁'은 이들을 2개월여만에 일약 스타덤에 올려놓으며 국내 드라마 시장에 톱스타 없이도 성공할 수 있다는 긍정적인 선례를 남겼다.
































































































































    또 '궁'은 파격적인 대사, 실험적인 화면구성, 화려한 세트와 감각적인 미술 장치 등 기존의 획일적인 드라마 타입에서 벗어났다는 찬사도 받았다. 언어파괴라는 논란에도 불구하고 청소년들의 인터넷 용어를 대사로 사용해 시청자들의 눈길을 끌었으며, 화면처리 또한 만화의 기법을 시도해 원작인 인기만화의 재미를 더했다. 세트 설립 및 소품 장식 비용에만 50억원 이상을 투입해 사실감을 더했으며, 전국에 흩어진 고궁을 답사한 끝에 담아낸 화려한 궁궐 영상은 '궁의 미학'이라는 찬사까지 들었다.
































































































































    '궁'은 국내 드라마로는 최초로 시즌제를 도입했고, 종영을 앞두고 결말에 대한 여러 의견들이 쏟아졌듯 시즌2의 내용에 대해서도 벌써부터 궁금증을 유발하고 있다.
































































































































    제작사인 에이트픽스의 송병준 대표는 "오는 9월 시즌2의 제작에 들어가 내년 1월 시즌2를 방송할 예정이다. 시즌1을 제작한 전 스태프들이 그대로 시즌2에 참여하며, 협의를 거쳐야 겠지만 모든 연기자들이 그대로 시즌2에도 출연했으면 하는 바람이다"고 밝혔다.
































































































































    지난 30일 마지막회와 특집쇼 '궁 시즌 1.5'를 통해 암시했듯 황태자 부부의 2세 탄생, 사돈간의 신분 교체 등 시즌2의 예상 내용들이 거론되고 있는 가운데 송 대표는 "대학생으로 성장한 주인공을 중심으로 시즌1의 재미를 뛰어넘는 다양한 설정과 요소들을 투입할 것이다"고 말했다.
































































































































    비록 종영을 앞두고 대사 일부의 무단도용 등이 아쉬움으로 남기도 했지만, '궁'에 대한 시청자들의 관심은 시즌2에도 이어질 것으로 기대된다.
































































































































    머니투데이가 만드는 리얼타임 연예뉴스































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    okay so im confused.
































































































































    so i finished watching eps.20
































































































































    this was the original that it was supposed to end on...
































































































































    well is season two starting with eps. 21.22.23. and 24
































































































































    or is it eps.
































































































































    and is season two starting next year or next week???
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    this is really random...
































































































































    but while ive been watching the past episodes....
































































































































    cg eats A LOT!!! do you think maybe shes....
































































































































    expecting?? puhahahaha
































































































































































































































































    just stressed out with shin and her life???
































































































































    well it would be cool if she was pregnant.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    does anyone have the new family picture that the goong family took???
































































































































    please && thank yous!!~~
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    can anybody post the new family picture they took????
































































































































    and anyone give me links so i can get some goong banners and icons.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    A NEW yousendit 15 and 16 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    EPISODE 15 and 16 PLEASE!!!!!!
































































































































    in yousendit or clubbox
































































































































    low quality would be appreciated~~
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Preview for Ep.11
































































































































    check its out.. i think this episodes gonna be a good one!!~~
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    can anyone reupload ep.10 is yousendit??????
















































































































































































































































































































    I made a MV for Goong Ep.8 with the song Perhaps Love- Howl & J
















    this is my FIRST time making a mv... so dont make fun of or steal..
















    hope you like it!!~~
















    for all the great people on this goong forum.
















































































































































































































    gosh stop complaining about the cast and drama...
































    if u see that there are over 390 pages of people enjoying the drama... wouldnt u think u should just shut your mouth about hating it?
































    so annyoing....

































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