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  1. Hello! Can you please help me find this drama? I watched it in HK some time between 2010-2013 (it may not have been current). I remember: -a rich girl, early 20s, the first episode shows her shopping at a high end mall, buying everything, not happy, just passing time -the male love interest, poor, maybe former army background, green jacket, rounder face, shaggy hair, tough looking -the guy ends up going to prison, wrongfully accused of something. He makes allies in jail -the rich girl ends up working at some sort of club where she hangs out with rich men/goes on dates? I don't think it was an escort thing, but there was some woman in charge of it -the rich girl hates this other guy who works at a powerful company, but they end up dating later on, and he is not as bad as we think at first -the business guy works under his father -she also ends up with some position at the company -the two guys are enemies, but I can't remember why Any help you can give would be great! Thanks!
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