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  1. they're showing kissing scenes that were cut out which i was wondering why there wasn't so many scenes with them kissing besides a few parts. too bad looks like their kissing was really on point, almost felt real at times just watching the extra footage. would be great if they touched more on how Baek found out who hae-in was and why she became so bloody cold. the part when she changes the babies room was really messed up but at least she knew that during that time, although would of been cool to have gone along with them during that journey too. i still found it wild at how much time and effort it took for basically that other family to just ruin everything for the Hong's, and yet still didn't have more backup plans in case things did go bad. although the myth about the Racoon was funny. still crazy to see how even all that money and yet the Hongs still didn't know how to do the most basic things, good thing they spent time with the Baeks so they got enjoy the simple things in life and with being closer to family.
  2. twas a rather delightful series certainly a lot of tears were taken place for sure can only imagine how drained the actors were after each scene *especially if crying took place*. sad to see the villains basically fall *which one ending up dead* so unfortunate even though they were smart at times in the end it all caught up to them. ending part was cool just figured the couple would of perish together instead of Baek surviving makes ya wonder if Hein's condition came back at some point or if it carried onto their daughter. i still wonder if Baek ever found how who got into his private safe getting the divorce paper and creating such a mess. always sad when money n love can at times both be a lethal combo especially for one who can't handle or understand both but for only to lead to a deadly demise. 2074 such an interesting year to pick along with Hein's age too. i still wonder what they're remarriage was like, or what kind of parents they became, grew to become great grandparents too. just so much that took place but glad it's over with, and onto the next tear jerker in which hopefully the bad guy wins.
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