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  1. On 5/4/2024 at 2:48 PM, maribella said:

    I was reading someone’s recap and she wrote about season 2. I really hope not, will not watch.

    A season 2 will not work at all for the simple reason that there will be no drama in the relationship of the two leads. We already know how far they'll go to save each other and how strong their relationship is now. The appeal of season 1 was them overcoming their marital strife and showing us how strong their love is. They can't make another whole season out of something that we already know.


    However, a season 2 or rather a spin-off of Kwakkie's story might be fun to watch.

  2. @jayakris Did you notice something? In the final conversation that both our lead characters have, HHI says this:

    "마음과다른말들을내뱉고...", which the translator correctly subtitled to "We said things we didn't mean..." .  This is the same thing that was said in ep.11, that we discussed before. In ep.11 she goes: "마음과는다른말들만 내뱉는내곁에". Yet the translator gave us a different translation there. 

  3. So, a couple of weeks ago I made a post about how Hong Hae-in (HHI) was the one who made the greatest sacrifices going as far as revealing her illness to the world to save Baek Hyun-woo (BHW), while BHW still has not redeemed his character completely yet - given that he did want her to die while she saw him as the only reason to live. Then in the end he put his life at risk twice and even took a bullet for her. Now I feel, they are even.


    Having said that, all the melodrama aside, near the very end of the last episode HHI showed what mature love looks like. Sure, we had all the swoon moments throughout the series where we saw HHI was crazily in love with BHW. And there were glimpses of BHW and HHI acknowledging how their relationship could have been different if only they had done things differently. But none of those top what she said in the end about how she will not stay in her room anymore waiting for him to come to clear a misunderstanding. I mean, despite how crazily in love she was with him, they still lived in misery. Why does it matter if she's going to save him or if he's going to take a bullet for her if they slept in separate rooms for two years?


    In that scene the writer answered this very question I had. When BHW says the thought of taking more bullets for her didn't bother him, but being in a fight with her scared him it captured the very essence of what this drama was about. My only gripe is that the conversation could have been much longer and they could have had more scenes showing us how they were a normal, happy couple afterwards. Overall, a mature ending. Not as underwhelming as others complaining.

  4. 4 hours ago, jayakris said:

    Interesting that this brief exchange stayed in my mind too, though maybe for a different reason.


    Somehow the Netflix translation didn't feel quite right to me.  I generally listen to the Korean, but some subs catch my eye sometimes like this did.  "The same goes for me" was the Netflix translation of what she said.  That was okay, but it perhaps lost a little nuance in what she said.  What she actually said meant "I as well, for the same reason" (나도 그래서 그래).  Had she said the usual 나도 그래, that would be a straight "me too".  Maybe this was why it did not came across as too cold to me. Rather it felt like she was deliberately acting cold. Even hinting that she knew he was also deliberately saying something (in Ep 9) that he didn't exactly mean.  The extra 그래서 ("for that reason", "the same way") in what she said was probably why I felt that way.


    By the way, welcome to Soompi and this thread.  Please post more comments.  This drama is great and deserves more comments and discussions!



    Exactly. Many nuances are lost in the subs. I am just a beginner in the language. But having seen enormous botch ups in translations in other Kdramas, I know better to not trust the subs as they are. Even in the latest episode (episode 11), she says in the beginning 마음과는다른말들만 내뱉는내곁에  which should be translated as "Thanks for staying next to me even when I only spoke words that are different from what I felt". But it got translated as "....even when I spoke harsh words". The nuance is lost here. On another social media, I saw an user talking about how harsh words could have broken a marriage, referring to this line. But in reality, she wasn't communicating her feelings or rather hiding her true emotions, rather than being downright verbally abusive as it is being construed from the subs.



    By the way, welcome to Soompi and this thread.  Please post more comments.  This drama is great and deserves more comments and discussions!


    Thank you. Will do.

  5. First post here. I checked if someone has posted this, but couldn't find anything. So I thought I'd say this. While some posters have focused on the difference between Eun Sung and Baek Hyun Woo, ep.10 actually showed the biggest difference between  Hong Hae In and Hyun Woo.


    Spoilers below:


    In ep.10, when BHW confronts HHI about Eun Sung visiting her and her keeping it from him she mentions something interesting. 


    He says: "Is this the time for you to worry about me?" (아,뭐,지금내걱정할때야?)

    She replies: "You said you didn't want to worry about me as well [on top of the other big problems you have right now](당신도내걱정까지하고싶지않다며). I as well [don't want to worry about what's going to happen to you]" (나도그래서그래)


    She is referencing to their conversation from ep.9 where BHW tells her he has so many things to worry about and he wants to keep her safe just so that he has one thing less to worry about. While it sounds caring, to him keeping her safe was just another problem. It is not exactly cold. But when HHI says the same thing it comes across as cold. Only that HHI uses his own words against him and says it with a cold tone.


    However, her actions towards the end of the episode showed something else. For her, his well-being WAS the only thing that she cared about. She said she didn't want to worry about him too. But instead she showed she doesn't worry about anything else. Not her family, not her company, and certainly not her very big secret. I think this alone shows HHI is still the person who makes the greatest sacrifices among the two (Not that Hyun Woo has got a chance to make a sacrifice as big as this. But the second half would cover that I hope).

  6. Hi. New user here.


    I want to discuss an old drama. The thread for that is archived and the moderator suggested that I open a new thread instead. Is there a format for opening a new thread for an already existing drama (for which an archived thread exists)?

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