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  1. You guys. Im so devasted that Seo died. I mean, out of other characters, the writer picked him to die! I legit feel so depressed after watching ep 10. I'm literally just spacing out and stare blankly at the wall for quite sometimes (trying to process what the heck just happened lol) Watching Hyun Bin cried over the death of Seo doesn't help either! The tears rolling down his cheeks... ugh BRB grabbing tissues. Sobs. Anyway I've to conclusion that I'm gonna stop thinking the logic of the game (I give up tbh haha) and just enjoy the show (and feast my eyes with how cool Hyun Bin look in fighting scenes, with the guns and all. HE'S ONE BEAUTIFUL MAN. )
  2. OK I just started watching this drama 2 days ago and I couldn't stop watching it! I'm currently at EP6 and omg the tense!! THIS DRAMA IS UNPREDICTABLE. I think the way they interpret every scene especially gaming scene are genius. Hyunbin such a good actor when he's in pain, I CAN LITERALLY FEEL IT TOO. This drama by far, it's my fav drama this year. I'm VERY PICKY when it comes to KDRAMA but this one It's the best. I couldn't pick a flaws! the script, the editing, the plot, everything are on point. I just have one question thats been bugging me. How HyunBin/Jinwoo even manage to get the game lenses at the first place??/ Did I missed something? lol -- BTW I watched 'W', but can't bear to finish it until the end because personally i think it's very poor written, the writer didn't manage to make the audience understand the logic of human going into comic... and too much unnecessary kissing scene (watched it for the sake of Lee Jongsuk but still cant finished it lol sorry oppa) unlike Memories of Al-Hambara, I can feel the logic of the game because the audience also as the same boat as the main character, Jinwoo, still feeling confused how the heck game can turn into real life thing.The audience figuring out things out TOGETHER with main character as the ep going on (this all by the clever monologue script by Jinwoo) and I LOVE IT. With W, I went straight wtf is this. this doesnt make sense. so many questions. You know.
  3. Thank you so much but I actually want the SRT , the soft subs only without the video ^^;; anyone know? edit : Found the SRT files! if anyone also like me, like to download HD videos on torrent and sync it with ENG SRT, here you go! https://subscene.com/subtitles/the-encounter-boyfriend-namjachingoo The torrent videos I download from Korean website so you must know how to read Hangul then you can navigate the web ^^;; it's https://torrentwal.net/
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