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  1. So nice to see some names from the past, hi obbor4 and I couldn't agree with you more. I've been watching her on chibi tv. She looks so busy and happy with her life... but still...I too miss her on the small screen. Thanks to all of you for keeping for all that you do to bring us the latest news. and cheerkoo, you're still awesome... really appreciate you
  2. Hi fellow friends, It's been a long while, but seeing some of this thread's longtime GHS followers posting prompted me to come and say hello. You all have been so awesome, truly, with all of the updates, videos, and news of GHS. Thank you so much. This has been probably the most challenging year of my life and through it all, I could come here, read your posts, and for a few moments, be at ease and just immerse myself in all of the news and updates of GHS. I look forward to it every day. It's interesting to see how her life has changed, just like the rest of us whose lives change from year to year, and wow... her latest adventures are spectacular to say the least. I also wonder if she is preparing for some kind of role or directing something that requires expertise in these areas. I really, really, hope so. That would be amazing!!!! Sue, you have my neverending gratitude, you too kooswan, and the same to all of you Sunnies out there, hi obbor4 , and to macaronsandsakura tea, , nice to hear from you. I am now watching the newest Chinese version of Meteor Garden and you know, it's quite good. The actor who plays Daoming Si ( Goo Junpyo character) is really good and so is the main actress, but somehow no one can beat GHS's portrayal of Geum Jandi in my book . To all of you, please stay well, and be happy, always. AND THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! P.S. I know she gained was it almost 20 lbs? but she still looks beautiful!!! - I wish I could look like that after gaining 20 lbs!!! (not possible he he) And finally, may I say how much I love AJH, who is so perfect for her and is just an incredible husband!! Take care sunnies
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