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  1. Hi Sunnies, Since the topic of NJTTW has been in the forefront recently, I just wanted to say a few words. You know, GHS has known at least half or more than half of the cast of NJTTW from when she was a newbie, spanning over 10 years, some of whom she's worked closely with, and I wonder what those people think about all this. The very first time I saw GHS on a variety show, it was in 2008 when she was a guest on X-Man hosted by Kang Ho Dong and Yoo Jae Suk (YJS is probably one of the most popular and well respected tv hosts in Korea). They really loved her and through the years she has been on different variety shows hosted by these two. Along the way, she acted on Nonstop 5 with Lee Seunggi, who was the NJTTW cast member that AJH replaced. The cast of NN5 were pretty close and Seunggi was her love interest in NN5. She was also a fan of Eun Ji Won's group Sechs Kies and they have crossed paths before through work, and I know GHS was on at least a couple of talk shows hosted by Lee Soo Geun. I'm willing to bet that GHS even knew AJH's close buddy Kyuhyun from Super Junior when they both were SM trainees. So she has a history with a lot of the senior members of NJTTW. I know that the members of NJTTW have bonded over several seasons, but I think he was right to leave the show. I would not be surprised if some of them were not comfortable with this situation, not because of AJH but because they also like and respect GHS. The fact is she's very well liked in the industry and has been around far longer than he has. That being said, putting the entertainment industry aside, I wonder how many wives, just normal everyday women, would act calmly and rationally if their husband of two years started to stray from home and befriend other women. It doesn't matter in what capacity, be it as friends, co-workers, or in this case possibly an extra-marital affair, a decent loving husband would put his wife's feelings above everyone else. Instead AJH made her feel hurt and insecure and I feel she had every reason to act as she did. The fact that she gave up so much for him and will now have to pursue a different path in life saddens me because he wasn't worth it. I long for the days before "Blood" when I could still look forward to seeing her act once in awhile and watching her pursue all of her other endeavors such as art, writing, and doing charity work. It was such a privilege to follow her career over the years. I somehow feel that AJH has "stolen" something very precious from me personally as a fan as I will probably not see her in public for a long while. But no matter what, I'll still be cheering her on and wishing her every happiness, because that is what she deserves. Thanks Sunnies for listening.
  2. It saddens me to meet all of you, especially the long time fans of GHS who used to come here to discuss all of the goings on in her life, her dramas, appearances, music, art, etc, with such joy, excitement, and anticipation. Hi obbor4, ghsforever, macaronsandsakuratea, myonenonly, sheherizade3, , and of course cheerkoo, and to all the rest of you who have joined this family since then and added so much to the thread. This has gone too far and I can no longer read about it. Truthfully, it disgusts me. I believe one of the reasons why couples like the Song-Song couple have remained silent was to prevent something like this from happening. I support GHS all the way, and feel that if she didn't bring this out in the open first, he would have gotten away with all of it unscathed. No matter what, he was the one who strayed, openly dated and behaved in a manner that was repulsive for someone who is not yet divorced. He is a scumbag. They are a high profile couple, and yet he and his company apparently didn't think of the consequences. I'm not from Korea but from what I've observed, they don't take divorce lightly, especially when there is cheating involved. I feel AJH's career will suffer greatly from this and he will lose a lot of fans and support from the entertainment community. To be honest, I had never even heard of him before Blood, and I only liked and supported him because of GHS. He didn't impress me much as an actor. What impressed me was the manner in which he treated GHS. When I read the article that surfaced of how the writer from The Newlywed Diaries described what he saw, that sealed the deal for me and convinced me that if it were not true, he (the writer) would not have dared to come out and say those things in public. So I was fooled from the very beginning. From here on out, my wish is for them to settle in private. We all know what we need to know, and it pains me to hear some of the things that are being said, even by GHS. I feel the rest should be settled without airing every bit of their dirty laundry in public. It's humiliating. As a fan of GHS, I'd like her to get on with her life, take care of her mom and her own health, and to not spend all of her time being bitter and heartbroken. The sooner the better. As for him, he will get what he deserves because what goes around comes around, I really believe that. Sorry for venting, but these past few days have been just the worst. Sunnies, please stay well and let's all pull through this together.
  3. Hi Sunnies, Such sad news today, something I never expected to hear, especially the way the news came out so suddenly and the manner in which it was delivered. As a long time fan of GHS, of course I'm sad for her, no matter what the circumstances are. The pieces just don't seem to fit for me. Many are saying that it happened all of a sudden, from 2019. How can he have a "change of heart" so suddenly in just a few months time? All this time he's been nothing but a loving and devoted husband. She also mentions loss of trust? The one thing that breaks my heart was to hear that she still wants to work it out and stay married. So it's coming from his side and it seems like he wants to divorce as soon as possible. I've been married for 35 years and anyone who has been married knows that it's not a bed of roses all the time. But what would make a couple so in love, no, "him" want to divorce all of a sudden and so callously and force her to feel that she has to protect her family? As I've stated, I am a fan of GHS first and foremost. I am saddened because love and marriage changed her career so that she had options to pursue the things that made her happy, and to see her having to leave the company and to start from scratch breaks my heart. Without knowing the specifics on how this happened, I am so disappointed in AJH and his company. I am in her corner, period. But as the saying goes, things happen for a reason, and sometimes when a door closes a new one opens. She has always been strong willed and a fighter, so I hope that whatever the outcome is, there will be a happy ending for her. She has my love, prayers, and 100% support!!
  4. So nice to see some names from the past, hi obbor4 and I couldn't agree with you more. I've been watching her on chibi tv. She looks so busy and happy with her life... but still...I too miss her on the small screen. Thanks to all of you for keeping for all that you do to bring us the latest news. and cheerkoo, you're still awesome... really appreciate you
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