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  1. Spoiler

    I know they are half brother that why his dad didn’t want is ilegal son with legal son they why his dad was a doctor too so that he was the one that enter rain as the ghost diferent rain and Kim bum. He could see ghost since he was 8  also   Rain was 18 went Kim b dad died went rain came to the  hospital  he was 26 that was the time  their father went inside to him  period of the event meaning he entering  the body of rain. They shave 10 years part rain is the older half brother that he father was ghost 20 uears


    That theory I think he got more evidents

    May be this I think that is another theory


    The ghost could be father and son he son grown up and we don’t the rest of the story


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  2. 4 hours ago, andy78 said:

    I have a bad feeling about SIHO and SHAMAN lady...one of them or maybe both have something to do with what happened 1000 years ago

    I could believe that because shaman lady said this since the beginning he supposedly died and was born on the bed mother Also went he said that he going to not put her soul she said to him no continue to the plan that he still his soul back and put her on. The well why they said this the one who not remember will be the dead of them all and I think is hwai

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  3. 4 minutes ago, Idylla Kaizoku said:


    You might be right. 


    The thing with Seung Tak and Tess is that we didn't actually have any kind of moment between them, any direct interaction to know on what ground they're standing with each other. Which was left was our interpretation and indirect clues from other action they taking. 


    At the moment I'm more inclined to think that Tess was a bit of father figure or a mentor for teenage Seeing Tak (if Tess was there long enough) and that with years when it starts to be weird to talk to the thin air, Seung Tak started to be self-conscious and ignored Tess, if there saw each other in his school years. Seeing Tak seemed paranoid about security cameras and people around,  so it's possible he had an incident of sort that further grown inward his feelings and fear of seeming ghost.



    This is also an interesting concept. Could be sitting knew if the character that's seemingly involved turned out to be impartial or a being that case yet wasn't the part of the events. 

    Could be

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  4. 13 minutes ago, Redpinkboxes said:

    Hi guys! New here. Was going to silently lurk but I love this show too much.


    Here's my theory!! On everything. I'm going to use alot of the actors real names so it's less confusing.


    Obviously I think most of you already know this but why Eultae is after Sangeuns soul is because Sangeuns soul is actually Hwals soul from 600 years ago, which was the soul Eul Tae was after (hence he cursed Hwal and killed everyone Hwal loved).


    So hence why Kwon Nara as bulgasal saved him when he was a little boy, but took his soul after his family was killed by Eultae was because she decided to take his soul to protect him from dying in Eultae's hands. She probably realised Eultae's going to constantly try and kill Hwal because of his soul, so she decided to take the soul to suffer that fate for him. That soul however, that was in Hwal's body was probably Eultae's original soul a 1000 years ago when Eultae was human.


    As per the drawing/mural Eultae keeps, Kwon Nara and Lee Jinuk were the original bulgasals, and were probably in love as monsters back a 1000 years ago. Lee joon probably had some encounter with lee Jin wook, and in that process, Lee Jinuk got Lee Joon's soul and Lee Joon became bulgasal. Because of that, maybe Kwon Nara got angry (cause Jinuk and her were monster lovers???)so she cursed him and gave Lee Joon a dark hole for taking her lover away. Thereafter, she kept trying to protect Lee Jinuk when he was reincarnated... And Lee Joon was the bad one that  cursed Lee Jinuk.


    Lee Joon however enjoys being bulgasal and being strong because his dad looked down on him being sick and weak before, so he probably never hated Lee Jinuk for taking his soul away. And possibly doesn't mind destroying his own original soul because he wants to stay strong and immortal for life. Anyway, as per above, Lee Joon's original soul has been with him, then with Lee Jinuk as Hwal years ago, then to Kwon Nara 600 years ago, till now after she has reincarnated 7 times. 


    All 3 times of different owners of the soul, detective Kwon has been around. And his fate is still intertwined with Lee Joons original soul. He was first Lee Joon's father 1000 years ago when the soul was with Lee Joon. Then he met and took care of Hwal 600 years ago when the soul was with Hwal. Then he met Sangeun and tried to solve her case as detective Kwon when the soul was with Sang Eun.


    What I'm curious and unsure about is why current day Eultae hurts when Sangeun is hurt. And my only theory is that because Sangeuns current soul is originally his soul from a thousand years ago. 


    A few things I'm curious about is Hwals original mum, who is played by Noh Susana. She was first the second wife of Lee Joon's father, and then when she reincarnated and was Hwals mum, she knew about Bulgasals curse. And then she was reincarnated as detective Kwons junior.


    I'm also curious about detective Kwons sister, who also knew Bulgasal is coming....


    Anyway omg this show is so exciting. Can't wait for Saturday.

    It could be but they all like family 1000 years lee join and head were brothers and sang un stop him from killing the present not lee wool on that time peoríd them my question is this sleeping person could be hwai he his only on doesn’t remember all 1000 years.

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  5. 5 hours ago, Idylla Kaizoku said:

    I'm wondering why dr Cha pay so much attention to his look while in the past he wasn't at all interested and had seemed like he has no taste in fashion. Why has he started buying and wearing expensive clothes? Was it because he thought dr Jiang left him because of money or when he has became a renowned  specialist and started operations on riches, he needed to look good and it stuck? 

    Also, why Seung Woo is talking to his mother as Director Ko? I mean, when he'd answered the phone, it's how he addressed the speaker and then i t was suggested he was talking with his mother (elevator scene). Was it a strict parenting or maybe something more? 

    Curious thing, why after revealing the face of Seung Tak's father Tess appeared only as a possessed woman?

    I wonder what the grandfather's seeing on the recording from operating room and what makes Seung Tak's cousine think that it's only time when Seung Tak will fall (while watching the footage). Does he see ghost too? He paused it in a certain moment... That could be a fun twist. 

    True also they way his father died according to memory of ko that he died from drowning to save his life  I found something fishy he save his son  so he know how to swim also went he mom is talking to her dad see like something fishy.  I saw in the flash back that went the other ghost  are trying to possed ko he didn’t look a Tess at all

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