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  1. Min Young's character is so annoying in this drama - she adds zero value and all she does is mess up Do Joon's plans.

    I don't quite get the ending of episode 14 though. Is it a flashback of Do Joon as poor HW in the past? Or did he suddenly come across HW in the same timeline as DJ (in the current timeline in the drama)? So there is both HW and DJ in the same timeline now?

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  2. You know what's funny about the script? They let Yu Rim and Ji Woong end up together happily even though we couldn't really see the extent of love they both felt for each other....not in the way that Hee Do and Yi Jin's relationship was built, from strangers to friends and then them falling in love deeply midway. We saw their love develop over time whereas for Yu Rim and Ji Woong it just felt like puppy love and EVEN then they managed to overcome the long distance nonsense.

    So after building that solid relationship for both Hee Do and Yijin, the writer then turns around and make it seem like LDR was the starting of the breakdown of the relationship between Hee Do and Yi Jin??? Come on, that's just lousy and lazy writing. LAME LAME LAMEEE excuse.

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  3. Also can I just say the writer (or the intern lol), seriously made Yi Jin's character look like a crappy boyfriend towards the end. He dates Hee Do for a few years but indirectly dumps her just like that (when he decided that he was going to work in NY permanently I take it as he already made up his mind)??????? No decency to even let her know / ask her beforehand??? She had to find out from her mother jeez.  


    That's not what you do to someone you love - he has shown zero respect for Hee Do towards the end. It's like "Hey i'm gonna stay behind, it ain't gonna work out between us. I'm also coming back to Korea to settle some stuff before I go, so I'll just meet you to dump you in person too" 



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  4. 2 minutes ago, inBinJinitrust said:

    The Hee Do and Yi Jin of ep 1-14 would have overcome those challenges together and ultimately returned to each other.

    This! Exactly! The writer wrote their characters in a way that we see them as strong individuals ready to overcome anything from ep 1 - 14 but suddenly everything takes a turn even after letting us see how deeply in love Yi Jin fell for Hee Do. What the heck. 


    It's like they got their intern to write the script for the last two episodes! The disconnect between the characters from ep 1-14 and 15-16 is huge gahh

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  5. After all that trouble they went through to finally decide to be together, why on earth did Yi Jin suddenly decide to give up on her?? Can someone please explain this?


    I don't get it, the sudden drift in their relationship makes zero sense. Why the heck did he even apply to work for the NY office?!?! It's like the writer intentionally inserted random conflicts in the script but it makes no sense??????? From being madly in love to suddenly dumping everything behind??! T_T


    Also wasn't Hee Do the only reason why he even moved to that other dept with that crazy workload and him having to cover live news all the time???! So the very thing he did specifically for Hee Do ended up being the reason why they drifted apart??? What on earth? Who even wrote the last two episodes T_T

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  6. I noticed in screenshots of their wedding invite, Hyun Bin used his stage name...does anyone know if this is common practice for korean celebrities?

    I suddenly got curious because I thought people would usually use their birth name / real name (i.e. Kim Tae Pyung) for weddings / other important life events? Just seems a bit odd because say if their stage name is Snoop Dogg (sorry can’t think of a better example lol), would they still go ahead and use this?

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  7. What are the chances of Hee Do and Yi Jin ending up together?? I'm trying to brace myself mentally lol because it seems to me that all the episodes so far are hinting towards a sad ending between the leads T_T

    The daughter's first name Kim, the daughter not knowing who Baek Yi Jin is until reading her mom's diary, the ballet clothes her Dad sent her and the way Hee Do responded by saying she's lucky to have a Dad bla bla and saying her Dad is overseas meaning Hee Do should be on good terms with her current husband since she seems to be in constant contact with him. Aaand the most obvious hint being how shocked Hee Do looked when her mum mentioned she saw Baek Yi Jin the other day meaning she has not seen or heard from Yi Jin in a while sigh

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  8. @Heedongthat's what I thought too! After watching the scene of Soo Ho's recording, I was thinking nahhh this hint is wayyyy too obvious. There's no way they would reveal the ending just like that? Cause that scene was equivalent to a really glaring spoiler like *hi viewers hellooo heads up it's def gonna be a sad ending lol*. So yeah I just thought maybee they were trying to lead us on and then give us an unexpected ending? But I guess not lol

    I'm not too sure about Sky Castle - I dropped that halfway because there wasn't much or any romance at all :wacko:

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  9. A sudden thought that came to me because I still can't accept the heartbreaking ending. I wonder......if the ratings for this show was better / if it was an extremely popular drama like CLOY, Goblin etc, would we have gotten a happy ending?????


    I feel like scriptwriters for popular dramas tend to listen to viewers feedback and give their viewers a happy ending even if it was written as a sad ending in the first place. I read somewhere that CLOY was supposed to have a sad ending but because it was so popular, they changed the ending to a happy one. I think for red sleeve too I read that they changed the ending a bit to give the viewers more happy moments at the end because of how popular the drama was in Korea.


    Part of me can't help but wonder would we have gotten a happy ending if this drama was more popular / had high ratings? Sigh

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  10. I'm re-watching some of the earlier episodes and got a bit confused - in episode 5, right when the students were first taken hostage.......Eun Chang Su (Yeong Ro's dad) was quite adamant about saving all the hostages first and then killing the spies if necessary.


    Silly question but how did all of this change from "let's save the hostages and kill the spies if we have to" to suddenly killing all of them just so it would help them win the election? I'm also not entirely sure how killing all the hostages and spies would help them win the elections??

    Also in the earlier episodes Soo Ho's dad was also quite adamant about saving him even when Eun Chang Su suggested they just kill all the spies - his dad said that Soo Ho is more important than the president of South Korea.....so how did the dad go from wanting to save the adopted son so badly to suddenly be okay with killing him in the end???

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  11. Soo Ho never did disclose his real name to Young Ro throughout the drama right??? I wonder why they missed including this into the script....just seems a bit weird that they would end the series without disclosing such an important detail but instead they disclosed Dr Kang's real name???

    Or is Soo Ho actually his real name? Since ya know Soo Hui is his sister and he is Soo Ho? Lol

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  12. This thought just occurred to me that they made Soo Ho's character die before even giving justice to his character - he died as an "evil communist" in the public's eyes when all he did was sacrifice his life to save Young Ro and all the other South Korean students. Just thinking about that makes me so sad - the way he was killed so brutally by the South Korean side as well.

    This poor guy had such a big heart to sacrifice himself for the South Koreans but not only was his sacrifice not recognised, people still misunderstood him as a "communist". I feel the pain and injustice for his character because he could have easily escaped and lived and meet Young Ro in the future - he did say as long as both are alive, they would meet somehow. But he went back and chose to die for Young Ro and the students instead. Heck, he could've even gotten Gang Mu to stay behind to fight the SWAT team instead then he would have escaped safely with Young Ro but he chose to sacrifice himself and let Gang Mu go instead T_____T

    Also, does anybody know what was written on the last aeroplane they showed? Or was it the same aeroplane from before? Thanks!

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  13. The cafeteria lady gahhhh!! It's all her fault cause they could've all just escaped the first round on that mini bus. Should have just left her behind! If not for that cafeteria lady, Soo Ho would've even have to go in to look for Young Ro. It was so unnecessary to write this in the script where the fat lady suddenly runs in looking for her son when everybody is about to successfully escape -_____-


    Hated the ending! T____T It really was so unnecessary because it could've been written in so many other ways where both Soo Ho and Young Ro could've gotten their happy ending. Not to mention the ending was also very predictable when they shared a short clip earlier of Soo Ho's recording which possibly hinted at his death. Wouldn't it be better to surprise the viewers with a happy ending instead since ya know everybody already sort of predicted it would be a sad ending after seeing that recording scene??? 

    Also fine fair enough, if they reaaaaaally wanted to make him die - why choose to make him die in such a gruesome manner? Jeez like one shot was enough did it have to be written such that he gets shot multiple times all over his body?! He literally was blasted with bullets all over T___T

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  14. Does anybody know if the instrumental tracks have been released / will be released? There are two instrumental songs they keep playing.....I'll try my best to describe it

    The first one is the one they keep playing in most of the previews??? It has this angelic "aaaaaa" sound? 

    The second one is in ep 15 - 16 pre-release clip.....when she held Soo Ho's hand and asked him where he will be going and if they can meet again?

    Hopefully I made sense lol. Thanks in advance!

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  15. Gahhh with every episode I feel like the possibility of a happy ending decreases for Soo Ho and Yeong Ro. Initially I thought there would be a very slighttttt chance that Kang Mu would be the one to help those two in the end but after today's episode it doesn't look he will be helping them after all. Why did he betray Soo Ho whyyyyyy :unamused:

    The stepmom in ep 14's preview looks like she's about to betray her husband too once she heard him say that he wants to get them out alive. Betrayal everywhere ahhh

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  16. Wild guess but I think the girl who sleep walks could be the spy. There was a scene when Soo Ho first joined hands with Kang Moo and after that he honestly disclosed the election scheme to everyone in the chapel - that sleepwalking girl was the only one who said she didn't care and that she "needed to study for her law finals" and then Ms Pi told her to shut up lol. It seemed a bit weird that she was the only unaffected one after hearing something that huge.

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