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  1. Started this today, my first KBS2 daily drama in the past one year since "Vengeance of the Bride" ended in March 2023. Since then, I have skipped "Woman in a Veil", "Elegant Empire", and the "The Two Sisters". The premise is interesting, with a murder/suicide of Moon Jeong In right at the end of the first episode and then flashback to the past from the preview of Episode 2. Interestingly, the official English title "Snow White's Revenge", (which is literally translated from Baek Seol Ah's revenge as Baek Seol in Korea is Snow White in Korean") which is on KBS's own website https://kbsworld.kbs.co.kr/program/view.php?pg_seq=2185 as well as Viu https://www.viu.com/ott/sg/en/vod/2373382/Snow-Whites-Revenge is different from "Scandal". Nothing much is shown in the first episode except for the frosty relationship between MJI & BSA; and MJI's likely affair with a younger actor Jung Woo Jin, despite being married and her daughter (Min Ju Ryeon) also like JWJ. MJI is also seen being involved in a dangerous relationship with a much older guy, while her own relationship with her husband is cold & likely over. There are other interesting characters who appeared in the first episode, such as Director Kim (who may have a romantic relationship with BSA) & the lady employee who was fired for embezzlement. I am interested in knowing how they are related to the main leads. Look's like it is worth following for a while, at least to see how the background story folds out.
  2. With no competition from MBC last weekend (as it was showing the TV movie version of its highest rated Fri-Sat drama "Knight Flower" on Friday and a preview of "Wonderful World" on Saturday, the rating for "Flex X Cop" broke 10% and soared to 11.0% at the mid-point of the series. This also represents the first time SBS's Fri-Sat drama reaches double digit rating since "Revenant" last July. With 4 more weeks to go, it does look like this serial will continue its upward trajectory in the ratings table.
  3. Fully agree with @LeftCoastOppa, Honey Lee is one of the reasons I watch this serial and "Knight Flower" is now MBC's highest rated Friday-Saturday drama, surpassing the Red Sleeve in terms of ratings. The last episode's ratings was 18.4% (3.4m viewers), a whooping 3% increase over episode 11's! Congratulations to Honey Lee & the crew - if Lee Je Hoon's "Chief Inspector 1958", which will premiere on April 2024 cannot beat this serial in terms of ratings & popularity, Honey Lee has practically locked the Daesang (Grand Prize) for the year-end MBC Drama Awards 2024!
  4. Thankfully I didn't watch this....so the title is misleading? KBS2 daily drama seems to be getting from bad to worse! The last one I watched till the end was "Vengeance of the Bride". "Love Twist" was actually a much better drama than any of the last few!
  5. This KBS's 50th Anniversary Drama Special is indeed going from strength to strength, with 7 awards won last week at the KBS Drama Awards 2023, despite only airing up to Episode 14. Choi Soo Jung, Kim Dong Jun, and Ji Seung Hyun all won the acting awards, Couple Award, and Popularity Award! There was even 2 presenters who wore the Khitan Emperor & General attires to present the awards much to the audience's liking and applause. That shows how popular this show is now. The rating makes it an icing on the cake, starting strong and now climbing past 10% to reach its highest rating at 10.2% so far in Episode 15. Tonight's episode marks the halfway point - can this go even better to beat "The King of Tears - Lee Bang Won"'s 11.7%?
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