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  1. That's more of a reason not to watch it. But no, I don't. Didn't appeal to me.
  2. As an enjoyer of Norazo I can assure you I absolutely love these kind of silly songs and trashy MV. I love it. I like Ateez, but actually not this song. +2
  3. +2 Uhm....ehm....the guy above......? I...I don't know......someone of BTS I assume? Suga? I'm sorry sis for having an actual taste in music. Tons of people know my very well known kpop ladies. You are just jealous they are much, much prettier than any of your oPpAs will ever be. Tse. Oh how could I forget NU'EST. They have so many great songs and some of them are even in my playlist. They are probably the boygroup with most songs in there. 'Not Over You' was the first boygroup song I really liked when it was released. It's still so beautiful to listen to. Yes, I know Ren. I was so confused when I first saw him, because I also thought at first he was a girl and thought he was kinda cute. Nonono, too much electronic, dance stuff. Too much "Tanzmukke" like we would say in Germany. Too much dancing music. Much better. Funny MV indeed. But the guitar at the beginning, how his soft voice leads into the song and continues to flow into the bridge that crashes ultimatively into the chorus. The harmony he does then creates something so dramatic and beautiful. Ahhh, it's so perfect. The drama was such a great fit too. Oh wait.....I mean, yeah, kinda average song, Not even a Christmas Tree. Pfff. @kokodus So lame.
  4. +2 Hmmmmmmm..... I revoke my statement and say V's Christmas Tree is the worst song ever created. We can't be on the same page. Ohh, I heard the name J-hope, yes. Never heard hobi though. Like if I would know his real name. Hahaha. Silly sister.
  5. Noted, I obviously know they exist and know their names aswell, but I couldn't name any song. Have to admit though, both songs didn't convince me. But thanks, always happy to discover new music. The Infinite song seems very, very old. The styles back then were so funny. But I actually like the song very much, defintive had fun listening to it. It may not find its way to my playlist, but I liked it. 2PM song sounded a bit like R&B style? Huh, nah, not my thing. I rather listen to Men in Love a second time. Hahaha. Never heard of MBLAQ before, but the song sounds so overly dramatic and heavy. Definitely my style. Liked it aswell. There is a member called Hobi in BTS? Seriously? Never heard of him. I am all ears. Avid Kpop girl group fan? Not much of the current and most of 4th generation, but 2nd and third is totally my thing. Also big fan of many unknown female KPop Bands. 478
  6. +2 Yep, that's it noona. And I really struggled after the sixth song. I know INFINITE, but don't know any songs of them. I may recognize one if it plays, but I wouldn't be able to tell you any titles. Oh, true Super Junior, they didn't come to my mind. Hmmm, but can I name a song of theirs? That's on a different page. They had this super annoying Ring Ding Dong song right? Hmmmm, I'm not sure though, could be another group aswell. Ohhh, of course, Sorry, Sorry is another song of theirs, I remember. Yeah I know that one too. 2PM? Nope. SHINee? Nope. You have been the best noona there is? Aren't you a little proud how many BTS Songs I knew? We could act like it's all because of you. Hahahaha, of course NOT. Silly noona. I don't even know all their names. The only reliable one I will be able to recognize is V. And only because he did the best OST of all time in my books. Interesting. Never heard of Song No. 2 and 3.
  7. +2 Omo, noonaaaa, why you do dis to meeeee~ okay okay okay. No cheating. I should really stop skipping Boygroup Songs in each weeks new episode of KVilles "New Songs this week". Wow, checked it out after you said this and it really seems she gets some hate this time. I mean no wonder, it seems clear her new bf has something to do with it. Will be interesting to see if she continues to defend him and follow his path, if she does, it may end her career. I agree, I think JYP would immediately act if someone steps out of line, he is eager to preserve his pure imagine of the company. But I think other companies, like YG and SM are much less interested in that.
  8. +2 I never heard of him before the scandal, but I am not much into boygroups as you know. I probably can't even think of more than ten boygroup songs from the top of my head. But the moment I saw him, I was sure he was guilty, he had this guilty shady face. Luckily with Seungri I knew from the second I saw him, he's bad and probably rotten. He had this shady vibe from the very first second and after the scandal and people collecting all the hints and foreshadowing I knew my gut wasn't wrong. They just ruined so many girls and destroyed their life. How can they ever have faith in men again? It makes me so mad just thinking about how they talked about them. If we just talk about "player", I honestly think half of male idols are players. But if you release one supposedly "badass" comeback after another and have hundreds of girls telling you how awesome and pretty you are, you start to believe it at one point and reflect it on any girl you met. Hyuna and scandals have their own relationship, I don't think it will do her any harm, especially since she is one of those idols who have a fandom that find excuses for everything. If her latest bf will be in an scandal, it may hurt him, but it won't do anything to her. She may even actually use it to get even more attention.
  9. +2 I can imagine how the chat messages show some deep, dark abysses of some guys. I didn't know him beforehand, but after the whole scandal I have no words about him. Were there any chat messages new then? I remembered lots of them were published back then aswell and I read them. No, I don't. The brief touching of the topic in Taxi Driver 2 was enough for me already. Although they only scratched the surface and didn't even show the real cruel parts, I save my own mental health and pass. I already know how horrible it was from back then, reading and watching more about it only ignites my hate again for how less of a punishment the culprits were sentenced for.
  10. +2 Park Jin Ju was so good in Our Beloved Summer aswell. I loved her role and found out pretty soon she has a magnificent voice aswell. Mhm? No, but you kinda asked me where I am. So...~ I saw the news on allkpop an hour ago and since then I am debating with myself if I am going to watch it, knowing it will greatly affect my mood in a negative way and make me mad beyond imagination. I know everything I will see will make me very, very angry. Sexual crimes against girls make me go berserk. Also seen Goo Hara seemed to play a role in it, which made me look back into her death. Exactly, she seemed to have a good heart and be a kind soul. I just wonder how these soft flowers end up with garbage guys like that. I remember the time when she was on the news pretty much every single say together with Sulli. It's so sad both of them are gone forever.
  11. +2 Classic german participation. Told you I scolded my sister.
  12. Funnily I used the exact same phrase when she wrote me. Almost like we arranged it like this. I already did, I scolded her quite good. Was it at least good? +2
  13. +2 Thank you I was rooting for Bayern tonight, because although they are our rivals, an all-german final would have been fun. Additionally to this, it would have been the same final as 2013, where we lost against them. It was also in Wembley. I hope we can do the impossible now and defeat Real Madrid. They are so clinical and strong, this will be really difficult. Hey, hey, hey, nonononono. She is not preparing for anything. If she IS indeed preparing for her wedding, then she can also prepare for her funeral afterwards No guy is good enough for my babysis. I will, trust me, I will turn into the HULK and give her a brotherly warm hug.
  14. +2 I just hope she is fine, I don't like it if I have no clue what she is up to. So many things happened, I just want to know she is okay. She is my lil sis after all. Actually she found him on her own, I don't want to go too much into detail, but he is someone she knew from school. I could have guesses national anthem, but if I think about Germany, it's not the anthem. Hmm~ First I was thinking it's some sort of german song I was forced to listen to during the endless amounts of car drives I had with my parents for vacation purposes, but I think these songs I connect more to my parents than germany itself. But then I remembered a classical piece that everytime it shows up anywhere, in any drama or video, it touches me and makes me proud to know it was composed by one of our greatest. Germany does love their classical componists. Johann Pachelbel - Canon in D No I didn't watch it, today I was watching the Uefa Champions League and was nervous because of it since last week. But my team pulled through, won and now we are in the finals. Ahhh, I can't wait for the European Championship this year, it takes place in Germany and so many different countries and cultures will be here again. The summer will be such a party.
  15. +2 If my baby sister is about to get married without the consent of her brother, I actually hope she is running and she is running fast. I mean she had her eyes lock onto a guy, but how could she forget me? ME? It's just funny that she scolded me for not being around, because she doesn't want us to grow apart and I tried really hard to stay in touch and not disappear again and now she does the me. Sister doing Brother things. @partyon I think it was you noona who recently talked about different songs from Germany and other countries and I was wondering the past days, if everyone here thinks about their own country, what's the first song that comes to the mind they associate with their own country? Maybe you can help me spread the question.
  16. Aish~ don't get me started noona, I have no clue where my sister is. She doesn't even answer me on our weekly promise anymore and disappeared some time ago. She complained she can't get a hold of me and now she is nowhere to be found. I would love to know where my sister is. How can she treat her own brother like that? I need another Kim Seul-Gi Drama.
  17. +2 I knew it would get you with this one.
  18. So you tell me it was actually a wise decision of me to not start it at all? More importantly than this totally unimportant BTS group, my former favorite group Nature disbanded after one of the members announced she works as a hostess (kyabakura) in Japan now. Connection is on my list. I looked into the others and MAYBE I will also give "The Midnight Romance in Hagwon" a shot, I could use a nice slice of life romance. Welcome to Samdalri left a big hole in my K-Drama needs. It was so perfectly made for me. 210
  19. 234 Such an emotional roller coaster. Remember the garbage bag scene? This alone will traumatize you for days. Of course she did, Lee Bo Young is an outstanding actress. Haven't watched Hide yet, it somehow doesn't speak to me. But not many dramas currently do. Yes, he's the hero of the drama. The best thing about it was Uee for sure. When does it air? I don't know yet, but next year I will watch for sure. Germany is probably going to step up their game for the upcoming years. A german TV-Legend (Stefan Raab) announced his comeback and it seems he plans to overhaul the whole process of finding new candidates to represent Germany at the ESC. He is responsible for Lena Meyer-Landruth's win and participates himself successfully.
  20. +2 Oh, I hope I am not too late for this one. I can think of at least 3+1 K-Trauma producing K-Dramas. Let's just call them K-Tramas. 1. Mother Emotional Trauma in it's purest form. During the whole drama you can't relax for a second and until you finished it, it will haunt you throughout the day. 2. Save Me A spiritual leader of a cult that brainwashes families and creates a very explicit interest in the female main lead. Especially in the second half of the drama it gets really bad when you have to endure his fantasies. 3. Manhole It was just so, so, so bad. And then there were aliens, the story was so random. It has an interesting idea and some episodes were quite fun, but the drama caused a personal trauma. Whenever I think about any bad drama, I compare it to this. Bonus: Signal Probably the best crime drama ever created. Remember the last scene, with the amazing soundtrack, a car driving on a road? You realize the drama is about to end and you think about the journey you had, how amazing this drama was and then someones back and you realize, OMG is it HIM!? And the drama ends and you screamed SEASON 2, NOW! And then you realize, no, not going to happen and it's traumatizes you for life. 8 YEARS we had to wait and finally we maybe get Season 2 soon.
  21. +2 Me neither since a couple of days. Apparently only for two concerts though, in London and Berlin. But like I just said, it will be in a big arena, so I probably won't go.
  22. +2 No, never. Southeastern Europe rarely has any Kpop concerts. I didn't catch the Rose, you will never see me at a concert of any boygroup or boyband either. I stick to my girls. Also, the bigger the arena or venue, the less likely I will go too. I am not a big fan of big stadiums or crowds, it just doesn't feel the same if the artists are miles away from you. I need my cozy ~ 100-200 performances in smaller venues or clubs where after half a day you know half of the people who went there. I think IU would be nice to see though, her ticket sales begin on Monday, but I haven't decided yet if I am fan enough to go there. Oh gosh, it really annoys me too everytime. JYP & SM did this for years and years. Especially with TWICE, they always announced a world tour and then it was just the US and Asia. It felt like for most korean Entertainments Europe simply didn't exist. There are tones of memes about this too.
  23. +2 What!? I was right, wasn't I? So I did everything perfectly. I have nothing planned so far, but this can all change in seconds when a Kpop concert I am interested in gets announced. Then I go through the cities and decide, if I'm alone, to just go for the nearest city or want add a little city trip along with it. In general I am more of a winter/autumn traveler though.
  24. +2 Sofia was bulgaria, right? No, I haven't been there yet. Not many Kpop concerts take place in bulgaria, which is the main reason why I travel to foreign european countries most of the time. I think the closest I was to bulgaria was Budapest. But after studying the map I realize how far away Budapest is from Sofia hahaha. I recently went to Prague again, Prague is such a beautiful city.
  25. I think I said this in a previous post before, but due to this every episode felt more like a movie than an episode. When I think about it, I don't think I have seen any other drama afterwards who was able to weave in the music so well into the drama. The music is like an additional actor. But I also remember the drama felt so heavy due to this aswell, every scene was so meaningful, it definitely wasn't a light watch. If I remember correctly, I dropped it initially and picked it up again a few weeks later.
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