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  1. +2 Me neither since a couple of days. Apparently only for two concerts though, in London and Berlin. But like I just said, it will be in a big arena, so I probably won't go.
  2. +2 No, never. Southeastern Europe rarely has any Kpop concerts. I didn't catch the Rose, you will never see me at a concert of any boygroup or boyband either. I stick to my girls. Also, the bigger the arena or venue, the less likely I will go too. I am not a big fan of big stadiums or crowds, it just doesn't feel the same if the artists are miles away from you. I need my cozy ~ 100-200 performances in smaller venues or clubs where after half a day you know half of the people who went there. I think IU would be nice to see though, her ticket sales begin on Monday, but I haven't decided yet if I am fan enough to go there. Oh gosh, it really annoys me too everytime. JYP & SM did this for years and years. Especially with TWICE, they always announced a world tour and then it was just the US and Asia. It felt like for most korean Entertainments Europe simply didn't exist. There are tones of memes about this too.
  3. +2 What!? I was right, wasn't I? So I did everything perfectly. I have nothing planned so far, but this can all change in seconds when a Kpop concert I am interested in gets announced. Then I go through the cities and decide, if I'm alone, to just go for the nearest city or want add a little city trip along with it. In general I am more of a winter/autumn traveler though.
  4. +2 Sofia was bulgaria, right? No, I haven't been there yet. Not many Kpop concerts take place in bulgaria, which is the main reason why I travel to foreign european countries most of the time. I think the closest I was to bulgaria was Budapest. But after studying the map I realize how far away Budapest is from Sofia hahaha. I recently went to Prague again, Prague is such a beautiful city.
  5. I think I said this in a previous post before, but due to this every episode felt more like a movie than an episode. When I think about it, I don't think I have seen any other drama afterwards who was able to weave in the music so well into the drama. The music is like an additional actor. But I also remember the drama felt so heavy due to this aswell, every scene was so meaningful, it definitely wasn't a light watch. If I remember correctly, I dropped it initially and picked it up again a few weeks later.
  6. It's the piece you also linked. "Schubert: Fantasy in F Minor, D.940" I heard the YouTube version you posted so many times based on the drama. The whole drama plays around it, since the Main Lead is a young, talented pianist who is able to play this four hands piece with just two. This is a version they both play though The female lead is a well known musical manager with her own music hall and becomes his teacher, who begins an affair with him over the course of the drama and hides it. Drama was so well written and well shot. The classical pieces throughout the drama created a great atmosphere. But this classical song follows me ever since. It so beautiful. I think I did yesterday.
  7. Really happy to see Secret Love Affair here. The drama shaped my classical music taste and felt like a very long, amazing movie. It felt so dark, but yet so beautiful. The main classical piece "Schuberts Fantasy" still is on my playlist and the love between the OTP was so captivating. Didn't know the love gap between the main actors of One Night Spring, but it still is one of my favorite dramas in recent years. Definitely something I planned on rewatching quite soon.
  8. +2 First of all, I don't know who he is, I never heard the song or anything ever related to it. So I can't explain anything, I am as confused as you are, but it seems some people thought this might be our best bet? Didn't know our music got to bad over the last years, good thing I took the route to Kpop early on.
  9. Uhm....no I mean.....maybe yes. But some of them, more than half, were actually much better fits.
  10. The pain of not being able to choose anymore because I already voted "Something else." Good choice to only add one per member, I could have easily created a list of my own. Hahaha. Well I am very prone to SLS and I totally had it, so in my world it was eligible.
  11. Oh boy let me pull out my list, OTP who should have been together. Weightling Fairy Kim Bok Joo - Jung Joon Hyeong & Song Shi Ho The obvious choice, much better chemistry and she learned from her mistake. She was a pure angel after her return. Our Beloved Summer - Choi Woong & NJ He was able to be with the most beautiful, caring Idol on this planet and instead he chooses his childhood love. How silly! NJ was so into him, she would have given him the world. She went out of her ways just to impress him, it would have been the perfect love. Well, the rest of my list, @partyonYa noona, BIBI & JCW technically doesn't really count, right? Because he was married (to the wrong person) and they broke up at the end. Although I still believe he traveled to China to find BIBI
  12. +2 WHAAAAATTTTT??? BIBI's acting was like her appearance, absolutely flawless! LBY may be good, it's just the story doesn't really appeal to me.
  13. Yeah, I know, but...when I watched the trailers, it didn't really connect with me. Something feels off, I also don't know the original. Based on what I have read so far there are already some plotholes and her acting is comparatively weak. I think I will sit out this one and wait for another drama. +2
  14. Siiis, read my sentence again, carefully. I said RAW. Unless you consume your potato dishes all in a raw state, they do me no harm. I can eat any potato I like, I just can't touch them, peel them or be just near them in their non-cooked stage. Same goes for apples. +2
  15. +2 Hm. Does it work? Are you insane sis? Of course it doesn't. Anyone who thinks his love/luck is based upon some weird RickRoll'D orange theory needs a little bit of freash air. If you think choosing your partner based on an orange, they maybe you are a foul fruit. Yes, it is about if the guy is willing to do anything for you, even if it is just a small task. But not every guy is the same, people love different. Years ago it was the same question if the guy of your choice doesn't open the door for you or pulls your chair back when you eat together at a restaurant. It's an act of chivalry, with the only difference, you pretty much pinpoint them with a lesser task, judging them if they don't act according your way. Just take me as an example, if you ask me if I peel an orange, apple or potato for you, my answer will always be no, simply because I am allergic to those raw fruits.
  16. +2 Tell me about it, I was worried sick. She complained to me, that she can't get in touch and it's so~ hard to get a hold of me, I promise her to write her at least once a week, and not even two weeks into it, little sister goes MIA and doesn't write me back in weeks. IN WEEKS. Ahhhh....girls....
  17. +2 They were very successful in the 80s, although all of their songs sound more or less the same. I still don't get why though. I didn't know it was so hard to get your hands on western music back in the day, but in the 90s we were still flooded by their stuff. So you were serious! Ahhh, noooonaaaaaaaa. I don't listen to german radio a lot, but when I still owned a car I can't remember to listen to any Modern Talking songs on the radio. But I didn't listen to any radios who were most likely to play their songs. I think they only get together again during "Remember the 80s" TV shows. One of them is an actual, I guess successful, producer at this point who is omnipresent at pretty much every german casting show. If there is a jury, he will be in it. Except for "The Voice of Germany", luckily. Well first of all, being remixed doesn't mean they are automatically good. Here let me show you some Eurodance Tracks I listened to as a kid I didn't even know the song until now. It sounds like typical Eurodance. Haddaway is fantastic though, all time classic. On Music Shows? Yes, I think I saw them all at this point. What surprised me the most though is the fact that Kim Wan Sun is already 54. She looks like mid-thirty in the MV. I think she is really pretty. I also noticed today her name got removed in every official YouTube video title, (feat. Kim Wan Sun) is gone everywhere.
  18. You're joking right? This...must be a joke, right.....please? I think Modern Talking is some of the worst music ever created and I still don't unterstand how Dieter Bohlen managed to get successful. JYP's Changed Man is absolutely fantastic though, jamming to it since days. +2
  19. +2 Uhh, very nice. I look forward to it. BIBI was such a good villain.
  20. So you decided to summon me Soo, soo, you want me to check this drama out. Let me check..... Well, well, well.....afterlife, fantasy, no romance, not even a hot second-lead I can think off.....NOONA.....what is this? If I want to see a bunch of random guys I just read @kokodus diary........again. The only girl plays death, DEATH, I can't fall in love with DEATH. Ahhhh......nah...the plot doesn't speak to me and I want to rewatch Fairy & Our Beloved Summer in December. And for this Sorry
  21. Yeah....but with due respect, let's not take the US as prime example for this. I guess the USA is always a little more loose when it comes down to guns and pulling the trigger. If I go by central european standards, shooting is always the last resort and it is always the goal to deescalate the situation and prevent unnecessary risks or deaths. Especially if there was no one threatened. By the time Junmo was shooting, GC already pointed the gun at himself, so all Junmo had to do was to prevent him from shooting himself. The reflex was to get revenge towards the guy who stole his gf and make sure EJ resents him. Maybe revenge is too much of a word, but it clearly bothered him deep down. They may have been brothers im arms, but Junmo loved EJ dearly at one point, imagine how it must have felt like to lose his beloved wife to some thug he was supposed to put behind bars to climb the ranks to get some recognition from his in-laws. Plus he pretty much lost HR aswell. Saving his wife's love interest while losing his own would have been even worse.
  22. I think she hid her feelings from Junmo in multple ways. She never told Junmo her feelings for him aswell, I don't think he ever felt like she cared about him during the case. That's also why he stopped using the phone booth to contact EJ. She never tried to contact him either, instead she had much more contact to GC. Whenever she felt the urgency to talk, she called GC and didn't try to have a few minutes with Junmo. And we have seen in later episodes that she had the opportunity to do so. I refuse, or at least I hope, a policemen's conditioned reflex shouldn't be to shoot someone straight into a vital point. Shouldn't it be rather to disarm and defuse the situation?
  23. +2 Surprised me aswell. He just got away with it, I wonder if he really remained a cop. It also still bothers me that he didn't find out his father is actually sane and a drug kingpin and only acts as confused old drug addict. Storywise there would be much left to create a 2nd season.
  24. But did you feel like EJ needed protection at the end during the showdown in their apartment? She didn't seek Junmo's protection or tried to hide behind him at all, she just stand next to him and talked to GC relatively calmly. For me it looked like she didn't think she was in danger. Also he was a well trained, skilled fighter who could control his abilities in necessary situations. Junmo wasn't in protection mode, I wouldn't even say he was in defense, I think he was in control at all times.
  25. Yes, he spared her the burden, but she also knows, he could have saved him. With his skills, he could have easily disarm him or prevent him from killing himself by shooting a non-fatal area. Just remember how the office got fake attacked by the police, they policemen all praised his skills. Isn't it even worse of a burden? Knowing the guy you loved and married, killed deliberately your first love, refusing the option to spare his life? He spared him once in the car, why not twice? Was it his plan? I don't know if this fate is better or worse. Don't know much about religion, so I will skip that part. Maybe it was a decent ending in a way, EJ & JM running away as a married couple could have been awkward, although it was my first wish. But now I just want BIBI to be HAPPY. BIBIIIIIII
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