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  1. For today listening.. giving me a good mood in working <3
  2. False.. but hopefully <3 next person is taking a risk in investment
  3. My most favorite dangdut singer, singing duet with one of the best rock music grup from my country. I am in tears, so proud. It is difficult to combine dangdut and rock but it happens. Love this so very much <3
  4. Happy New Year dear @Ameera Ali and everyone. I wish you all will have wonderful 2024 ^_* as for me I am very busy between being a mother and a working mom. Hectic schedules between breakfast lunch dinner raising toodlers and my work targets, meetings, organization conflicts, and everything in between. Sometimes I want to cry but yeah this is life. Just go on oh yeah what is your 2024 resolutions? My resolutions are just to stay positive and calm HUA HA HA HA. and how to earn more LOL. I watch kdramas on and off Now I like series like anne with an e too, and others children movies. I am selecting movies for my boys. Lol. c u all <3
  5. My life full with press release now ^o^ no. I am not the writer. They write about me and my works. Hua ha ha ha

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