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  1. I am not a sporty type but I think I would love adidas samba 🥰

  2. The most difficult moment in life when you were loosing yourself because you become a new person, a mother and spent most of your times to rising your babies. And after that you must to work hard to find you again. Your body, your own mindset, your life career and become the old you and at the same time being the new you. 

  3. I am watching 25 21 now, I ve never watched this before..

  4. My life full with press release now ^o^ no. I am not the writer. They write about me and my works. Hua ha ha ha

  5. Merry Christmas <3

  6. I went to the neurologist this afternoon. And I forgot to put my lipstick. I chat with my friend on whatsapp..

    Me: doctor have just come. I forget to put lipstick. I look mess..

    friend: LOL.. 

    Me: I will put my lipstick now..

    friend: no.. Don’t make him fall in love

    Me: It’s okhay.. I’m used with it

    (people fall in love)

    friend: HUAHAHAHA 

  7. Baby I’m dancing in the dark <3

  8. 4 events done this week <3 So proud of myself. Keep strong barbie, 3 events are waiting for you on the next week. 

  9. Sing: duli nayooo sumsuriiii johanureeee guterul guriimyon okabwa ne gyuptorol olkabwaaaa.. iroge gitaryoyooo nepumanee.. gudega naemgyoptun sarangi hoksinan sarajika duryo wosonan..bla bla bla ogul bulayoooo HuaHAHAHA okay fix I am very tired LOL 

  10. I roaring my bff today 

  11. I am in Paris van Java and too tired because of the outbonds today <3

    need hot water bathing and a very long sleep tonight

  12. I love my babies but also I miss my life before them, where I can sleep 24 hours lol or go to the cinema and do movies marathon.. be patient mama T_T

  13. I am a barbie girl in a barbie world <3

  14. When I have a boss with dramatic talent <3

    1. partyon


      What's the talent?

    2. Gumiho


      @partyon hi party. Miss you <3

      btw my boss talent is turn every situation into a dramatic situation :Megalol: I am tired of him hahaha.. zZZzz .. oh gosh I miss my ahjussi

  15. Official trip and working for 8 days <3

  16. Trying stress reliever coloring <3

  17. Finished Till the end of the moon on youku. Can’t move on. Hiks T_T I miss Tantai Jin already my love forever and ever <3 <3 <3

  18. Till the end of the moon cdrama is the best romantic drama of 2023 <3 <3 <3

  19. Till the end of the moon cdrama <3

  20. Re watching goblin and touch your heart kdrama. Happy sunday soompiers <3

  21. Please recommend me kdrama that as good as Once Again kdrama <3

    1. partyon


      I am watching Doctor Cha right now and it's very good.

    2. Gumiho


      @partyon ok I will try doctor cha. Thanks partie :biubiu:

  22. Holiday means marathon of: Queen maker, move to heaven, stranger, once again. Currently watching Bulgasal and Wok of love <3

  23. Thrombocytes drop again to 52.

  24. In the hospital. Dengue fever/breakbone fever. Thrombocytes lower than 100. I think better sleep

    1. partyon
    2. Gumiho


      @partyon thanks partie!! I am recovering now. After was almost dying with only 42 thrombocytes :dontwanna: I pray to God that I want to live longer so I can raise my children. I guess that’s why I still able to walked with low thrombocytes. Even doctors were surprised because of I was able to held a virtual conference from my room in the hospital. Hua ha ha ha.. ahem.. the point is Thanks God I am still alive..

      ok partie.. have a good Friday <3

    3. partyon


      Glad you are feeling better ! 

  25. Happy birthday!!

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