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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/CPOFgqqnqy8/ For you who wonder why this drama has to be aired in Dec, the clue is placed at one of Oh Yoon Ah's pic in her IG (link above). There were a big display of "HAPPY NEW YEAR" words behind her. So yeah, we have to be patient and enjoy the ride. Tbh, holiday drama/movie is the best (mostly) thing. I can already sense this will bring us full of sensation, either happiness or sadness (also comfortness, same like a hot chocolate in the winter)
  2. All from Oh Yoon Ah's side, but nothing from other casts? Like Kim Hyangi? Anyway, very much happy they done filming in safe condition. Can't wait to see it soon
  3. Yass please....they deserve to have the best in everything, from making history in JTBC 'till bagging many awards including Baeksang (all casts, directors, etc) Fingers crossed! Nothing's impossible.
  4. She neglected her baby when she cried out for attention. I don't think she's a good mother because if you have problem with your husband (ex) or anyone, doesn't mean you compensate you anger to your child. Like you said, I believe that everyone who's working in that salon has their own problems, but trying to cover it up with daily tasks. For example, Kim Hyangi's character, which is more like a timid person, will change into someone who are brave and independent. They have been shooting for a long time now, but the result come bad (poor rating), can you imag
  5. Hahaha...okay, It's too soon to judge anything based on this short clip, but that doesn't mean we can't have an opinion, right? They said action speaks volume, and all I can say her character is not far away from evil one. Poor Oh Yoon Ah, I guess she's stuck with that role for life Do you have the same opinion @gm4queen?
  6. I ship her with Daniel Choi, obviously. As a fan, I want her to evolve from someone who often play as villain character into someone who can touch people's lives with heartwarming performance. But, again, we have to wait for the teaser to be aired to see what's exactly this about...
  7. This is tough for me, tbh because I wish all the best esp. for her career. We know she often played as villain (and sadly not many ppl recognize her as an actress), so this drama is the best one that she has ever received so far. Yes, I want her to be in a romantic relationship with Daniel Choi, even I want her to do passionate kiss with him (that's very important in K-Drama, right?) But, I also know for sure that it's hard to get the best role or part if you're married woman/single mom. Moreover, she lives in SK, which is known for perfection in everything. Likely, this drama will
  8. One thing for sure, their height difference will bother them to do liplock scene . I'm afraid this's going to be another "My Mister", which is about Daniel Choi who helps Kim Hyangi as intern and then slowly but surely she has found someone who truly cares for her (they have strong feelings for each other but can't cross the line thing going on).
  9. Actually, I want everyone in here to join and make their own "love story" because it's so boring now without no update from this drama. Anyway, I love your version, only I confused with Kim Hyangi. Should she be in love with Daniel Choi since she's the female main lead what do you think?
  10. This is meant for fun and nothing else since we're on the same boat. Now, we're playing UNSOLVED MYSTERY Daniel Choi is the only male lead here, so I want to know who do you think he'll be in love/falling in love with: A. Kim Hyangi B. Oh Yoon Ah C. Shim Eun Woo Also, pls tell us their love story would be in the best possible way
  11. Some ppl (not the actors) who works for this drama, like the post above, who is from Director of Art, I guess (sorry for my bad English, but I hope you know) said that this might become a good one. I truly hope that every good wishes about this drama coming true because they all have worked so hard in this Pandemic situation. Not only that, even they have to learn some basic skills about hair-cutting or hair-styling, OMG
  12. Thank you so much for the warm welcome! I hope we all can have good time. Tbh, I'm very excited about this drama because it's about hair salon and ppl who're working there (very intriguing to see what the story about and of course their acting). Btw, I'm glad that you also a fan of her (yes, I subscribed to her YouTube channel, hahaha) I don't know much about Daniel Choi, but I heard a lot of good things about Kim Hyangi (the "veteran") and Shim Eun Woo. He's definitely so handsome in "It's okay not to be okay", so yeah I hope he can bring that charisma also in this drama. Do you t
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