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  1. Beautiful and cherished beloved angels. Missing MineUn deeply....wondering how MineUn couple are doing!!Plus MineUn get flushed cheeks glowing skin that make MineUn flawless!
  2. Saw an angel....She is so beautiful. MinHo is smitten with Goeun and declares his love in cute texts for her.opps!! MineUn birthday is just around the corner. think about the gathering and organizing an outing with the loved ones.A virtual birthday has never been more fun! XoXo
  3. Some say love is a river... You can't make everybody like you ,, you don't even like everybody. yabeda bedu!! Goeun she won the game. MineUn couple vibes?
  4. MineUn LeeUl in love vibes.let the good vibe weekdays well spent to bring us a week of content.Not so fast.All in good time.pls good words.XoXo.Thanks.
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