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  1. Did episode 8 make episode 7 seem less wtfffff? What are you thoughts on 7 and 8? I haven't seen the very end of 8 yet as the subtitles are not quite done, but I enjoyed the good communication between MH and SR and SR and HT. I'm so glad MH and SR mended their relationship. I didn't think they'd let it go so easily. I'm also really glad that SR and HT recovered at least some of their feistiness so that they can fight against their fathers' crap. Fathers are really villified in this show. SR's father is self-centred and weak. HT's father is pure evil, and MH's father just keeps suf
  2. Yes. I think a lot will happen. It seems like there's still so much to explore; I can't believe it's already half over. Yes, and yes! (Or a love square.:)) Cool! Yup, "see" you soon, I'm sure.:)
  3. I agree that GY is a terrible journalist!:) She never seems to do any research and constantly jumps to conclusions. I laughed when WJ pointed that out and told her never to work as a journalist again. I like her character, though. She's a series of contrasts that make her relatable -- blunt and talkative but also hesitant and vulnerable, hapless but sensible, optimistic but irritable, etc. I like that she gets angry without screaming and flailing around the way some heroines do. I think the way she acts with the cameras on is especially relatable. She doesn't know what's expected
  4. JJ is abusive and controlling. I really hope she doesn't stay with him. Episode 7 suggested that she was starting to stand up to him a tiny bit. I love Sung Hoon, too! His cameo here was a nice surprise!:)
  5. I didn't phrase what I meant very well in saying that the relationship seems one-sided in MH's favour. I don't think she's an opportunist. She's not malicious or greedy, and you're right that her financial situation and family dynamic make her unable to give to SR materially or involve her in her family in the same way. What I wanted to point out was that, from what we've seen, SR takes the iniative in the relationship -- offering to help MH, inviting her over, etc. We don't see the same initiative from MH, which goes against the episode 6 assertion that she always puts others first. Maybe we'
  6. Yes, she hid behind her father's money in the poster case, but Myeong Hee would have been punished regardless as she was involved. Now, she's not hiding. Her wealth doesn't exempt her from arrest and interrogation, and, when she was released early, she begged to have her friends released also or to be thrown back in jail with them. When she was interrogated, she didn't even tell her father, let alone ask for his help. As for lying about HT and MH, I thought she was doing that to protect MH as she knew Hwang Ki Nam would go after her. She didn't realize that he already knew. She still i
  7. I was enjoying that the main characters all seemed interesting and complex, but episodes 5 and 6 seemed to be trying to reduce the female leads to one dimension -- saintly MH vs. spoilt SR. This is annoying in itself, but it also totally doesn't fit the storyline so far. We're told that MH has been selfless her whole life, but how? Her day-to-day behaviour is normal, decent-person stuff -- helping her colleagues, having a caring relationship with her brother, sending some of her earnings home, working hard at a job she chose, enjoys and is good at. Meanwhile, her relationship with
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