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  1. Omg! So it’s mean she is still waiting for him.. Oh my god!! She really loves him If KJK doesn’t know about that, it’s his fault.. I hope too..
  2. I’m also happy to meet with you all I always read this forum silently since 2016. Now I want you all to know that I’m always here with you all and still supporting and hoping for KJK YEH Actually I almost lost my interest on them because of my daily life activities. But when I heard that YEH is not in a relationship for 8 years, my hopes are up again! I don’t believe no one is show an interest on such a beautiful woman. I think she is still waiting for him... (How do u think about it?) But after 1year,I don’t know if she’s still single or not. For KJK, I have no feelings for his o
  3. I hope KJK leaves. Even if it not with YEH,I want to see him with someone he loves. I can’t stand watching him being alone But it’ll be great if it’s our YEH
  4. OMG! really? So if KJK leave RM becuz of marriage, may be the ring is from KJK
  5. Hi, I’m silent reader of this forum since 2016. I’m one of KJK+YEH big shipper. I always follow their activities. What do u think about these things? I want to know about you all opinions Of Course scene from YEH’s Saturday live video https://www.instagram.com/p/CO6lkJUn5uU/?igshid=pih2reww68ts The Tiger https://www.instagram.com/p/COnnfLJt7tx/?igshid=uroknfgkmwyy Same day same sport with RM ep 539 Caption is strange.. https://www.instagram.com/p/CKK_saPBJ5k/?igshid=1iew7gv5ot94l
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