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  1. People say it's good to watch TV series and films, play games in a language you desire to learn. But I think listening to music won't help much. It's better to listen to podcasts.
  2. A hamburger for breakfast was fine.
  3. Good afternoon! I like to play volleyball most of all, as I have been involved in this sport since elementary school. Now I very rarely play sports, as I am busy with work. The only thing that still connects me to volleyball is betting on Parimatch bet cy. I can advise you to read more about this site.
  4. Waiting for congratulations, we have finally finished our kitchen renovation! Only yesterday we arranged all the dishes and appliances, because three days ago we just installed new kitchen cabinets (we could not choose them for six months, Karl!). So for the next couple of days we won't be cooking anything because we don't want to make a mess hahaha
  5. Spotify recommended me AnnenMayKantereit. Listening to them right now
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