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  1. Kookmin Food Moments There are so many, aaah.... Here’s a few more I remember. Waffle, coffee, and Tangsuyuk - Kookmin meal items they share frequently. And who can ever forget the Kookmin TOFU moment?! That was actually the time I started becoming a Kookmin shipper. I was so surprised at KJK offering tofu and the hug felt so intimate. While holding the hand she offered, he pulled her close to his chest and patted her head. So heart-fluttering!
  2. @kookminstanner123 Why would you even post about a supposed Kwangmin feud on a Kookmin thread? It’s off-topic and digressive especially at this emotional time when Kwangsoo just announced he’s leaving. The timing is really suspicious. That off-topic post and the one you posted right after got removed because they broke the rules. Sorry if I’m suspicious and you’re really a genuine Kookmin shipper. There have been trolls on this thread before, talking about how KJK looks older and needs to drink more water (lol), etc and ruining the Kookmin shipper atmosphere here.
  3. @kyoko22 If there’s a moment where I’m sold that KJK never thinks of JSM as dongsaeng, it's the balloon-popping game on the Heiress episode (Ep. 377): KJK got totally red when JSM tried to pop balloons on a suggestive place: His neck is even red to the point I’m shy for him at this scene. I wish we could see his reaction when members were on the same game so we can compare, but when he participated, he didn’t even react, similar to Kwangsoo here. It’s probably a good thing that KJK reacts strongly to JSM’s dances in a verbal manner recently, not visi
  4. @kyoko22 Thanks for the excellent compilation, these moments are flirty and I'm just delighted they are initiated by KJK. The “I’ll take care of her” moment is so heart-fluttering and a really bold declaration of KJK. I would like to add this moment where Kook crosses the oppa-dongsaeng relationship: It’s while they’re on the peanut farm (Vacation episode after the fanmeeting). Somin's dream guy is an adorable little peanut: I see Kookmin comfortable with that type of humor. There's that bus game on the Ghost Sc
  5. @KookMin_sg Your delulu is my style, lol. Adding to the delulu, remember when KJK mentioned on MUD about thinking of “her” whenever there’s good food? The “her” other RM cast member guests know? KJK and JSM share a love of food based on the numerous IG stories they’ve posted. JSM also mentioned that KJK taught her to eat cold noodles. We see them sharing food on RM: * Leftover dry donuts (Ep. 348 where Jang Do Yeon is a guest). My delulu mind on this moment - KJK is teasing JSM * Penalty hot potato from JSM to KJK (“Do Whatever You Want” ep
  6. Methinks there’s an imposter non-Kookmin shipper among us. The same person who mention a supposed “Kwangmin feud” which is off-topic and make it possible to target JSM for hate. They then bashed KJK and JSM in this Kookmin thread by saying “he will date any woman who gives him attention”. Both posts got removed, thanks to wonderful Soompi admins. On every other post, harps on about marriage to end posts, lol. I made the mistake of replying to the off-topic Kwangmin feud before but marriage and dating are related to Kookmin so I hope you don’t mind me commenting on it.
  7. I’m amused at imagining a KJK MUD segment on boyfriend-girlfriend fashion choices because of Kookmin banter on RM, lol. That would be interesting. Remember JSM’s remarks on “working out with too perfect bodies” on RM appearing months after on MUD? ———————————— JSJ as bridge I agree with @9012, I’ve noticed JSJ as bridge for Kookmin. 552 - KJK interfering with JSM-JSJ vote, with penalty for both as result. We see KJK’s attention focused on here and being crafty (with Seol In Ah as accomplice), aside from having his own vote.
  8. I’ve noticed this episode the RM cast playing up their characters - KJK being the Sparta Commander (Boy Scout Leader), LKS the target maknae, JSM activating her Love Frog character, JSJ the kkondae, etc... What’s interesting is the difference in Haha’s and Sechan’s reactions to JSM’s Love Frog antics from before. Haha doesn’t play it up like before, adding fuel to the fire. Sechan quickly denies just like before but it feels like he’s more comfortable with the skit happening since it isn’t prolonged and it’s just quick banter for the show. Sechan is more startled when J
  9. One of my favorite moments this ep (RM 544) is the Kookmin phone handoff scene.
  10. One of my fave moments last episode (RM 553) is when JSM pops out her head beside KJK after lunch, when they’re listening to the Camera-Hide-and-Seek task. It’s such a small moment and probably unintended (I feel they avoid being near each other onscreen). It just reminded me of the times when JSM hid and popped out her head whenever she teases KJK (Hand of Stone episode - behind LKS, Tofu Prison episode - behind YJS). Back then, they weren’t close. Now, she’s popping out right next to him.
  11. @MandelBrot Thanks for sharing, I’m really curious about this scene. I’ve seen posts on IG and this is the most direct interaction between them I’ve seen so far for this episode. Look how fast YJS went to KJK’s side and squeezed subtly for him to calm down(?). Sechan looks frozen, I wonder what it is all about. I can’t wait for the subbed episode to find out. I watch RM via Viu, the episode comes out much later.
  12. I agree with @Rumble fish , there is no real feud whatsoever between Kwangsoo and So Min. Fellow cast members aren’t awkward around them and JSM called him out of the blue for a clue on another variety show (Six Sense). KS picked up the call quickly amd they were friendly. JSM has been receiving hate because of her ‘playgirl’ character to the point she was linked to the PD, which is really awful. LKS has also gone public with LSB so I’m guessing they’re being careful with their interactions on the show and shifting the Kwangmin dynamic. Imo, chemistry with other cast members are
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