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  1. Generally, I do not like love triangles, but I am curious about this when I saw this in Netflix...
  2. I have the same question. I stopped watching in episode 14 as I am struggling to accept how they tie loose ends (never gained the energy to watch the remaining episodes).
  3. Agree. I think the parallelism in objects does not necessarily pertain to pairing endgame since (1) HP is pretty much straightfoward and consistent in its foreshadowing on how things will unfold/be resolved (not only to love lines, but also to other matters, e.g. Dr. Do Jae Hak's lease scam issue) and (2) I would like to believe that HP is not a husband hunt series and is a way for writer ShinLee to move on from that (SHwa said so herself that Reply 1988 is such an old trick lol). The object parallelisms stay not to establish love line but only because that's signature ShinLee fixation (simila
  4. I think they wanted to build up JW with SHwa in the first few episodes (Dr. Bong not answering if JW ever dated anyone in med school) similar to how the writer initially lured us in believing that it might be JWan who is the main interest of SHwa (with the Dr. Jang CS infidelity issue). But, alas, our soulmates found their respective partners. It can't be Spring-Spring, it has to be Winter-Spring-Summer-Fall for the Lacking 5.
  5. Hi everyone! I've been a lurker for a couple of months, but finally decided to join this thread as I am overflowing with my love for WG. Few things I wanted to add is that people can read JW because he can be so obvious, but for some reason people do not want to spoonfeed it to him (e.g. SHwa figured out JW's decision to stay since he unconsciously left clues: saying he is relieving her of managing the DLL given her herniated disc issue, and saying that he will visit her in Sokcho [how can he visit her if he will stay in Italy?]). It's somewhat entertaining, but I hope GW's bluntne
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