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  1. Vengo just flew back to Beijing—assuming Dilraba’s still in Shanghai since she hasn’t been seen at the airport yet. I suppose Vengo went back to Beijing to gather more belongings since he’s suppose to start filming in/near Shanghai later this week. OTP separated for now, though
  2. Seems both are still in Shanghai unless they were at the airport unnoticed, which would be rare. Have we established where they call home base? I’m pretty confident Vengo calls Beijing home, but I’m still unclear about Dilraba. I originally thought Beijing for her as well since that’s where JayWalk is headquartered, but I’ve seen some people say she has a house in Shanghai ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Vengo had a handful of events in Shanghai last week, and there’s rumor his new drama will start filming in Shanghai next week… do we think Dilraba will stay in town as well until she has to
  3. https://share.api.weibo.cn/share/227102458.html?weibo_id=4645441088786725 During his press interviews, Vengo mentioned few people who were also present. At the end, he said “Mi Jie and Reba are also here.” I personally don’t think it’s anything huge, but the GuangRe community on Weibo seems to think there’s something special about the way he says her name—maybe I’m just not hearing it well enough HAHA
  4. Both Vengo and Dilraba will be attending Tencent Video’s 10th Anniversary Gala tomorrow! Will we finally be able to see them together in the same frame after so long?!
  5. I’ve always wondered about that particular event… it’s one thing to dislike or even hate Vengo by their own petty self, but I think it’s so extremely disrespectful to Dilraba to boo at her publicly-known close friend as he wishes her happy birthday and with her standing right there. Just like how it was extremely disrespectful of her fans to shout at Vengo when he was seen visiting her on set previously. Dilraba deserves better fans. And why does your introduction to GuangRe sound exactly like mine! LOL. I was enticed to look up Dilraba after Pretty Li Huizhen. At the time I enjoye
  6. I think we’re all hoping it might be V—but it actually seems the reflection is of a woman because in some of the photos you can see the person has long black hair, and even sitting down, seems to not be tall enough to be Vengo Related question… has GuangRe ever publicly wished each other HB on Weibo before? I know Dilraba sent birthday wishes to Allen Ren this year, but I just assume it’s because they were together on set.
  7. TV stations tend to choose productions they believe will appeal to a wider audience, like you mentioned. Which, unfortunately means many idol productions end up broadcasting online because the audience for those productions can be very specific and limited. ELOD was a rare exception. But Vengo has successfully distance himself from idol productions into mature productions, and I’m so proud of him for it. He definitely paid his dues with all of the lukewarm idol productions he participated in during his earlier years. A lot of idol artists try to make the same move as they age, but
  8. Dilraba filmed You Are My Glory after The Long Ballad, and then went straight into The Blue Whisper, which she's currently filming at the moment and is split into two parts, both of which are slated to wrap in July. There are talks of another costume drama—as LovelyLady also mentioned—but it hasn't been confirmed yet.... just like Vengo has the unconfirmed drama with Victoria Song. I definitely agree their portrayals of Dong Hua and Fengjiu were truly iconic! But I'm still always holding my breathe for them to collaborate once more in a modern drama where they're the leads and the
  9. This isn’t “sugar” by any means, more like my own wishful thinking... but a few weeks ago JayWalk announced pre-production on their new series for iQiYi, 镜花奇缘, loosely translated as Mirror Flower Romance, with casting TBA. If history has taught us anything, and unless they finally decided to promote their other actresses, JayWalk productions are always lead by either Yang Mi or Dilraba in the lead female role. But sooo many of Yang Mi’s fans are already complaining she’s in too many in-house productions and they’re already camping in the comment section to petition against Yang Mi
  10. Does anyone know how Dilraba addresses Vengo? I’ve seen her use Gao WeiGuang or just WeiGuang during interviews, but I’m curious how she addresses him directly. I haven’t watched any behind the scenes of her other series, so I can’t comment on how she addresses her other male co-stars, but during Go Fighting! she calls all of her male co-hosts “Ge” (older brother.) During an interview Vengo said all of his friends call him Guang Ge. During the JayWalk Happy Camp episodes last year, even Yang Mi calls him Guang Ge. I’ve seen fans who ship Dilraba with other actors argue
  11. Vengo is nearing 40, so of course he will look older than idols in their 20/30s. I was rewatching some of Dilraba’s “Go Fighting!” episodes and was surprised to find some of her male co-hosts are actually younger than Vengo in age, but look older. Compared to other actors his age, Vengo definitely looks younger. I also think Vengo’s hair hugely influences how old he looks LOL. I personally think he looks younger right now compared to when he was filming for his last two modern dramas because he had to keep his hair short. Thank goodness he’s growing it out again! And Dilraba is nea
  12. Thanks for confirming. Those photos being taken by fans explains why this was never made as “news.” I’m guessing the fans kept the photos away from the media to protect V/D. I wonder what would have happened if it did make the news, though. Would Jaywalk have to release a statement? Would V/D be forced to go public? Would they deny? I guess we’ll never really know.
  13. As I’ve only joined the GuangRe community recently, I have a random wonderment ... back in 2017 when V was photographed visiting D during filming... were those photos taken by fans or paparazzi? I’d imagine if those photos were taken by paparazzi, it would have been a huge thing. I have seen those photos, but I couldn’t find any media articles, not one.
  14. I’d always assumed both Vengo and Dilraba calls Beijing their home base, if not for any other reason, because JayWalk is headquartered in Beijing. But do we know where Vengo’s parents live? I swore I read somewhere that he moved his parents to Beijing so he could better take care of them... but right after the Youth Day Festival, he flew to Heilongjiang.
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