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    I love computer games so much. Also playing CS GO, 7 day to die, rust and many. I like running, athletics. For a long time I have been traveling through forums to find the same thinkers.

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  1. I recommend watching 1. Snowpiercer. Madly in love with this series, it is full of surprises. The plot tells about a group of people who survive on a train with a length of 1001 carriages. Overboard temperatures are below -454 ° F. 2. The Rain. The series is also about the apocalypse and survival. It rained all over the world, which infected everyone who fell under it with an unknown virus. 3. Better Call Saul. The series is about Saul Goodman from the TV series Breaking Bad. Those who like breaking bad will also like Better Call Saul.
  2. I like volleyball the most. I also love running.
  3. This will seem obvious, but I like Blend S - OP - Opening - Original - Theme - Smile the most.
  4. False, I like Noir Future Garage better Next person dont like sport games but love videogames so much.
  5. I had the worst day yesterday. I had an interesting situation with my family. We were driving from San Diego to Cuyamaca Rancho State Park on Route 8 (Kumeyaay Hwy) and our car broke down. It was a Mercedes with transmission 722.9 (I remembered it because my father and I had recently repaired it). The transmission broke down and we didn't know what to do, because in the place where we broke there was no connection. Then I remembered that I saw the solution to the problems with the transmission on the website. I went to the site and found a manual for repairing the 722.9 transmission. Thanks to
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