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  1. One of our 3 musketeers received an offer!  :approves: 

    Go Bo-gyeol courted along with Byun Yo-han for new mystery drama ‘Snow White Must Die’

    Actress Go Bo-gyeol is being roped in to join Wavve’s upcoming mystery original series!

    According to the actress’ agency HiSTORY D&C on July 27, “Go Bo-gyeol received an offer to appear in the new drama Snow White Must Die and is positively reviewing it.

    An adaptation of a bestselling mystery novel of the same name by German author Nele Neuhaus, Snow White Must Die follows two detectives as they set out to investigate mysterious happenings in a remote village. Through these investigations, the story will expose the dark and ugly sides of human nature. In addition, the creators of the show are said to reinterpret the events and characters from the book to match the sentiments of the Korean audience.

    Go Bo-gyeol is being courted to play the female lead character Choi Na-gyeom, a top Korean actress. Na-gyeom is the childhood friend and long-time admirer of the male protagonist Go Jung-woo, the role being proposed to actor Byun Yo-han (Mr. Sunshine). Following Jung-woo’s release from prison, Na-gyeom stays by his side to help him settle into a new life.

    Go is a model slash actress who made her acting debut in the 2011 film Turtles. In 2013, she ventured into television dramas and has since been building her reputation as a skilled actress in her field. Among the 33-year-old’s most notable TV portrayals were in Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (2016–2017), Go Back Couple (2017), Mother (2018), Arthdal Chronicles (2019), and Hi Bye, Mama! (2020).
    Produced by Hidden Sequence, Snow White Must Die is slated to begin filming in the second half of the year.

    Source: Topstar News



  2. Watching Nevertheless is like missing my college days. The dynamics of friendships, late night drinking sessions, school projects and complex relationships. I like this premiere review and the writer's statement: The overall attitude towards relationships and sex is markedly different from standard K-dramas—refreshing, experimentative, and fun.

    Fave characters so far...Bit-na and Gyu Hyun!  

    Wow official Nevertheless merchandise! Have you tried ordering?

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  3. 2 hours ago, miss_vicky said:

    Racket Boys is a teenage like, but i think what makes it bearable is all the side comments from my brothers who hardly watch k-dramas so it's refreshing as they're not totally into it as major fans and hearing from them compare to someone that knows how k-dramas work and all that lol but i do agree with the countryside and yeah covid ruins a lot of plans!


    as for Hospital Playlist, it might not be in my typical range, but i haven't really given it a chance as i've only seen snippets here and there so maybe that could be the case! btw, where do you watch your shows? netflix or hulu or viki? lol i don't really have a site i go to nowadays as things are way different than many years ago when there was a site that was much dedicated with english subs lol

    Watching Nevertheless, Hospital Playlist and Racket Boys on Netflix. For MRIAG, iQiyi 

    You may check these streaming sites  

  4. 2 hours ago, miss_vicky said:

    oh no. D; hmm, but ofc having to check it out yourself is always ideal lol anyways, where did you watch it? as for another drama i heard of Nevertheless, but i ruined it for myself by reading some comments and yeah... lol how about you? what are you currently watching or raving about?


    Watched it on Viu..

    Nevertheless is from webtoon series. I am reading some comments but it didn't affect me hehe plus I'm just curious of Song Kang.

    I'm currently watching Racket Boys, MRIAG, Hospital Playlist & Nevertheless :)

  5. On 7/17/2021 at 4:36 AM, miss_vicky said:

    Honestly for me, personally, i do not look at the ratings. I've watched series that had high ratings and were all over different platforms that i couldn't miss it. Checked them out and were not to my liking. Then again, i may just be picky and like certain styles and type.


    If you're into buying official merchandise, ratings will help you buy stuffs from the drama :)

  6. On 7/17/2021 at 4:50 AM, miss_vicky said:

    I take advantage of watching the shows on netflix because the past sites to watch k-dramas have basically... disappeared and even if some have still gone on there are those really annoying ads xD but anyways, Mystic Pop-Up Bar and This Is My First Life have been on my watch list... i just haven't gotten around to it. the Flower of Evil and Chocolate seem interesting with their storyline, but i dunno if i could invest it for myself. Move to Heaven, Sweet Home and Kingdom has also been on my radar to watch, but it's either i'm not wanting to invest or i'm one of those that will eventually watch it once i put my mind to it.


    Take your time :) My watchlist is a mix of crime-thrillers, romcom, comedy, heartwarming and not-so-much makjang dramas

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  7. On 7/17/2021 at 4:53 AM, miss_vicky said:

    I've seen stuff about the Hospital Playlist, but i'm not that intrigued by it. as for My Roommate is a Gumiho, it's intriguing although i feel like i'm gonna be let down or dragged on by the series. Anyways, Racket Boys so far has been interesting with the two episodes i've watched with my two younger brothers. still though, it's a bit draggy and i'm just dreading the length of each episode tbh lol but other than that, out of the three, Racket Boys seems more promising as i have others to watch it with. as for HP, probably not and MRIAG, maybe as my sis might watch it.


    I'm slowly finishing MRIAG :) Refreshing for me to watch but not the the drama to binge-watch hehe

    Yes, Racket Boys! I love the dynamics of the characters, it's a li'l bit a teen drama since it involves teenagers but living in the countryside is GOLD. Can't travel because of Covid :( 

    My Thursday nights belong to Hospital Playlist. I'm sorry if you're not intrigued, maybe not your typical range :)  

  8. On 7/17/2021 at 4:55 AM, miss_vicky said:

    i honestly cannot keep up despite seeing it all over platforms, but my sister told me about Doom At Your Service  and surprisingly it's not doing so well with ratings... but that makes me think that i would enjoy that drama more as for some reason i like it when something that isn't so hot is more interesting compare to it being hot and i lose interest. weird, huh? what about you?


    Hello @miss_vicky I tried watching first few minutes of Ep 1 BUT i got bored :tired: Maybe it's a li'l bit slow. Seo In Guk didn't get me with his charms alone...

  9. On 6/1/2021 at 6:30 PM, Latte_Anyday said:

    Not a bad drama. Wholesome family entertainment. I just thought Jonathan's appearance to be really random? Like it's to show oh look? We're not mean 'cause we have someone of different nationality! It just seem disingenuous? 

        So both husband & wife are coaches for opposing teams LoL? I like Hae In so adorable. The boys badminton team is cute eheh. 

        I recognised the 2 actors from Sky Castle & the kid from When the Camellia Blooms here. A few other familiar faces. 

        Is there a budding romance between Hae Kang with the star player off of his Mom's badminton team eheh? The vibes remind me of Stove League, The Mighty Ducks - all deal with sports. 


    27 minutes ago, Latte_Anyday said:

    Hae Kang & Se Yoon goin' out in next ep. LoL? That's fast. 

        The smirk he gave when he crushed Jae Seok during the badminton match. He's cocky but so is Se Yoon. 

        That gran got lost lookin' for her sis' restaurant. From Mother to Father's Table LoL. That young man though was too kind. 

    @Latte_Anyday Yes, Mighty Ducks!!! This drama also reminds me of Slamdunk (minus Sakuragi) hehe Oh i forgot Stove League. yeah I must finish it soooooon..my pooor looooong list :crybaby:


    I can't wait for their "1st date" huhuhu

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  10. In Korea, advertisers are still looking to the ratings. Their local industry is getting big support from these shows in terms of marketing local products. Imagine a 5.1% nationwide TV rating equals 1.1 million viewers when Law School premiered in April.


    As an international fan, I do also look up to these numbers in choosing what drama/s I need to include in my list. There’s a lot of expansion projects going on in reaching the global audience.


    Check the latest from Tuesday’s drama sched. Source: “Youth Of May” Takes Back No. 1 Spot As “Racket Boys” Sees Drop In Ratings For 2nd Episode

  11. Yangrates has a lot of hidden aces. 


    Can't wait for Kang Dan to appear or is she going to appear soon? Oh I was surprised that Prof Kim doesn't know that Kang Dan is the twin sister of Kang Sol not unless they're not identical twins.


    We have 3 more episodes of court room lectures! 





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  12. I've seen a lot of drama/series fans got confused when the show they're watching on this streaming giant tagged as "Netflix Originals". I decided to share for added knowledge :)

    What is a Netflix Original?
    A “Netflix Original” is defined by the status Netflix gives to the show. This may be defined by the following:
    1. Netflix commissioned and produced the show (eg. Sweet Home, Navillera, Move To Heaven, Kingdom etc)
    2. Netflix has exclusive international streaming rights to the show (eg. most of these are tvN/Studio Dragon
    3. Netflix has co-produced the show with another Network
    4. It is a continuation of a previously canceled show

    In most cases, a show is defined as a “Netflix Original” if you can only watch it on Netflix in your respective country. (source: https://www.whats-on-netflix.com/news/the-four-types-of-netflix-originals/)

    If I don't like my current list after watching a trial episode, I do go back to this: 7 Korean Dramas on Netflix That Also Deserve Your Time

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  13. I was LOL-ing when Shin Woo Yeo changed his face before departing for SG hahahahahahaha

    Not as explosive as other Gumiho dramas But looking at the character posters. This is quite interesting. (Source: 'My Roommate Is a Gumiho' shares interesting facts about main characters in new posters


    Looking forward to the 2nd episode! 


    BTW, this is the first time I've watched a Jang Ki Yong drama hehe 

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  14. My current kdrama list is full of gore, crime, ambitious women, law students & mafia related stories. MTB brought me back to heartwarming stories. it's ALL worth the time and the perfect excuse to fall our tears down :criesariver:
    I don't normally cry in dramas BUT my tears automatically just fall down. Simple execution yet impactful scenes will made you finish in one-sitting with loads of tissue haha 

    Looks like TJS is the next Oh Jung Se. He is so on-point! I had the same feels for him & Joo Won (in Good Doctor). I can't wait to see him in Racket Boys as a normal teenager & THANK GOD, Netflix will release it!!!


    Lee Je Hoon as Sang Gu showed how versatile he is. Can he do a rom-com drama soon??? 


    Ji Jin Hee as a father & brother is GOLD. 

    YES to SEASON 2!!

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  15. 7 minutes ago, nrllee said:

    I agree about MW’s act of forgiveness.  I did say from the beginning before the BR reveal that MW chose the better option when he dealt with HH’s sins.  He could move on. MC could not.   What I wish was that the writer didn’t confuse the whole repentance by infusing YH’s conscience with BR with the brain transplant.  Had she left it out of her writing, I would say yes, there is a case for forgiveness.  With the brain transplant, I would say Predator BR never did repent.  YH did it for him.  Now question is, do we forgive BR had he shown no remorse at all?  Like HH?  MW forgave him.  He didn’t let the hate eat into his soul like MC did.  Justice was already served.  HH was in prison for life.  Would we do the same for Predator BR?  If he remained the same demented serial killer who thought he was god?  There certainly is a case for that.  But the writer didn’t let him stay that way so we will never know.  With the passing of the Bill, the writer has given us her answer to the problem.  To stop it at its source (kill the babies even before they are born).  So we never do have to explore forgiveness in future.  Now I am interested to see how she pens the alternate ending.  

    Yes. MW chose forgiveness that's why he's a priest. He entered priesthood to fully forgive HH. 

    I'm excited toooooo .. but i don't have the energy to watch it without subs haha plus I have a looooooong list of dramas huhu 

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