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  1. they are all so wholesome UWU as a fan of the drama, it’s so gratifying to see everyone involved having an absolute blast behind the scenes. LOOKING FORWARD TO NEXT WEEKEND and the preview is out! https://twitter.com/dramamoviechudo/status/1383411810997469189?s=21
  2. oh wow, how are you surviving? i’ve been mentally counting down the days till next weekend, except it feels like April 24 should’ve come three whole days ago. If it seems like I’m living, eating, and breathing Vincenzo 24/7, you would be correct. T__T what is life it does look like the special will be as long as a regular episode though! I’m assuming (hoping??!?!) that they’ll show the preview for episode 17 on Saturday after the special ends.
  3. For all you avid SJK fans out there (whose ranks I am slowly but surely joining hehe) tae↗️ho?
  4. Wow that’s incredible! Must investigate further. Thanks for sharing @bee_wannabe!
  5. Not sure. Netflix adjusted the release dates of episodes 17 and 18, but there doesn’t appear to be a new slot for the special episode. No doubt it’ll be up and subbed on YouTube though!
  6. I definitely also took note of and appreciated Mr. Tak’s passing remark. It marks another instance where VC is accepted and embraced by the motley Geumga crew as both family and a fellow countryman, almost like a rite of passage. In the earlier episodes, VC was viewed as an untrustworthy, foreign interloper whose sole purpose was to take away the place the Geumga Plaza residents call home. Hong Yoo-chan even berates VC for stirring trouble and gruffly tells him to « go back home » to Italy, not knowing that VC was flying back to Korea upon being rejected by his Mafia family, and by extension t
  7. Yesterday, I said I was going to be fine with the two-week break. Well, I lied. i want to have my fill of Vincenzo but I don’t think I’m ready to commit to rewatching the emotional roller coaster that is episode 16. Agreed with everyone about SJK’s acting- I was impressed by his portrayal of the character up till now, but yesterday I was blown away, then actually became petrified as the rage in his eyes became more and more untempered, disengaged, and unhinged. Not to mention the scene with his mother, which left me in a puddle of tears. In that brief moment, he wasn’t th
  8. today’s episode was, simply put, infuriatingly epic. I’m incredibly sad because of certain things, but ironically enough, I think I’ll be able to survive the two-week wait just because I need time to process everything that happened leading up to the ending of today’s episode.
  9. I don’t think there was anything overt, but we did have a couple of cute, subdued moments! 1) when the geumga plaza family gather around the table to watch the prosecutor’s press conference and discover he’s been bought over to the dark side, CY storms out, and VC is the only one to run after her and try to calm her down. The scene is really reminiscent of the scene when VC airs his frustration with Hong Yoo-chan when papa Hong refuses to leave the explosion site after Babel decides to get rid of all the remaining researchers 2) thé scène where they were putting names i
  10. It’s still so weird to me that I’m finding SJK to be alluring and smexy. Prior to Vincenzo, I never really got the hype about him- technically, he’s not bad-looking, he seems like a decent human being, and has been in some recognizable dramas, but I always presumed that most people liked him cuz of his pretty face. Not that that’s a bad thing, but the actors that I usually gravitated towards have a certain peculiar and unique charm to them, even if they may not be considered as traditionally handsome (think Ryu Junyeol and Shin Hakyun.) But oh DAMN do I get it now. I am fully on board the SJK
  11. I don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news, but the production team announced that episodes 17 and 18 won’t be airing next weekend, but the following weekend to “ensure that the remaining episodes deliver in terms of quality,” but that’s probably fancy speak for production being strapped for time. In lieu of the regularly scheduled programming, we’ll be getting a Vincenzo special (the article doesn’t specify what it’s about) and a rerun of another show. makes sense since they’re still filming as we speak, but it doesn’t soften the blow what to do without a weekend of new Vince
  12. They just announced that « the fiery priest » is coming back with a second season in 2022! ...could that mean.....we can keep our fingers crossed......for a second season.....of another beloved drama......?
  13. @BlackLotus1025 it’s the scene right before VC and CY’s first bet and finger flick, when Mr. Nam informs the pair that he’s off to go on his first blind date in three years and Chayoung hypes him up while giving him tips, and he gets revved up to go but...wow your comment actually gave me chills. Surely...surely not, right? The second he gives off the slightest hint of something, anything remotely underhanded, I...don’t know what i’ll do with myself omona
  14. YES I adore him so T__T i just want to protect him from the world while he drinks his coffee, goes on trips with cheetah, and finds love (please can his blind date make an appearance at some point. The guy deserves the world) ahem I even use a screengrab of one of his cute moments as my slack profile photo for work. My boss was all, who is this dude xD
  15. I’ve seen a couple of edits of le HONHON OUR TWO LAW-BENDING LOVEBIRDS GETTING IT ON scene with Adrenaline playing in the background! Like this one in black and white, which augments the sexual tension huuuu i think this one takes the cake though
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