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  1. @htk9207 Joo Won is provoking Dong Shik so they can find the other killer. In Episode 9, Joo Won says and does the same things Dong Shik does to him in earlier episodes (like 1 and 2). Dong Shik is just really depressed because of grief, and he needs Joo Won to light a fire inside him so he feels motivated to continue solving the case.
  2. Live press conference alert!! (Friday Mar 19 2:00 PM KST which is TONIGHT Thursday USA time) In attendance: Director Shim Na Yeon, Shin Ha Kyun, Yeo Jin Gu, Choi Dae Hoon, Choi Sung Eun, Lee Gyu Hoe https://tv.naver.com/l/72143
  3. @bedifferent I think he's been in other projects before, just not well known. And yes her mom wore 2 barrettes. I was confused too then someone told me that in the photos, her mom is wearing 2 pins! Also had her fingers cut off.
  4. @BT_ @Rachmawati Oktavia @qynn I think Sleepy Owl explained it very well above. To me, it wasn't weak writing and the way it was presented to the viewer was clever and well written. We mostly learn all this in the sequence of flashbacks from Dong Shik's memory and how he pieced things together, which is a brilliant example of show not tell storytelling. Jin Mook put everyone's attention on Jae Yi and then when he received a second text from MinJung's phone, they tracked the location to the reeds. Ji Hwa says they need everyone to search the entire area. Nam Sang Bae says they will
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