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  1. I think of engagement when their fav dhwan returns from military, just a few mor months away until he arrives and the wedding is on. Plz don't mind my delulus I can get abit over the top sometimes. Hehehehe!!!
  2. Omg, our queen to be in a variety show atlast with her two favs LDW as her grim reaper and ejiah. Ggone will be the ocean guard, teaching people how to dive in, looks like we'll get alot of content from our queen. No more drought, yeeeeiiii
  3. Huhuhuhu!!! I see we both have the same thought chingu I keep on hoping for a miracle like that to happen, though on the other hand I do know that inorder to prevent such rumors he won't do such thing. Unless he does it in secret and we will never know. Anyway we'll leave it up to the captain to decide.
  4. Right just as how most of people pressumed that this month is a truly remarkable one, I believe it now as I once had my doubts but after witnessing what happened yesterday my mind is still in daze and I'm still high right now. Anyway I beg to differ bhent does a pretty good job in promoting ggone alot and support her in everyway, do remember that they have more than 15 actors and each deserves a promotion in whatever they do or abt to do. If there's nothing abt it then there's no need for it which is different from mym ent which has only one actor. If I'm not mistaken bhent is one the age
  5. I feel you, I understand you, I hear you. And Count me in as I'm still in deep obsession over this couple, if I'm being honest I may be over tkem but i'm totally not over mineun. Need crumbs just a tiny I will totally accept pictures of the whole tkem crew. Missing dhwan alot too, if he's here then he would definetly give out a little detail. Lets sit tight and enjoy the ride we have a long way to go....
  6. It's the final countdown to the D-day TKEM 1st anniversary, can't wait for the big celebration. Wishing the cast would catch up with each other atleast or a nice video chat atleast. So far no news if lmh has arrived in SK or not, all in all pray for a miracle
  7. Hello mineun gangs, get ready and backle up it's only 3 more good days left for the D-day to come. I wish our captain would've already arrived by that day but my cents tells me even if he does arrive nothings gonna happen since he'll be in quarantine again for 14 freakin days again. Well It's for his own safety anyway so can't complain much. Missing tkem cast big time, even our dhwan missin his pheya telling him to come home quickly in his latest post, what a baby. Oh man I really really really hope they post something maybe not on 17th but even 18th, chaebol we need them to clear our dro
  8. Hi people, how ya'll doing, just received an info that the 57th baeksang award will be held on 13th may or something but will be no live audience due to pandemic ofcourse. All in all as far as how I have seen there are soo many spectacular dramas that have been aired since 1 may 2020 till April this year and not gonna lie they are good. Ofcourse I get that many here will be cheering for tkem, anyway I do wish for any tkem cast mostly kge and dhwan to win an award atleast bcoz of their amazing duality role but I do know these knets have a wiered way of evaluating their actors so I'm not gonna k
  9. Hello people happy TKEM marathon, I too decided to watch tkem and you know it just never gets old. As I watched it I realised something very funny remember when LG took JTE to KOC and Jo Yeong just couldn't help but ask if she was the reason for the scar appearing on the king's shoulder, so JTE said that they weren't close enough to show each other's shoulder. Turns out a funny plot twist in ep 12 in LG's bedroom occured when thunder came and the scar appeared he finally showed his shoulder to JTE and she showed her shoulder to him and then well we all know how that went down. Which means they
  10. Yeeeeesssss my magic worked eventhough we didn't get an actual post from him we sure got a glimpse which is legit. So shopping day it is she'll perhaps buy him a chanel coat or shoes or tshirt and he'll buy her a dress or shoes or scarf. What am I saying buy anything you two have fun live the moment. I too sure wish that a rumor abt either of them dating anyother person comes and then voula their agencies denies it my shipper's heart will be over the moon. And for them we don't need confirmation nor denial the silence is the best answer.
  11. You are soo right my friend and I completely feel you. I too don't have much believe in those tarots so I don't follow them much but so long as they give out somesort of positivity for our mineun then okay. Now I don't know why I only noticed this fact this time but anyway no harm done. I'm sure most of you probably already know this, the post sunset pic on lmh's ig was from ep 8 right, so that's when he said something like "I served in the navy you are the only woman in my life". So could this mean that the sunset photo was like the direct revelation of what he said?? As in he tru
  12. Well I guess there's only one way out of this and that is for them to confirm their status whether they are a thing or not. But hey binjin shippers had to wait for 3 yrs even after several denials they truly deserve a pat on back for their strong will to wait so I guess it wouldn't hurt for us to wait and be patient and let them take their time to nourish their relationship peacefully with no pressure from the media or crazy fans. If it's meant to be it will if not then no harm done it's not like lmh and kge are gonna hate each other or anything friendship will still exist and maybe they'll ea
  13. There is a moment when I come out bravely and say they are a couple, and sometimes when things get intense I go back to bed and say that's it they aren't a couple men this is my 1st time shipping and who knew it's gonna be soo damn hard to move on from them. There are moments that I wish I didn't fall for them and just move on like anybody else but what no way guess I'm stuck with them for eternity. Anyway you are right about who get more attacks is noneother than kge herself, but I'm hopping that her agencies and lmh himself will protect her at all cost. If possible I wish her dad would absta
  14. Is it me or is it that the person writing this article is a shipper too. She knows what we know, what they know
  15. I completely agree with you chinguya many people refer shippers as desperate souls wanting the favorites to work out which is not true. But on the other hand you can't blame people for thinkinf that way either coz of how most shippers react, as in forcing some evidences to relate with kge which is not true, making kge appear everywhere around him as if she isn't busy with her own schedules, mind you I'm not talking abt edited photos coz that's technically normal. Some people even gave up on shipping because some shippers go wayy overboard with their shipping and it mostly affects kge as they a
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