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  1. 2 hours ago, dreamcatcher said:

    I think it's for the best that the same partners are not matched twice. If being paired once brings so much hate, imagine what a second time would bring. :) 

    Just the other day a friend of  mine who is a fanpage manager showed me a girl who is a dedicated antifan. she is so obsessed that she first started by opening pages that downgraded min young, than she tried to play all nice and rational and opened fanpages that showed why min young absolutely can not be dating a former costar, she even went as far as to stalk min young familiar instagram pages. Then she went on to pretend that she was a fan of min young and her 2019 partner by opening a fanpage of them. But we all know who her real idol is :D If this happens by playing once....

    I think this is funny because all min young fans in one way or another know each other and all of them have a certain way of speaking, so an intruder is spoted from afar :D


    I am happy that min young is glowing, she looks more beautiful than ever, her endorsements are increasing by day (i am waiting for a high end fashion endorsement soon, i have an idea but let's hope it's true :) ) and she is casted as the main star in a top production with a top team that only makes hits. Hope in the following days i will hear more good news from her <3

    Its unfortunate, that rabid toxic weirdos exist. Its weird in hollywood, actors being paired more than once is so normal, sadly its made to be so awkward in the kdrama world. On top of my head I can think of is moon chae won and lee jun ki but they didn't play a couple in one show. Its somehow always romantic shows that bring out crazy shippers ugh. 


    Agree she's glowing these days :) I'm actually looking forward to this project now, even though romcom is not my thing I'm excited to see PMY play a more cold/aloof character. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, dreamcatcher said:

    Well yes we can agree to disagree, he is by all means hot. He has wide shoulders, beautiful eyes, innocent smile and in the drama i'm sure he will wear white shirts, so his chemistry with min young will be exploding :D

    he doesn't look like a teen in bts, sometimes it is the effects of filters and all. As for his acting i saw some pieces yesterday out of curiosity. His acting is fine, i think the problem is with his costar, she is a talented actress but she can't play the innocent role that well, it just doesn't suit her. 

    min young and song kang will be the new "It couple" in dramaland, just wait and see, i'm never wrong about this stuff :D

    lee min ho doesn't lack charisma, it just doesn't come out with anyone in the degree it did when he acted with min young. I loved his smile and shine in his eyes the best in city hunter, he was glowing. :) Also to please fans he often tries to behave not like his usual serious self because he doesn't want to appear arrogant. When you have serious lee min ho, the guy is the epitome of charisma and manliness <3


    @Oksana Sutra I am hoping about sexy suits like those she wore in julie's choice and a hot hair style type kim na na or just straight hair. She will kill that role, it will be awesome :D

    Congratulations to Min young for her new endorsement, finally a clothing line :) Min young dear, you too be Egoist for once <3

    I think of him more so as a teenager cause of his recent high school roles aswell but nevertheless seems to be on the mature side. Interesting, I'm like Han so hee so far but I'm not liking Song Kang haha. 


    Park min young always matches with her partners,she's a veteran at this point. Song Kang is too lucky, it's like his cheating his way haha I just feel like Park min young can have chemistry with a rock. I hope after this project though she partners with a seasoned actor, my wishful thinking is lee jung ki. I also hope she reunites with JCW, isn't it a bummer that pairings are barely repeated its so annoying. 

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  3. 3 hours ago, Oksana Sutra said:

    I don't know why, but I imagine her in glasses and a suit, we are described as a very professional and cold, very strict at work. Apparently, there will be black suits, or business dresses to the waist

    Exciting stuff seriously noone rocks formal wear like her.

    @dreamcatcherwe can agree to disagree I don't find Song Kang hot at all, he looks like a tall teenager to me, I also don't like his acting in nevertheless. Now KJW, JCW and PSJ those guys are hot, mature looking guys are more my type. Lee min ho is hot too but he lacks charisma, the lack of it makes him bland to me. Though I loved his chemistry with PMY in city hunter.


    I don't think I'm attracted to any guys even in their 20s maybe if he has a mature looking face. 

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  4. 24 minutes ago, Nahiri said:

    I really loved her in "When the weather is fine", I didn't really notice the age gap and I don't mind that kind of thing. They had chemistry and the drama was more "adult-oriented" which I really appreciate these days. Such a shame it isn't popular and the ratings weren't good because maybe that's the reason why she decided to go back to "romantic comedies". 

    I'm not really a Song Kang fan, I knew him in Navillera and he did ok I guess. 


    Let's wait and see what she does. 

    Yess! When the weather is fine was soo good. It was such a lovely and warm show to especially watch during the winter months. I really enjoyed PMY's acting in that, it was very subtle. There was chemistry between her and SJK but it was more on the warmer side rather than  sizzling. Anyway it was more of a slice of life/family drama anyway, so romance was not the focus. 

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  5. On 6/17/2021 at 10:07 PM, dreamcatcher said:

    @Oksana Sutra @Yumiyue

    I like it when she is active. Yesterday posts were cute, there was some hysteria in the comments too, but to be honest sometimes reality is stranger than fiction :D guess fate has it ways we don't understand. I just hope she finally wakes up and realizes what she is worth and what options lie around her in more ways than one.

    I also hope she comes to her senses and stops this tradition she has started by playing with junior actors. We need someone to ship her with! and also it's best to play with actors whose fans adore you. I would love her to play with song joon ki, he is in talks too in jtbs why not play with him? why not play with someone who would finally allow her to break free from the secretary role? doesn't she have enough with the hate she gets from psychos that are page managers of some actresses that have costared with her former partner that disguise themselves as rational people and constantly discuss her private life, going as far as stalking the pages of her familiars and posting them on instagram? she should think about herself, herself should always come first.  I would really love to ask her, when has anyone else, throughout all her acting life has ever put her first, everyone has always thought about his career first, all of them no exception. 

    On a brighter note congratulations to min young :) 


    And congratulations to Healer, one of her bests dramas. She also had the warmest chemistry ever with ji chang wook especially in their bts <3

    I agree with this, her best partner was JCW, that was funnily enough both their peak. In terms of visuals and acting they were so well matched they really need to reunite, both their costars keep getting younger haha but imo they both match well with partners of similar age. 


    Agree with the comment that she's been type cast in these office romance roles. I think tbh because wwwsk was her most popular project she wants to be in her comfort zone plus she's now also a renowned romcom  queen. I just want her to do her a thriller or something like flower of evil which has some romance, she'd definitely kill it. I too am not keen on her pairing with Song Kang I don't see anything pecial about him, he's imo her weakest pairing in acting and visuals. Her best pairing is JCW followed by KJW then lee min ho. As her fan who's not that keen on romcoms it sucks that she keeps doing them. But I also appreciate her diverse roles pre wwwsk.   Though, I liked her private life cause her chemistry with KJW was bomb, the project I dislike most is wwwsk, beyond the show I hated the toxicity with the shippers aswell, I also hated how much times she had to explain she's not dating ugh. It erks me that PMY friendly nature is misconstrued as flirty, the girls just bright and basically warm to all her costars. 


    For some reason my replies have been merged... 

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  6. It looks like the leads and the second leads have really good chemistry all ready. The director who's work include "because this is my first life" has me sold too. I really hope this is good!  The trailer also has me lusting over kang hanna she is looking really fine. I think this will be a drama where the second lead overshadows the main couple, I still think if Kang hanna was paired up with Kim seon ho in start up they wouldve overshadowed the main couple. 

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  7. It's been a while since I've been on this thread. And I must say, since the show finished I suffered withdrawal. The chemistry between the cast is best I've seen (not exaggerating) from the bts etc you can see the cast adore each other. I was already a big fan of SJK and was bitter he didn't get more recognition for arthdal chronicles but at least Vincenzo has been a hit and rightly so.  I've become a solid fan of Jeo-been even if I liked her in be melodramatic, I'll definitely follow her further works. What a ride this show was though, how they balanced humour,  suspense and not to forget the hot chemistry even if there wasn't much skinship.


    Right now I'm in a slump, suggestions are very welcome.

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  8. I love that her recent focus has been music but I still miss her acting :( when is Dream happening it was filmed last yr and should be set for a release this year. I really can't wait to see her and park seo joon's chemistry, my 2 favs. :fullofhearts:

  9. 4 year ffmw anniversary and it still remains iconic. Last week Kim ji won sent Park seo jeon a video greeting on his 10 yr anniversary which was very unexpected. I expected the rest since they're his close friends or his latest work colleague's but the fact that he's still close to Jiwon after 4 years is touching. It just shows how private they are with the fact that they don't publicise their friendship. I saw recently on insta she was being shipped with Ji Chang wook just because she posted a pic of him do they forget she did that with jin goo too. I find usually when actors are close or dating they wouldn't put pictures up. I remember park min young saying when she denied the park seo joon rumours that if she was in a relationship with him, why would she have his pic on Instagram. 

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  10. On 4/19/2021 at 10:28 PM, jongski said:

    @Butterfly_hugs My Beautiful Bride has nice ost and lovely background music. The drama awesome too.


    Been wanting to share this.  If looking for chill drama to watch with good OST. Try GirlsGeneration1979 (nope. not the group).  This drama is one of my favs for 2017. Only 8 episodes but worth it ( for me anyway).


    I remember I post (drama thread) the songs played for each episode of this drama. Sharing them here for everyone.


    Western BGM for this drama. There are several like 3 more not listed here. I don't know those. I also like Honeyst main OST for for this.


    ABBA ♫Gimme. Gimme♫

    ????♫You Are My Destiny♫

    Irish song ♫ Danny Boy ♫

    Carpenters ♫Top of the Word♫

    John Lennon ♫Oh my love♫

    Bee Gees ♫How deep Is Your Love♫

    Kansas ♫ Dust In The Wind♫

     Carpenters ♫Sing♫

    Simon  Garfunkel ♫Sound of Silence♫

    Carl Douglas ♫Kung fu fighting ♫

    Righteous Brother's ♫ Unchained Melody♫

    ????? ♫ Papa ♫ 

    Turtle? ♫ Happy Together♫

     Anne Murray? ♫ Snowbird♫

    Bread? ♫ If♫

     TheTemptations ♫My Girl ♫

     Demi Roussou ♫Rain and Tears♫

    Paul Anka's ♫ I don't Like To Sleep Alone ♫

    Morris Albert ♫ Feelings♫

    John Lennon's ♫ Love ♫

    Anne Murray  ♫ Just Fall In Love again♫

    ?????♫ Rhythm of the Rain♫

    Esmeralda? ♫ You're my Everything ♫

    Thank you for the recommendation. :)

  11. 1 hour ago, shinystar1985 said:

    Also it’s tvn so there’s more leniency on how steamy a kiss/bed scene can be. :lol: The two have been doing sleepovers since yesterday so go on don’t be shy. I know JYB have done a full make out sesh leading up to a bed scene so something like that works lol. Hoping we get a kiss scene in episode 15. It’s possible since we got their first hug at the end of episode 10 and then one in episode 11. Please do not wait until the end to confess their feelings. I know romance is a sub-plot only but I don’t see how it’s not possible for them to continue working together as a couple. Please let them have the remaining episodes to explore their love. :wub:

    Also wwwsk haha aired on TVN haha, hopefully all this wishful thinking manifests. Weirdly  I always ship couples in shows where there's a romance subplot rather than a pure romance show, wwwsk is an example despite the hot scenes I find vinc/cha young's chemistry more explosive even with the limited skinship. But I still want their explosive chemistry to be milked to the fullest, for that just one hot scene should be a must. 

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  12. On 4/7/2021 at 8:03 AM, suzy0604 said:


    @shinystar1985Oh no....  waiting one week is already tough enough! Hiks..


    I guess this explain why SJK and YB have been looking tired as of late, hopefully the cast and crew could still have enough rest despite the tight schedule.


    @fiona628 @BlackLotus1025 @Butterfly_hugs

    YES! YES! To bed scene.. that would be super awesome, but I doubt that the writer would be that "kind" to us..  I would be happy if we get at least another kiss initiated by VC


    YB's Night in Paradise would premier this Friday on netflix, another noir gangster theme piece.

    I don't see why not lol , k drama's especially within the last year (with shows such as world of the married, FOE & lovestruck) have been very bold with their steamy scenes. 

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  13. Not ashamed to say that I replayed the kiss scene countless times, took me a while to finish the episode  haha, I hope there's a steamy bed scene next (gosh I'm such a pervert lol),thankfully there's still a few episodes left, enough time to squeeze in sexy time. Also this EP gave me matt/elektra vibes (the last fictional couple I was obsessed with). 


    Sometimes I have a tendency to skip scenes in shows with some irrelevant side character, but here I find myself appreciating all the characters. 

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  14. 11 hours ago, fiona628 said:

    I’m still on a high watching Episode 10.
    SJK with a gun is definitely smexy!

    And about that sexual tension, how is it possible that Cha Young already spent 2 nights at VC’s apartment and we do not even get a sexy moment?

    I mean VC is Italian.

    Italians are sensual

    How can he not make a move and even kiss her? If it were in an American setting we already got a bedscene . :wink:


    Haha true in a western drama we would've had an explicit bed/kissing scene. But I appreciate that this is not the norm in kdrama's, I feel like without the build up of chemistry/electricity it adds nothing. 


    But here I'm appreciating the slow burn it adds to the sexual intensity and when they do finally make out you'll feel the tingles/fireworks. For the time being ofcourse I can't wait for their kiss scene but for now I'm thoroughly enjoying their collaboration and witty interactions, lol I'm easily pleased. 

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  15. Loving how much darker the shows getting. Also the cinematography is top notch especially as the episode ends. Love that we got some mafia action too makes SJK that much hotter (neither found him that attractive before) now I can't wait for my weekly dose of him in his fine designer suit wearing self, he looks even sexier with a gun (yep I sound messed up) . And Mr Tak! :0 haha  did not expect that at all. 


    And as always loving the crumbs we're getting from our couple, their sexual tension is at an all time peak.. and now cha young is whipped too how cute was she when she tried to find excuses to spend the night with him. 

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