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  1. Hi guys! Let's watch the scenes of Ok Taec-yeon from Vincenzo. At first, I thought his character is kinda bit lame but he's getting more interesting per episode. Watta cute villain That's good news! I hope the issues about historical dramas will be gone by that time.
  2. Quick look back on Mr. Queen. Shin Hye Sun's pick on Kim Jung Hyun's famous scene as King CheolJong What's your favorite scene of him in the series? Me: When he knelt down to So Yong asking her forgiveness. That gave me butterflies
  3. Vincenzo's Mukbang Episodes 1-4 with Eng Sub. Hope you like it!
  4. [Eng Sub] Mr. Queen Commentary Special on March 5, 2021. Stay tuned everyone!
  5. Please check out my video of Vincenzo from Ep 1&2. Thank you!
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