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  1. Love reading your posts. Though I'm new to this thread, I've picked up a lot of good interpretations through them. Thank you for clarifying the part about what Shiyi said to him at the "pond" (I'm assuming it's a pond though all I really see is a very shallow bit of water) LOL. I was curious as the comment seemed to come out of nowhere, and I couldn't connect it to a previous scene. Yes, I love how the drama juxtaposed Shiyi with all of his concubines. We see his dissatisfaction when he visits all three and then a direct comparison to Shiyi in later scenes. Concubine We
  2. Yeah, I really only like Wallace in this drama and in The General and I - and with that one I absolutely could not stand his co-star. She was gorgeous but couldn't act/very wooden. I just like him as the stoic general type, and his athleticism is fantastic for fight scenes and such. Not to mention he's one of the best on-screen kissers in Asian dramas. Feel ya on the unique family relationship. I'm in my 40's and sad-to-say also have a similar situation for my grandparents. Grandpa (whom I vaguely remember) had three wives as well. This was in Korea, btw. First wife was barren, se
  3. I thought it felt rushed and commented that on the Viki episode towards the end, but I had no idea it was supposed to run for 50 episodes. What happened to change their minds? Was it a time-crunch or something? Funnily enough, though I felt episodes 43 and 44 were very rushed, I did enjoy the last episode as well. My only small bit of dissatisfaction was
  4. I don't know if we're allowed to mention these types of sites (though it's not as if I wouldn't throw Viki out there as an option if they carried the commentary - upset at that they didn't get their hands on it as I can't access VIU in my country), but DramaCool has both segments fully subbed on their site. It's still on their front page, but if it got pushed down by updates from other shows, you can search "Mr. Queen" and the commentary is one of the search results. If this isn't allowed, please remove and I will know and not do again in the future.
  5. I like the scenes where he's more vulnerable and innocent...dude's had a hard life. My two favorites are when he approaches the queen with that hopeful smile and asks "Did you dream of me?" at the lake and also the cart scene where she asked him what he would have done if he was crammed in there with his bodyguard and he was like "Why would you say something like that?!?" Like, the irony of that wasn't lost on me. LOL
  6. Found a date for the commentary release on Twitter: March 5th Some speculation as to what they will be commenting on b/c it's being touted as an exclusive and the other "exclusive" content from (is it tvbing...I probably misspelled that) the company providing it is Mr. Queen: The Secret/Bamboo Forest. So there's a chance that it might be a commentary on the spin-offs only, but that's not confirmed, it's just a theory some are throwing out. No info yet as to whether it's going to be released on multiple platforms or with subs, which is disappointing/nerve-racking. Reall
  7. Saw this on twitter and couldn't help but laugh. There's a whole series of them and they are seriously funny.
  8. I feel like I'm reading an amalgam of all of our posts here. It's exactly how those of us that were left unhappy with the ending feel. I'd previously posted about my theories on HB being SY's reincarnation and why they decided to send BH back (which fit in the context of the story they built), but in the third and last part of my analysis of this show, I feel like I need to ID how, even if it works for their vision, it was the wrong path to take. They should have never gone with the reincarnation route, especially if they were never intending to let SY have a true voice in the dram
  9. He said he thought of the queen when he wrote Like the First Snow. Lyrics: Sometimes, when I’m with you I find it so strange that I’m smiling Is it because of you Who slowly, without even knowing, came into my heart? Even when I keep saying no At the end of my line of vision, you’re always end When I close my eyes, my day was like a gift It was such a warm first snow You spill into my heart like snow In my life that didn’t have any light Without even knowing Without adding any pressure Slowly, into my heart You secret
  10. If they did grace us with a season 2, what would be your preference? BH's consciousness (or soul, depending on your theory of the first season) goes back into the past, after the timeline has changed and he learns CJ now dies just months later after the Andong Kim baddies team up to take him down, enters So Yong's body again - this time after she dies in childbirth - helps resolve the issue, and chooses to stay in the past. Or any sort of BH goes back story resulting in a parallel world where CJ and his queen do reign and live long...I was just using an example from a possible fan
  11. I cannot imagine the amount of patience and effort needed to make this. Clips were from like almost 8 different shows. They even overlaid dialogue from Mr. Queen. Sorry for all the recent video posts, but there's just been really superb ones popping up in my feed these last two days. The last 30 seconds are my favorite.
  12. Need to lighten the mood. Whoever this is has mad editing skills. Absolutely hilarious from beginning to end.
  13. Please, please, oh please let them address the question everyone has been asking about why...why the swap, why the connection, why that ending. Even if it blasts my theory into smithereeens and leaves my heart aching - I want to know. As for SY. For some reason, they've almost exclusively used that shot of SY and CJ under the eaves as the "cover" photo for Mr. Queen: the Secret/Bamboo Forest and probably just went with her picture as the story is from the queen's perspective. I feel ya though - to me (regardless of any theory as to what/who/how), the one I always imagine is the pro
  14. One thing I loved about the original novel version, compared to Mr. Queen, was that the Empress never really lost that playboy aspect to her personality - even while being thoroughly in love with her husband. Time after time, she tried to recruit more beauties into the palace...and each time she was foiled by her jealous husband. The novel had him more or less believing that she was previously a man and he split his jealousy between men who lusted after his beautiful queen as well as the women his beautiful queen lusted after. I don't know if it's the comedic aspect of him trying to find creat
  15. Ooh, I really like that one. My current favorite is this: In a funk. Hating the ending again - reminded of the comment Hong Yeon made about the queen's crazy fluctuating moods applied to myself as I go from calm acceptance to cursing whoever approved it. Listening to How can I love the heartbreak, You're the one I love by AKMU on repeat...*sigh* The lyrics fit so well. Wanted to share my thoughts on their (cruel, cruel, Vulcan-like-logic-but-still-cruel) rationale. Been thinking about the ending a lot and why they made the decision to send B
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