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  1. So he wants his next project to be intense romance or hero story? :) Yes, he is so good with action scenes... And his eyes at intense fighting scenes ... Maybe something like City Hunter or Healer? Living double-life like Cheoljong (average person vs hero)
  2. Interesting theory) And maybe it has something to do with Eastern philosophy - Yin and Yang (2 parts of one soul). And harmony of Yin&Yang in a person and nature. SoYeon is Yin and Bonhwan is Yang. I also thought about it for a long time and was confused why Soyeon in the end swears and tells something like "my inner instincts have rewaken" and she got some of BH traits...
  3. My additional little observation about why I think BH slowly fell in love with the King. During recent kisses with CJ (at mountains, the ep20 before going to the last battle etc.) it was still BH's soul desire. Yes, we don't know what exactly happened inside his head but at least he didn't feel disgusted or shameful after it. He didn't make a fuss after, he didn't seem to regret those kisses, so I guess he was fine/ content with kissing the King at the last episodes. So the theory that it was only SY soul intent and desire to kiss/love CJ - is not corrent in my eyes. BH also h
  4. Thank you, you described it greatly Personally I never before felt this cheated by a drama. At the 20 Ep after SY appeared I was just like "F...! This can't be!" And the rest 30 minutes I just hoped the episode to end quickly when previous 19 Eps I rewatched multiple times, treasured each sweet moment) I keep coming back here since I'm still salty. I really thought Mr Queen gonna be revolutionary for S.K. drama industry with open-minded plot, but it was just a queer bait...lol Before the Ep 20 I even in my mind created an another name for this drama "The King and his Tigress". L
  5. I will also stay with my opinion that we saw BH journey to personal growth by himself. Yes, he got in the past and in the woman body so now he is an insider in understanding women more. Same as when we get to the new country, learn their language and customs we grow to understand people of those countries more. But it's our own learning process, credit for learning more is our own. So I think it's not Soyeon soul making or influence that BH had personal growth. Since I don't see where he was more selfish than Soyeon. Soyeon was also selfish for whatever reason (torturing maids, even Hong
  6. Why do you think "So Yong shows to Bong Hwan not to be selfish and think about other before self"? I mean Soyeon is not saint. We know she tortured her maids before for whatever reason, even King told about it in the first episodes "oh, looks like her health is fine since she is torturing maids again". So Soyeon can also be selfish. Do you believe BH can't have personal growth himself? I mean I watched people grow to be less selfish as they went through struggles. As they grew up. I watched movies with character growth. Why do you think it's Soyeon making that BH changed
  7. Yes, I understand Soyeon has a good nature, is nice. But just being nice person doesn't guarantee us love. For example, I like Soyeon good nature, but she is not the one I fell in love with during Mr. Queen. She is not the one who made me laugh for evenings. Soyeon loves the King. But whom the King loves? Who made him let go of his 2-years love to Hwajin? My own quote" Brave, funny, loud, eccentric, good cook, full of fresh ideas, not embarassed, bold, easy and informal with people (like she became best friends with the maids, main chef), who can make each day funny - al
  8. Just imagine if Bonhwan was not a man, but a girl from 21th century. Brave, funny, loud, eccentric, good cook, full of fresh ideas, not embarassed, bold, easy and informal with people (like she became best friends with the maids, main chef), who can make each day funny - all the traits that made King curious and intrigued with the "new Queen" - I know many girls from 21th who are like that. The only thing that changes is gender. Would you be able to differentiate whose emotions was in different situations of Mr.Queen series? Who was the loving soul, and who was just "friend/bro" so
  9. Hi, today I woke up and felt I was too much in my theory, so I edited my version and let the baby be born (I tried to follow real Korean history in my previous one but I guess with BH being as Queen they made butterfly effect and changed history a lot) So let King&Queen have kids)) I mean I will be happy for Soyeon only if she discloses the truth to the King herself, if she tells him about BH contribution to the win without being "Hwajin 2.0". Yeah, I know she was all along in the body together with BH. But I need some fair closure for BH in the past because he really put "all in" in
  10. Hi guys, I'm so late to comment to this topic, but even after 4 days since Ep20 I couldn't recover from my disappoinment from the final I was thinking about it and suddenly I got some idea I want to share. For those of you who is sad with endgame "Cheoljong&Soyeon"-my interpretation and theory. So in the end Bonhwan went back to the 21th century. I believe he loved the king truely. And Cheoljong loved exactly BH, not SY. He loved his personality, his uniqeness, his surprizes and brave soul. He would wake up from nightmares and by writing Queen dictionary he could escape from t
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