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  1. Hallo.Hallooo to all.Shippers.Happy 1 year anniversary of this thread.I'm new here. But I have been read this thread so long. Always love Mineun's crumbs.Hopefully we can earn the latest crumbs.Does that mean big or small.Ouch.Ouch.Forgive me if my writing in case hurts anybody.Let's ship Mineun. https://youtu.be/MVsP7KZ25JM cc Voilet K-Trend Channel
  2. Hallo.Hallo to all.Ya Could we still talk about the fate of the soul?Or could we talk about their sweet kiss?Their touch.Their hug.Their staring eyes the look at each other without moving their eyes away.Ouch.Ouch. True.Because everything has been a wonderful memory in bts Tkem. I'm sure when they make love this becomes amazing. Let's watch without taking our eyes away from Mineun. This will create the crumbs.The miracle of their love. We know. We feel. Love Mineun. cc I Love K Drama
  3. Hallo.Halloo to all. Just a few words to keep here.This thread is not to find quarrels.Dont provoke and drag others to get fight.As a good shipper we will get angry when someone given shippers the title radical.But look at our own words.Yes we cannot stop our thoughts and feelings but we can refrain the intention.We must not insult people.Never.And Ever. Stop from quarreling with anyone. We must also respect the reactions by writing good words. Think wisely.So grateful that some fans support our contents and delulus too.This is a real shipper not a shipper who likes to find quarrels.I joi
  4. Hallo.Halloo to all. Here's to the other ones that I got.Let's explore Mineun board sweetest memories on this behind the scene.Here's the real reason we might find ourselves falling in love at first sight.Their love.No one would grudge them any solace they can get from giggling.Lot's of love. Love. Love. Ouch. Lovey-dovey couple. Mineun. cr mydramaland
  5. Hallo.Hallo to all. I just came out of lurk cave.I urge us to avoid disputes with true fans outside.As for me without true fans we also do not get some sources also without spammed the shippers accounts and responsibly ship recycling.Let's unite.Chill out Mineun.Let any speculations only we already knew Mineun has been friends for a long time and is still in touch.Do they miss each other?OK One . Two . Three . Let's take a look at this old video.Just keep watching again and again. Really miss this lovey-dovey couple.Ouch.Ouch. cr lmh kge
  6. Hallo.Hallo to all. His outburst was entirely in character.Such a powerful man. One . Two . Three ... Action! Hansu.
  7. Hallo.Hallo March.Hallo to all. We have no right to prevent someone from reading.Either copy or uncopied.Lurk or unlurked are the shippers activities.We can't stop the radical shippers but some shippers are not into that far too. The template of a loving caring interaction has been set.Mineun is real. As for me I knew my limits.We shipped Mineun with logical contents.Everyday we receive a lot of contents that can relate to Mineun.Oh yes we love this children wholeheartedly.They are precious to us.Their magic of love. Without further ado we hurried down the throwbacks
  8. Hallo.Hallo to all. For the sake of Mineun happiness without us having obviously stalk like lurk a lot because the representative are everywhere.We have to believe in their magical love.More than just staying positive. To entertain your imagination let us enjoy this video. cr hoeun ssang
  9. Haloo to all. Just forget lurk activity some shippers lurk to other shippers account.Come here and lurk this video.Very sweet when they are opposite eyes.No need for heavy dialogue only eyes need to stare.Really miss these memories. Giggle Touch Feel?This love reaches their hearts.Ouch. Mineun gave the magical longing. I think this video some shippers and fans have seen. cr nesia
  10. Haloo to all. Who hates not receiving shipper comments.Who hates true fans not receiving their comments.I do not want to provoke the anger of fans because I want to maintain the good name Mineun does not want to be labeled a radical shipper but it turns out Mineun is right.Mineun would not happy when they hear it. Chill out Mineun. Attached their the magical love behind the scenes for all fans including shippers to watch. cr koreatv
  11. Hallo.Hallo to all. Their magic is so pure there is no revenge or envy.Their combination of mood through their hearts are very good.They are pure.Love at 1st sight.The acting behind the scenes are real.Really magical.This is enough crumbs that I have. I did not ask for much Mineun cr lostinkorea
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