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  1. @AyaYes I agree with you. Let's all keep our faith and continue to support both of our favorites. They might even have started planning, we don't know who knows but I have read in one of Hyun Bin's interviews that he is the type of person who plans his next moves slowly. So we will see. Ye Jin is so much loved by all. She is just very sweet and a humble person. Stay strong BinJin shippers!!!
  2. I wish YeJin will stick with Hyun Bin despite his very busy schedule and understands his life and I think that's what Hyun Bin has been wishing for in a partner. Also Hyun Bin as well that despite his very busy life he makes time for them and for their relationship to thrive. After all life is not all about money and fame. I hope and pray that Ye Jin is the one already for Hyun Bin because she certainly deserve it because she is a wonderful and amazing woman with a good heart. I am hoping that one day Hyun Bin will propose on bended kneein front of their family and loved ones. We will all be j
  3. Omg, she's so blooming and sooo pretty! Whatever the director has said about the ending of the movie Cloy it doesn't matter. The main thing is they are together now, supporting each other and fulfilling their love for each other. We can't ask for more. Thank you Lord! God has truly blessed their love. And her fans and a lot of people are praying for both of them. They are match made in heaven And Yejin is the type of woman that knows how to look after Binnie, she knows how to look after their relationship very well. Hyun Bin is very lucky to have her. She is intelligent and amazing! I am so ha
  4. So elegant and gorgeous as ever! She represents to all the women in the world - elegance, grace, modest, classy, beautiful, dignified, has self-control, composed and a kind-spirited person! She has always been one of my few favorite actress in this planet! Hyun Bin, I hope you wouldn't let her go anymoreHer style is very attractive. So feminine. Keep going Ye Jin! Your fans loves you! God be with you. Enjoy your relationship with Hyun Bin. Be understanding and always support each other. More blessings to both of you!!!
  5. She is indeed amazing. The most beautiful woman in the world! Captain Ri, don't let our Yejin wait for too long. We love her!!! Wish them a lot of blessings in their relationship...
  6. We love you Yejin! We will always support you all the way! You and BinnieHoping and praying that your relationship will work out. Lots of love to you both!!!
  7. We love you, BinJin! Enjoy your relationship. We will always support both of you. Hope and pray that everything works for both of you...
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