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  1. I watched Ji Sung drama "Secret", not so impressive, I thought his work is not bad but only ok. I'm currently watching "The Devil Judge" and every episode I can't help thinking that Jang Hyuk should be playing that role. Maybe I'm just resentful or envious or just want to complain about Sidus that seems not to care enough about getting great roles for him. I think I hate Sidus, I wish he could go to another agency.
  2. I'm loving watching these interviews, thank you for taking your precious time to translate it. I think what made me completely Fall in love with JH is that I always found him an extremely intelligent actor even when I didn't know anything about his career or his creation processes. We can see through His acting his smart choices in every scene and watching him speaking about it it's just delightful. He always knows what to do in the scene, he has tasks for the character and internal tasks for himself, his work as an actor is so sophisticated. Amazing techniques and artifices management.
  3. I'm thinking that "The Devil Judge" would be a perfect drama for JH and it didn't even aired yet Someone said here a few days ago that loves JH in "heavy" roles and I agree with that so hard. He is very kind and always wants to share but I think he should be the center of everything, and be offered challenging and complex roles where he Could show the chameleon actor who he is. Now, a question, Whistle Stop only has raw version available, right?
  4. GWSN’s Anne Cast In Upcoming Action Film With Jang Hyuk Jun 8, 2021 by C. Hong GWSN’s Anne (real name: Lee Seo Young) has been cast in the film “The Child Who Deserves to Die” (literal translation). On June 9, her agency, The Wave Music, confirmed, “Anne (Lee Seo Young) has been cast in the lead role of Kim Yoon Ji in the film ‘The Child Who Deserves to Die,’ which begins filming this month.” Based on a novel of the same name by Ba
  5. Hahaha you're Right about the FL in BM, it took me so long to like that character hehe I'm not really surprised about CTH, I just still can't understand How can he openly be so annoying and unpleasant And horrible sometimes. JH is an extremely loyal person to keep this friendship, I know it's their culture but JH goes through a lot, CTH is so toxic sometimes...
  6. Hahahahahaha thank you. I hated her character in Voice. Every episode I thought "How can a person so silly and lousy can become a cop?". I have a question about NBBCC this week episode: I couldn't understand well but did CTH mock JH because of TJ again to embarrass him in front of the guests?
  7. Thank you! It's from a 1986 movie. I'm not sure if the google translation about the genre is correct, I had some trouble trying to read the synopsis but I wouldn't be surprised if CTH said something like that only to be unpleasant because JH was so serious talking about doing melodramas. That "madam, madam" part I think they were referring to another movie too.
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