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  1. Does anybody know where I can watch the Saturday Night Live episode with JH? And if there's eng subs? That video is pure hotness and perfection. Bang Won is one of the sexiest JH's role but in my opinion nothing can beat Kang Pil Joo. I go totally and completely crazy when he appears on the screen. Good Lord!
  2. I agree with everything you guys said. I fully trust him and his choices but I was a little disappointed with that new variety show. I didn't like the way they treated Jang Hyuk in Hometown Flex, for example, at all. I can't even watch that show again. So I don't think they will treat him well. I know he's not a kid and doesn't need to be protected but I feel that way. I was putting my hopes on that rumor about a tvN drama because almost every tvN drama is a huge success and could bring the International recognition that he deserves but at this point I think he refused that pr
  3. I highly recommend you watch Robber. In my opinion is one of his best dramas and it's super underrated. His character has so many layers of complexity and he manage every emotion brilliantly! About the EMMY nomination, it was the 39th International EMMY awards, in 2011, he was nominated for Chuno <3 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/39th_International_Emmy_Awards Thank you everyone for your words. I am always treated kind in JH's fandom. That mean a lot to me. I'm still trying to figure out how to reply multiple quotes on the same post and I didn't t
  4. Yes! And on Instagram too. I agree! When I learned that he was the only South Korean actor who was ever nominated to International EMMY awards I just couldn't believe how people didn't know better about him. Do you think his agency takes good care of him? And since I started watching JH's dramas I just can't watch other dramas too.
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