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  1. Nope, I'm in Port Moody - close to where he is posting his IG updates, Rocky Point park and Como Lake park. Guess I will take a walk in the neighborhood tonight! Good for the body AND the soul!!
  2. Yes, that's the place I'm talking about, there is a Hannam Supermarket (I guess I misspelled the name), but it's a bigger place on both sides of North Rd because there is a big Korean community around it. A few restaurants too. I think it's the biggest Korean plaza in Greater Vancouver. Not in Vancouver but actually in Coquitlam, close to Port Moody where Rocky Point park is.
  3. Thought about that too so after that we went to Hanam Village which is close by (Korean community plaza) but he was nowhere to be found so we just ate some Korean food and went home Now, every time I'll go to the park I will think about his IG post
  4. Today is his first day of freedom after quarantine he came to Canada on a Thursday. So, Rocky Point park is in my neighborhood, literally our go-to park, we went there 100 times, 5 minutes drive from home. The point is, why was he even there? It's a neighborhood park, not famous or anything, the only "famous" thing about it is the ice-cream shop. And I was looking for him in downtown, at the filming site, bright and early... my daughter drew some fan art of him and hoped to have it autographed if we just woke up this morning and went for a stroll, we might have been
  5. Yes it is. And I believe tomorrow he's out of quarantine - it's been 14 days. Guess where I'm going tomorrow?
  6. I would totally go, but I'm not Korean, not even Asian! They said they want Koreans... Thank you for thinking about me though
  7. You know, @syntyche, I just saw your post now - this is pretty accurate, but the clothes . Same hair, same stride, same eyes - but kinda' happier - I don't think there was eye contact, I mean... I was lost anyways...
  8. Can I get the link, please? I'm collecting samples to reminisce about "the day I was famous" (too bad I wasn't "famous" for my own qualities...)
  9. I usually don't think like that, but this time you're so right. While photo shootings and ads and stuff are OK, I prefer to see him doing what he does best: acting. And now he lost a lot of acting time, at his best age, in favor of what? All these little gigs will not advance his career as much as an acting role.
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