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  1. I guess there're some plot holes here and there in the novel. Yet, for the conflict in the change of their sexual orientations as well as their gender identities, it can be explained that the female soul from the past was transported into the male body of the modern days where it is okay for them to date someone of the same sex, hence the female soul wouldn't have to go through such a sexual identity crisis like the male soul that got transferred into the female body of the ancient time. It's also possible that the female soul date people of both sexes. Also, I guess the god who's
  2. I am super curious that why Soyong's mother kept a book that has code used by Donghak's believers. Soyong's father also mentioned that her mother's last wish was for Soyong to live in a better world and to be able to do things that her mother could not do. This triggers my curiosity that whether her mother was part of Donghak and was also planning for a revolution. Am I overthinking?
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