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  1. Well, actually, I've deciphered all of the code today. The clue(s) are basically leading you into another instagram account, and if you get to cracked all of the code, you'll come into an account who shares behind the scene picture or unreleased still cut of Vincenzo, and yes that basically what it is all about ahahahaha
  2. Do you guys know about how to decipher the Instagram account clue? I actually found this code, but i don't know what to do with them JHS: 3237 lebab CMH: 6370 reywal JJW: 2442 qma HCY: 2220 pvu VC: ejbwpmp 2649
  3. YES TRUE!!! I really loved your theory about CJ's feeling by the way, you put it into words that's so easy to be understood. And I actually like to refer "the person that CJ loves" as "The Queen" too, so great! About BH-SY, yeah, the writer's intention, lol, actually I thought about that possibility too yesterday, so maybe it really is their scheme ahahaahaha, because if they just cleared out everything, maybe there won't be any discussion like this, right? But they are still great staffs, I saw behind the scene of Bamboo Forest and found out that they were shooting until 4 in the
  4. Yeah, I respect your opinion too! I do agree to some extend that it's the writer's fault because he doesn't point out the important things here, and that SY-soul-drowning-in-the-lake scene OFC make us misunderstood everything. I even did OSTs analysis just for this drama, and yeah even though I do agree that SY is still there (bcz of Here I Am OST), the only conclusion that I got from other OSTs like Keep Going and The Great Recipe is that BH would stay in Joseon Era. I am not against BH-CJ endgame, but yes I against the idea of Bonghwan staying in Joseon. Once again, I respect all of your ide
  5. I do agree that this drama is extended for nothing. I mean they were fast-paced at first and then become slow-paced in the middle, and the closure is still lacking many explanations. I am actually real soyong x cheoljeong shipper, but i wanted happiness and justice for bonghwan too. Cheoljeong's love towards Soyong, Sobong, and even Hwajin are all true, and sincere. But the different is the beginning. For both Hwajin's and Sobong's, Cheoljong's feeling already contaminated by his feeling of gratitudeness. Remember that CJ first fell in love with Sobong after she save Hwajin, in th
  6. Drowned to the bottom means she fell into the subconscious, as Soyong said in Ep 20, the one called her back from the subconscious is her brother, Kim Byeong In.
  8. So well, because this drama is gonna end tonight, and we haven't seen present Soyong even until 19 episodes. I'm gonna share this thread from twitter, just because:) Once again, I'm not saying that Bonghwan should just go back to his body, I don't even mind if the endgame is gonna be CJ-BH, but can the writer give the real SY a beautiful and equitable ending, please? I'm begging this much:))
  9. Okay, before reading this, let us put our best clown makeup and costume:)) The subtitle for EP 19 is "The One Who Come Back From Hell" SO.. EMM.. WHAT IF? "The One" here refers to real Kim Soyong not CJ? Why hell? Because she maybe being judged by the deity because of the suicide incident, abandon your body is a sin, but since she did it out of desperation, maybe the deity will forgive her:) This is the 1% chance that we're talking about, actually 99% of me believe that the writer won't make Soyong comeback no matter what happen, so
  10. !!Beware of grammatical errors, I'm still struggling with English:))!! Yeah, I still cannot find the reason why Soyong deserves this kind of punishment(?) Alright, she tried to kill herself but what I saw in her is desperation, and we can't really blame her alone for that. I remember in the drama StartUp, the writer did Jipyung's character so dirty, and I really don't want that to happen to our Soyong. I mean did the writer really kill Soyong's soul jUst LiKe tHAt??? But well I do found something in the OST Here I Am, the lyrics really seems like from Soyong's POV.
  11. I found this on twitter and by coincidence my friend and I thought about the same thing. The way SB said, "Yes, it was me.." actually sounds very weird to me, she said that word with a 100% confidence, but in reality the one who saved CJ that night many years ago is Kim Soyong not Sobong. And most importantly Sobong is not someone who likes to take credit after someone else's work (unlike you know who :p), just like when CJ confessed his feeling to her, Sobong thought, "I am not the real Kim Soyong, so this can't be." Also, the history between CJ and real SY is something that consi
  12. I understand that the one who CJ loves is Sobong not Soyong, but anyway I still prefer everything to go back into its place for the ending. Instead of a "just" happy ending, I wanted a more "fair and equitable" happy ending. First, I personally think Bong Hwan didn't make any mistake in 2020 so he doesn't deserve to be punished to live in Joseon Era for the rest of his life. Second, maybe all of you thought that what Soyong did by jumping into the lake is a suicide, but for me it's desperation. You know when people got desperate they kinda try anything to get their problem solved. So, just bef
  13. Do you guys know something? I just found out that in real life, the place where King Cheoljeong died is Daejeojeon Hall:)) WHAT IF WHAT IF WHAT IF
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