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  1. New desker ads are here!! How can his image transform in a snap on each layout? Such an amazing model. https://youtu.be/7MDwQw4BMlI https:// youtu.be/HLnX3Xfvmro https://youtu.be/UsWlgMaOU3s https:// youtu.be/UK6U-iaeeb0 https://youtu.be/g6pKNPqyYM4 https:// youtu.be/OIO9aXzJrxg
  2. Wow! Being the top influencer for a luxurious beauty product speaks volume. I realized just now that I underestimated his power. His impact is so surprising considering he rarely post online! Actors in his generation feed their fans with so much content that makes me feel jealous. Meanwhile, Nam Joohyuk is so silent This man is on another level. I miss him so much!
  3. OMG he's too handsome in this ad!!! So young and fresh, very suitable for the clothing he's endorsing!! I remember the Desker cf with those fingers doing some action on the table. hihi I found a fan made vid of NJH x KImtaeri by knetz . I think 25 21 is highly anticipated in SoKor as well
  4. I think I found an uncut version of their drinking session on youtube! Love his bare face also! Thankful for the director for giving us zoom shots. He is so beautiful inside -out. The fact that his seniors vouch for him says a lot. Jo Insung praised his attitude and growth as an actor while Byung eun intentionally mentioned that NJH is a really nice guy who is matured for his age. The way his hyung's look and act towards Joohyuk show how much they love him. I'm just happy he is surrounded by these men. His good disposition and character shines through, as expected. I guess no matter wh
  5. Awwww. The way he feels responsible for his fans We trust you Nam Joo Hyuk!!
  6. I didn't expect this too! I thought we were just waiting for Here to happen. They just cant let this man rest. They sound so insecure and ignorant to be honest. Obviously, they don't know he worked with 3 Baeksang actresses last year and he complemented well with all of them. I agree with @inBinJinitrust they cant dismiss the fact that he's young and successful. Directors and writers are digging his image. And he has solid number of fans.
  7. Thanks! I must say I cant focus on anything right now because of this casting news!! Hello @kawaiinoona! I remember you brought up this pairing. I can only imagine how happy you'll be once this news reaches you. Here's the Soompi Article https://www.soompi.com/article/1461269wpp/nam-joo-hyuk-and-kim-tae-in-talks-for-new-tvn-drama
  8. He looks like a king in that Dior x Esquire shoot! Aside from Esquire, I saw this was featured in different magazines across Asia. Talk about the unwavering trust Dior gives to this man! They can literally make him wear anything and he'd still look good. I also like to commend his styling team especially his hair stylist for a job well done!
  9. Thanks for pointing this out. He really has this look and traits that makes his acting feel more genuine. I don't think I can handle it either if I were his co-star. I mean look at that smile, face and body behind the scenes!!
  10. It's somehow implied in the article but still uncertain. In an episode of "Off to School", he called his dad to send him money because he had spent too much for his classmates. In another episode, he was asked about who prepared his uniform, and he proudly answered, "My mom ironed it for me." If had not read this article, I would have assumed they are still together. Currently, he's living alone and his mom regularly visits him. I agree with you! Despite his success, he believes it's impossible for him to buy his "dream" house. Probably not because he won't earn for it, but becau
  11. Nam Joo Hyuk poured his heart out in this interview. He opened about his childhood experiences and his goal to live a simple life. Just when I thought I couldn't fall any harder with this man, I was wrong. He's just so genuine and inspiring. LINK to his GQ Interview: http://www.gqkorea.co.kr/2018/07/23/남주혁-지지-않고-살고-싶어요/ I used papago app to translate some parts. (thanks @The Reel Life) Was it difficult to express your feelings in the first place? Yes. I used to hide myself. I thought shouldn't show my life to others. Doesn't showing my life mean I don't want to reveal my
  12. He became friends with J**** at work after all these incidents happened. This is probably heartbreaking for JH knowing these things about his friend. Not too mention the fact that he's being dragged down by some people and articles. Will pray with you @inBinJinitrust
  13. Korea’s Acemaker movieworks launches sales on ‘Remember’ remake ahead of EFM (exclusive) https://bit.ly/3pSPzOC So excited for action star jjwogie!!
  14. Yes! Aside from Soop, he's surrounded by good seniors like Jo In Sung and Han Ji Min. He also spent a lot of time working with the veterans like Kim Hye-ja and Lee Sung Min. NJH seems to be the type who loves to work around seniors and learn from them. I feel that he's happier and unbothered now because of all the advice and wisdom shared by these amazing people. What I love about being a fan of NJH today is that I get to see how much he has grown and achieved. Coming from his experience in School 2015, look where he is now- one of the most followed k-actors on IG, ambassador of different
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