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  1. I got to read about Le Yan and HaoDu, but I didn't see about Chang Ge and A'Sun. Sad that they didn't add the scenes. Were they scenes of them in the pastures? Or was it before the confusion you had at the end (with the fire)? Regarding the end ...
  2. As it is a historical drama, I am worried that the ending of the main couple is not happy ... Regarding the end ...
  3. I hadn't noticed I hope it is. I think it would be an interesting story development. I agree with that person. At some point, it is good for him to be very direct and say that he likes her. From what I saw there will be several scenes in which A´Sun is jealous of Chang Ge. However, the one who needs a little shake is Chang Ge, not A´Sun.
  4. In episode 36, this character appeared: On youtube, the official channel of the broadcaster makes the episodes available, with English subtitles. However, vikii has a few more episodes already available, for those who are subscribers.
  5. I want a green arrow connecting Chang Ge and A´Sun. Get married! Do you think that, in relation to these two, the ending will be happy? I am concerned because I have seen many historical dramas with sad endings.
  6. I really wanted to get on the computer screen and slap Changge in the face when she threw away all the effort of A´Sun to try to save that general and ended up causing the confusion that led to the death of A´Sun's mother. Changge is very smart, but she is very impulsive. As much as she keeps saying that she didn’t want A´Sun’s help, that he let her do things alone, she was already very close to his group and she didn’t stop to think that her attitudes could not only harm him, but also to harm all the people of the eagle. However, I think that is how you say it, everything that is happening
  7. I am impressed how they put the previews A LOT ahead of time. In addition, they put a lot of spoilers in those final scenes and also in the promotional videos. Since I can't resist a spoiler, I end up watching it, but then I keep dying of cuiriosity A'Sun seeing Changge in this green outfit will have a double heart attack What do you think of Changge's childhood friend? I feel a little sorry for him, because the situations she was angry with him were very complicated. A doubt ... In Korean historical dramas, you can tell a single woman
  8. The great widowed queen was sent to the western palace and the widowed queen was sent to the western palace. Was this a punishment because they had to be confined inside without talking to anyone or because it was less prestigious?
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