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  1. Jong Kook will most likely leave MUD when he gets married. Also, it's 100% true that KJK and YEH dated around 2004-2012 but nobody knows if he's dating her now except for Haha and the Dragon Brothers. BTW i recommend you guys watch overgrown bromance: dragon brothers.
  2. Guys, it's not good to hate on other females that Jong Kook could possibly be/not be with. At the end of the day, whoever Jong Kook ends up with, we should be happy about that. This CP forum used to be busy since 2013 where they talked about the evidence of Jong Kook and YEH dating back in 2004-2012. Then YEH got into a scandal so she had to take a break so this forum quieted down. YEH and KJK were mentioned a few times in RM and Radio Star in 2020/2021. This forum is also changing now into support for Yoon Eun Hye's work and Jong Kook's work which i like a lot.
  3. Honestly, i was in the border thinking Jong Kook and Ji Hyo were just close friends before but they've had a lot of skinship moments lately.
  4. can someone cap the moments. guys, there's a lot of heavy spartace moments in this episode. Look at the instagram spartace fanpages.
  5. lol i've already watched that episode 111 before. it features G.O.D and that was a really good scene that nobody talks about. yeah he mentioned that on the latest episode of Crazy Recipe Adventure for anybody wondering. This segment's really good cause it focuses a lot on jong kook.
  6. Jong Kook probably saw the episode of Sixth Sense and asked the PD for Crazy Recipe Adventure to add the choco chicken dish.
  7. what? Jong Kook found the gold rings and his team won but he wanted the show to be entertaining and not end early. Even if he told others about the hints, Suk Jin's team would have still won because Jong Kook had already found the gold. In this picture, you could also see that he told Kwang Soo about what he was thinking but Kwang Soo and Suk Jin still couldn't figure it out https://gyazo.com/56fc857e60e47b88fbf19c1ad2ad366e . Btw Haha, Ji Hyo, and Se Chan haven't been punished in a long time. Maybe that's why he chose the mapo siblings. They also live in the same area so that adds up.
  8. The reason he didn't tell anyone about solving it was because he didn't want the episode to become boring or end early. That's also the reason he didn't help anybody out. Maybe it would have been different with So-Min.
  9. It'd be great if she guested on Running Man but when Chae Rina guested on I Can See Your Voice, Jong Kook said on Big Picture that she shouldn't have guested. KJK and Chae Rina used to date and pretty much every korean knows this already. Jong Kook and YEH dated in the past as well so maybe she's not guesting because of that.
  10. honestly, this might get deleted but i'm starting to support KookMin. Not as much as you guys are but i'm getting there. They seem to be getting closer and closer each episode.
  11. hyung soo? JiHyo guested a very long time ago though and then became an original cast member. The only reason they'd remember that well would be because of the previous episode where they looked at the beginning of Ji Hyo's start.
  12. True. I fully agree. Jong Kook and YEH were the original 1st gen loveline because of Xman and there's massive proof that they dated in the past with Cha Tae Hyun mentioning proof in Family Outing to others who knew about it. Gary and Ji Hyo was the 2nd gen loveline which wasn't true sadly.
  13. YEH came to mind but Hong Jin Young also came to mind. It's just that Jong Kook and the others can't say anything about it because of her controversy. Look how close they were in episode 201 of MUD.
  14. I feel like Jong Kook's in a relationship right now but we don't know who it's with. Reasons: (MUD = My Ugly Duckling) 1. In MUD, his apartment hasn't been shown in a very long time 2. In Crazy Recipe Adventure, he keeps talking about his future wife 3. Running Man, last episode or 2 episodes ago, he said he shouldn't just wait around anymore and that he should change his behavior. 4. MUD episode 216 when he had his tarot cards read, when it mentioned the february card meant he'd find someone or it meant that he'd have a child if he was in a relationship. 5. He ha
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