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  1. @Raffles I can so relate. I was in a down mood for a month after Game of Thrones ended. I even asked myself if it's a waste spending my youth building up high expectations for such a nonsense ending. It's the worst ending I've ever seen. That might explain why I take Mr. Queen's in a quite relaxed manner.
  2. The first 19 episodes made me believe Mr. Queen is a BL drama. But yeah, they decide to play it safe with the ending. Although deep down my heart I want a happy ending for So Bong and Cheoljong, I don't criticize the writer for this final drift. Indeed, it's the best ending he could deliver that can wrap the "mess" he created. He was up for the challenge when assigning the story to the Joseon era. Every detail or story plot fits the context perfectly (of course, until the reverse attack of Cheoljong). Don't you think Knet citizens will attempt to sue them again because they can't accept that t
  3. Hmmmmmm it seems like the future is changed as a result of So Bong's actions. It's just my guess. I'll wait for the sub.
  4. Kim Hwan is the final boss https://twitter.com/npnapaa/status/1360929020016164866?s=20
  5. I am still on work travel and could barely watch the facebook streaming without interruption. You let Byong In die. Seriously, writer?
  6. Although I told myself to stop predicting the ending after watching episode 12, I just can't give up gathering evidence and watching prediction videos. Anyway, I have absolute confidence that the writer will surprise us one way or another. Source: Drama Milk
  7. I kept wondering why they name it zzang_cowdragon and iron_bell_2, then I found this enlightening explanation on Reddit. A moment of Eureka! Source: reddit I did test it myself with google translate. It is pronounced as Cheoljong-ie when you click the Listen button.
  8. As written in the recap, So Bong does say explicitly that she is not So Yong and Byong In acknowledges that. Source: https://www.dramamilk.com/live-recap-mr-queen-ep-18-part-2/
  9. I truly hope the writer gives Byeong In a redemption card, like he/ she did to Hwa Jin. He is annoying sometimes, yet his consistent mission is to protect So Yong, not seeking for power or the likes. He fights against Cheoljong because he witnessed Cheoljong tried to kill So Bong. Although So Bong told him that she didn't love him, it's never clear to him that the So Yong he loved were actually dead. The completely different version of So Yong he sees right now is indeed an upgraded version with Bong Hwan's soul. I want justice for Byeong In!
  10. So Bong was checking the corpse by caressing over the dead body. She said something then smirked.She must have said "Not his size!"
  11. Oh no... The writer plays with my emotion https://twitter.com/vergangenheitt/status/1358044388371255301?s=20 @Min2206 this is my last post of the day as I reached the limit I failed to include the twitter link in the post. Do you have any hint to make the pics shown, instead of the link?
  12. @Min2206 So, we got cheated by the production team again. No tango dance but a HD live session like this is absolutely amazing. I scream of joy too I don't know if I still face the restriction. I've tried not to post since yesterday. Hope it works
  13. It seems to me that she asked Cheoljong to let her leave the palace. And the prince is losing control now...
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