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  1. At this point in time, how ambitious is Xiao Qi? Is his loyalty solely dedicated to the emperor (assumed hasn’t fully recovered yet)? Or is he starting to play defense with the envoy? I don’t know if he knows who the ultimate culprit is. Would it not be considered capital offense to what happened to the envoy?
  2. Thank you @hush puppy for your replay and explanation! I thought he had already declared the night Wang Xuan laid drunk in his arms...that he is fixated on her (in Ep. 12)?
  3. Yes, thank you all for your explanations. The conspiracies are quite intricate. Not that it matters in the older days but did Xiao Qi have an existing relationship with the 2 servant girls (that thought very highly of themselves)? If not, how were they so confident in their positions and in disbelief that Wang Xuan would put them down?
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