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  1. Thought The Emperor is the most person who love Awu! What an unpredictable character! Interesting plot! Btw, how did the kidnapper know that Awu will go outside that night? She never talk to other except her maid right? And it wasnt something they plan before. Btw, i like when her father said, "He doesnt deserve your love!" And she threw the hairpin!
  2. Oooh i want to cry ... This drama is sooo beautiful I love everything in it! And thanks for your info that this drama will have a happy ending Aaah my heart! And i love this soundtrack so much! May i know where can i find the english lyrics of it?
  3. Ahhhh yeah correct, i watched it in ep 13. Sadly, i watched it raw. I dont understand whole story and skipped many part except them. When subs is on i rewatched. This drama made me want to learn Mandarin language. Oh wait, he left her for 3 years? OMG! and nothing can change his heart to her. OMG! What a rare man, especially in ancient era. Now I understand the reason no Xiao Qi scene in ep 15, 16 and a glimpse scene only in ep 17 Xiexie ni, wo de pengyou!
  4. I remembered his 1, 2, 3rd saved her, i dont get the 4th, in what ep is it? He really is a lion in the battlefield yet so gentle to his wife. He can hide his feeling that he loves her at first sight
  5. Oooh haha It's not your taste then! Wow, such a good drama and have to wait for 3 years before air?
  6. Aaaa cudnt agree more He loves her at first sight tho! Oowh about Secret of The Three Kingdom If you like The Rebel Princess, i think you wud like SoTTK too Please try it;)
  7. Wooow awesome! Thank u for sharing ur impression We r waiting for our couple movement now! Cant waiiiit
  8. Aaaah love ur thought! For ML, i remembered him in Glamorous Time but i'm not impressed. Here in TRP, i looove. I enjoyed the show. I watched raw till ep 14 and it made me more thirsty. Finally, i found a wonderful drama to welcome 2021 I hope the drama keep well till the end
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