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  1. I'm not so bent on him ending up with CJ that part is what it is, I just feel like we should have seen more BH in the last minutes, at least living his best life in some way, I just feel like he was thrown to side. I guess no longer being a suspect and being a better person was his reward for everything. IDK the end just made me feel like the drama was never about him in some weird way. Also some of the why should have been explain if he's not SY reincarnate, so was it just because they were in the river at the same time but how did this all happen on the same day 200 years ago? so
  2. I think the main issue was the writer and director should have made SY presence more know like instead of the subtle hints they should have made it more obvious to us even if BH didn't know but viewers did. That would have still made all of his confusion still valid and funny. Their other mistake was not really giving the viewers enough SY how can we truly be happy for her when we don't know her everything was through BH view even because there was 20 eps they could have established SY character more in the first ep at least so that we would be familiar with her. To mos
  3. I saw this on tumblr What happened to Cheoljong “that” night? . . . What Cheol-jong was saying in Korean. 대체 나를 왜 이리 피하는 건지! 어젯밤 마치, 범처럼... 어흥!! 묵! . . . fun fact: Shall we see the last word? he says "묵," and there are two opinions among Korean fans. What Cheol-jong was trying to say was, 묶었다 or 물었다. For my information, the pronunciation of that is closer to 묶. . . . First, “묶었다” means Tied up. Fans interpre
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