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  1. Look how much Jihyo has changed. I'm so proud of her. She looks extremely gorgeous, while at the same time, still staying true to the nature of her body. What's not to love about her? The worst thing that could happen to Jihyo is her being too skinny. Jihyo in the past: I remember when she made her appearance in King of Masked Singer, one of the panelist commented that she doesn't have the body of an idol. But the thing is, what exactly is the body of an idol? Yes, she is chubby (which is really cute and works well in her case) and not as slender in comparison to most of
  2. Just when I thought only Jennie from Blackpink is dubbed as the Human Chanel, apparently our fave actress here Park So Dam is also known as Human Gucci (though the nickname is less prevalent in comparison to Jennie, but still way to go!). Look at how stunning and charismatic she is in Gucci (the chainsaw is a real highlight) Also in casual wear in which she wore Gucci as her airport fashion when she returned to Korea after the Academy Awards.
  3. How can someone be so hilarious? I almost died laughing too much when she used the flowers to beat herself, like it's some kind of exorcism. Shin Hye Sun is really amazing when it comes to her acting.
  4. Just ignore the haters. Let HyunJin deal with the matters themselves. Look at how sweet is the couple. As long as we are there to support them, it will be the best possible moral support that we can give. Can't wait for the twins (though I think we have to wait for years at least)
  5. To be honest, I knew that the audiences are generally classified into Team Suho or Team Seojun. And I was also part of Team Suho before this. But the baseball scene where both Seojun and Suho went to support kinda changed my mind. I feel that Seojun and Suho make a better couple instead. LOOK at the chemistry between them and the sudden embarassement of Seojun. I can't hold my smiles at all ^^
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