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  1. Me, I enjoyed this very much. Please let us know if there will be next season after Ultimate Note
  2. ow so he has health issues? thats why, hmm, Im pretty sure he will continue it since DMBJ is the biggest franchise in China,
  3. I have read in an article that the author is planning to make two more volumes after the Reunion season 2, as of now, it is said that the author is still finalizing the novel of first 2 parts of reunion before it will be published and the make the new 2 volumes. Hoping this 2021 there will updates from him specially the drama series
  4. Thank you for the responce, so which means there will be no more stories after reunion season 2? :'(( I am watching the ultimate note now which happened I guess before the reunion so I kinda thinking if thinking if the reunion will still have other volumes which is apart from the main story
  5. It is possible. ,will there be a next season after Ultimate note? Im so hooked on this since 1st season, huhu, I hope someone could give me an answer. . thank youuuu
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