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  1. hey guys, please follow this account if you're on twitter for lee min ho pics, let's support them. other actors pic's page have huge followers while we don't please let's all follow this account Take a look at ` (@lmhcontent): https://t.co/5DUfAoX8Je
  2. same I had unrealistic hopes of having at least 2 dramas this year, movielog isn't enough, I will take 2 projects over 100 movielog anyday. ughhhh
  3. y'all are frustrated about his YouTube channel which is just a hobby, while I'm frustrated that mym doesn't even let us know about a little bit of his schedules and plans. I'm frustrated that we got pachinko information from him in about minutes that we couldn't get for months from mym or whoever. They just leave us in drought with no updates. nothing
  4. yeah kes new drama seems female centric, pachinko is already female centric, also min ho got little screentime in tkem, wouldn't want that to happen again I just want a drama where the spotlight is on him for once like city hunter so yeah I definitely won't be thrilled if he somehow by gods manages to be the male lead
  5. omg yes! this is what I am talking about. I don't want him in a romance drama next because these authors just give him a prince charming character and call it a day while the female lead and other characters are given depth, the authors mostly focus on his looks and I am TIRED. I need him to try a non romance genre for a second maybe thriller. even knetz want action not romance from him
  6. but sbs didn't ban others who uploaded the award show on YouTube, and some of them have lots of subscribers too, so no excuse. why did they take down min ho's video immediately and not others?!!!
  7. I think korean fans aren't loyal at all, an actor could have a million hits and then just one bad drama and they start bashing that actor. I am sure I didn't read half of the things you read but just those little ones translated from articles was enough to do serious damage to me talk less of him, the attacks were seriously disgusting and degrading and the fault was from SBS, the director and KES but he bared all the brunt, criticism and harsh words, it wasn't fair at all. If not that I respect him, I would say he should never have done tkem. I just hope he goes to cable TV and for
  8. yes he was not only criticised but he was viciously dragged, bashed and slammed more than kes and anyone in tkem. Tons of articles and korean reporters attacked him weekly, I don't know where y'all were that you thought he was being praised, he wasn't AT ALL. I don't think there was even any praise for him during tkem's airing. Just be glad y'all didn't see those articles because even till now their words affect me
  9. I seriously don't want him to work with sbs ever again. He needs to go to cable TV or ott platforms. also for his next drama, I pray we don't get romance or female lead, I'm tired of him having ridiculous screen time
  10. imo pre-produced dramas are better in quality, the writers just have to know what they are doing and develop a solid script. actors shouldn't have to go through all this stress for ratings and also there will surely be criticism in any works but when it gets too much that's when viewership starts to decrease so it's left to the scriptwriters and directors to be able to deliver a fantastic job if they wanna stop going through the stress of live filming kdramas. I'm not even in support of that because it's like the audience is controlling the writer and the writer is no longer telling viewers a
  11. he would have checked other projects back when mym told us he was reviewing projects last time because apparently pachinko was on ground before Tkem, so maybe he was reviewing other choices too. He might be resting or preparing to announce something (I hope)
  12. wow this would be kinda good for minoz.....if they have shot the japan scenes already, he might confirm a new project faster
  13. Hi, I have been lurking on this forum and I finally decided to join. my name is desy, I hope to have lots of discussions with you guys
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