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  1. so you're saying if he has to work he won't be happy? he should just retire then and live his life without keeping fans in waiting, I really don't understand some of y'all sometimes. you talk as of he has been working hard before in the past and now he finally wants to rest which is actually far from the truth, us wanting him to work hard doesn't mean he can't live his life he can direct, do whatever he wants, date, get married, have kids and more, we all want that for him. he just has to say it so some of his fans can decide if they want to keep stanning an inactive person or not. botto
  2. no no variety show please. he would be better off being tied down to pachinko than going for a variety show after his image in korea after tkem. he would seem unserious, sorry.....I would also want him to play an image changincy character, just anything apart from chaebol or lover boy god not true, a typical movie will take 3-4 months to film, shorter than pachinko and it would have been out sooner than pachinko except it's a war movie or movies with special training pachinko production is painfully slow, don't compare it to a movie because you're wrong, he could have taken u
  3. because we saw what happened last time when he wasn't paired with a visual match, kmedia ripped the drama apart.......so for my sake and his mental health and for high ratings sake, let us get a visually matching female lead or we shouldn't get a female lead at all. that would be better than him falling in love with a "plain jane" the chemistry just won't be there and knetz were saying last time that they found it too unbelievable how he just fell for the FL like that especially because she isn't his match I won't mind no female lead at all, tired of romance dramas
  4. guys please don't be too hopeful about this tvn thing incase we get nothing, I was just so excited about tvn following him but now after the excitement has gone, I feel bad.....I hope I didn't give anyone of you false hopes
  5. yup!!! just found out that tvn.asia follows him ..... don't wanna give y'all false hope but does tvn follow actors who they don't have a drama with??? get ready GUYS
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