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  1. Because fans who have this mindset make celebrities reluctant to publish their love relationships and do not want their relationship to be known by the media. Celebrities are human too, they will fall in love and get married and have a happy family. Fans like this are too selfish and think (pleasure) themselves. They're only concerned with their own happiness without thinking about the happiness of others. Will one day their idol get married, then they will hate and stop supporting them?. I've seen a lot like this. They turned to hate and spread hate comments. Let's wait and see! Pea
  2. @Jimmy Greene Sorry.. but that’s Irene (member of Red Velvet) , she’s not Seo Ji-Eun. Sjh's sister is not a celebrity. We better not involve her in this forum.. in my opinion ^^v
  3. I read in news article that Turkey welcomes tourists to travel in their country during the pandemic.
  4. @Siomara @huckleberrymoonriver In the variety show "Witch hunt" MC Shin Dong Yup once asked SJH about her erogenous zones. "Where do you have?" He asked. SJH replied, "The place that most women like, neck or back." Shin Dong Yup who heard this, laughed and said, "The back is an erogenous zone that is underestimated." Maybe for that reason, SJH hit him out of reflex. You can see his hand go up and down from her neck to her back. and SSH didn’t know and thought he was hit for the wrong position. Poor ssh ^__^
  5. @hrkharis @Siomarai did it ! Thank you !! ^^ [interview] Song Seung Hun Talks About ′Lightning Striking′ Love
  6. @Siomara Hi.. can you give me the link of "Saselomo" video interview ? Thank you.
  7. So sorry... actually i don't understand the info you provide. Please provide a clearer information bc i feel confused reading it. if you mean SJH liked SSH's posts on IG, maybe those posts were on Lee Si-Eon's IG acc (SSH's friend). and as far as I know SSH had never done a movie with Jessica Jung in HK, but Jessica's younger sister is Krystal Jung who played with SSH in "Player" drama.
  8. @Siomara Brito hello.. can you check the difference between Naksan beach and Osanhaesuyokjang beach? because from the picture you show it's the beach area in Osanhaesuyokjang (surfing area) which is under Naksan beach or maybe i saw it wrong :') https://maps.app.goo.gl/AeKPPTZ1rm2fXajb6
  9. I know this and it's not that we don't realize it, we don't want this zoom photo to spread out and make our couple uncomfortable. The reflection of a man in her eyes has the same sitting style as ssh. Please don't share this photo on other social media, especially IG.
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