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  1. @Jeomju1216 welcome to the forum. I enjoyed your posts, videos and translations! @serenilmauve indeed chestnut brother sisters. even their hair color is the same. Have not had a chance to watch the new episode yet but all the clips are hilarious. I don't need any context to have a good laugh as long as Seo Jun is in it I almost can't recognize him from the new ig pic. Somehow it gave me a different vibe. I don't know how to explain it, darker and mystery? Maybe because of the black and white background. It is the same place as the selfie a bit over a year ago. I wonder
  2. Now I caught up all the threads and YS. I missed him like crazy again. Not to mention I always re-watch his drama while working out. He is my motivation. And time goes by so fast whenever I watch his projects which makes exercise a lot easier I love his friendship with WS and YM in YS. So natural and they are very comfortable with each other. He always helped out in and out of the kitchen and cooked for the group even after a long day's work. I am sure he was tired too but he never complained and did not wait for people to tell him what to do next. Went back to watch
  3. Happy to be back again. Sorry some emergency came up at work which I had to focus 200%. Finally had the chance to watch all the episodes of Youn's Stay. He is so honest and true as always and not worry about looking good in front of camera. I cracked up watching him and Woosik laughing non-stop at the customer's portrait drawing. Now I will go back to read the threads.
  4. Is the link for today? Uhh I guess it is not available in my country. I want to see him interact more with the guest too. Like in YK2. Though he always gives surprises and excels in any role he is in. @serenilmauve I want to touch his hair too. So bouncy and shiny Wwwsk and ffmy are my favorite shows to rewatch. Still make me laugh out loud even I know exactly what is going to happen next and make me feel emotional.
  5. ahh Korean hand gestures 101 funny to see SJ and WS doing the same together. Best bros yeah the food looks like a step up from YK2. The placement and the color are beautiful. I hope they keep coming with more teasers
  6. Melting...he is such a mood booster. I wish the teaser is longer but can't complain. Why are they holding their fingers L shape at the end? and his waving? He is so tall and cute I realize Viu is not available in my country. But at least I can watch the link you guys share. @Anjalifairy Oh I did not realize he was complaining. I have to rewatch it again. LOL but that is fun with different personalities. SJ also said it was hard even for someone never complains. Cannot wait to see their chemistry together again plus newbie Woo-sik
  7. Happy New Year to you all! May your family and loved ones have a happy, healthy, prosperous and successful 2021 Take good care of yourself and love yourself. 2020 has been a special year; I got to work from home for nine months (and counting) and spend more time with family, and very lucky financially and health-wise. No matter a good or bad year for you, I hope there is something positive out of it and the optimistic energy/attitude will carry with you into 2021. The most memorable line (a line in the book) for me in Itaewon Class is "Was that life? Well then! Once more!" After
  8. They seems to be very busy the whole day from the trailer. Serving breakfast at 8am; guest check out around 11am; dinner at 6pm...not sure if they need to buy grocery and serve lunch too? or maybe new guest check in in the afternoon so they get a break in between. Lee Seo Jin said if the rating is good then they can do a second season of the Youn's Stay. LOL more and more please The couple has such perfect visual together matching taste too? Aha I easily ship SJ with anyone co-stars.
  9. Knowing an exact date of the show, now I feel more at ease Too bad it does not show on Netflix or Viki. Anyone know where we can watch the English sub? He eats so well. Maybe he has certain appreciation for food? Whenever he does it, it always looks yummy and satisfying.
  10. @Anjalifairy congrats to your business. It is good to be busy for restaurant industry glad you can finally rest a bit now. Thanks for the translation. So glad that he has female friends. They both seem to be direct and straightforward. Looks good together too
  11. Uhhh I did not even watch Kdrama and know about him until last year. Too late into the game. I hope that when the pandemic is over he will be able to do it. But considering his popularity now it is going to be hard to get the tickets if there is any. And I think he was going to do the danbam event (coffee?) since the rating is over 10% but of course that was cancelled. He has good eyes for projects His happiness, confrontation, intimacy, love, determination and sadness, all in that 3 mins. And I miss the story telling of the older MVs. Very different style now. M
  12. Just thinking about it makes me giggle or maybe a fan meet too . no worries, probably that the forum merged my posts even I posted separately. Learning sth new everyday Throw back of his debut MV. Always a good kisser
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